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  1. Yes, if you do decide to sell; please get in touch with me. I have pretty much given up on mine; but might be interested in yours. Tim
  2. Chrysler 77 roadsters are beautiful cars. I own one in very poor condition. I saw one advertised on Hemmings last year, partially restored similar to yours for $11K. Everybody wants "turn-key" these days.
  3. I visited Zimmerman's Automobilearama in early 70's. I remember 2 cars that were fairly rare or uncommon. One was a Bailey (electric?) & also a red/green Ross ? steamer. Think I have some pics somewhere. Tim G.
  4. Hi, Everyone. First, congratualtions on this forum. I have been "visiting" for approx 2 yrs; but rarely post. So, please forgive my mistakes. When I saw Vintman's pic of an Austin; had to try & post these photo's. My earlier photo is approx same yr as Vintmans'. Only difference I can see is that mine has clincher? tires. It is listed in Ohio Registry as 1910 Ser #50, 60hp. 2nd & 3rd photo's appear to be approx 1913 Austin. Has Ohio 1913 plate visible; which I have not yet looked up in Ohio Registry. Both these Austins belonged to Adolf Heller of Youngstown, Ohio. He was an architect, who designed many of Youngstowns downtown buildings. The little girl with the bow in both photo's was my ex-wifes grandmother; Frieda Coen McConnell, who was one of the early female motorists in the youngstown area. She told me that on many sunday drives thru Mill Creek Park; everyone would hve to get out & look in the road for the rear wheel bearings??? before they could finish their ride. Big beautiful automobiles! Does anyone know if the 1909 Austin pictured above is the ex-Barney Pollard Model XC that used to have a red hood? I have a photo of that car in early 70's in Clevelands' Fred Crawford Museum. I remember 2 other Austins from the past. One was an earlier restored car belonging to a Pettingell??? The other was an unrestored one which had been passed down thru several generations of a Wisconsin farm family. Approx 1910/11 vintage. Both of these cars were pictured in Antq. Auto magazine yrs. ago. Anybody have present knowledge of these or any others??? If anyone has anymore info on the youngstown cars or any of the others; I would appreciate hearing from them. "Slim" Tim Gary
  5. Found JY in NE Ohio in mid-70's. Heard about it from my older sisters boyfriend. He was into 'vette's & hot-rods. Seems hard to bellieve; but; I saw it 2-3 times. Yard was in small creek bottom off a country rd. Contained at least 100 cars from the 30's. Yard owner finally agreed to show me his prized collection up near the house. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! My favorite was the 1931 V-16 Cadillac 4-door with the "sweep" panels on the hood. Next to that was a 1932 Auburn V-12 sedan. On my 2nd trip, he trusted me a little more & showed me 3 Cord 810-812's, one with the supercharger; at least it had the flexible exhausts out side. There was a Packard 12 from '33-'34. And off to one side was an approx '28-'29 Jordan coupe. All of these cars were fairly complete & probably restorable at the time except the Jordan. I remember the Caddy was starting to rust thru the running boards; but interior was in good shape. Even the V-16 grill badge was still there. In the very back sat a '33 Plymouth with weathered paint, which; with a little work; could probably have been driven out of the yard. He had many school buses & delivery trks sitting around full of "stuff". I can only guess what "goodies" were in them. The somewhat eccentric owner made me promise not to attempt to buy, in return for showing me the cars. The yard was back off the road & hard to see even then. I stopped there 4-5 yrs ago to ask neighbors what happened to the yard. They said the owner had passed away & kids (who lived out-of-area) had sold cars. Never heard anymore about it. "Slim" Tim Gary
  6. Am looking at a local 1931. Would appreciate if you could send some pics to me also @ Thanks, tim
  7. There is a nicely restored Holmes touring in Mckinley birthplace Museum in Canton, Ohio. Tim
  8. Thinking of buying a fairly complete unrestored antique car. It will need transported from Seattle area to my home in NE Ohio. Can anyone reccommend a good transporter? Car is "rolling" but no brakes. Thanks, Tim
  9. The license plate is not a 1910 Pa, as 1910 was the first year for the metal "keystone" on the left side; which this plate obviously does not have. The "keystone" was stamped with the serial # of the car. However, I suppose it could be a early 1910 Winton pictured in late 1909
  10. I think it may be an earlier Winton as tag appears to be 1908 or '09 Pa.