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  1. Yes, if you do decide to sell; please get in touch with me. I have pretty much given up on mine; but might be interested in yours. Tim
  2. Chrysler 77 roadsters are beautiful cars. I own one in very poor condition. I saw one advertised on Hemmings last year, partially restored similar to yours for $11K. Everybody wants "turn-key" these days.
  3. I visited Zimmerman's Automobilearama in early 70's. I remember 2 cars that were fairly rare or uncommon. One was a Bailey (electric?) & also a red/green Ross ? steamer. Think I have some pics somewhere. Tim G.
  4. Hi, Everyone. First, congratualtions on this forum. I have been "visiting" for approx 2 yrs; but rarely post. So, please forgive my mistakes. When I saw Vintman's pic of an Austin; had to try & post these photo's. My earlier photo is approx same yr as Vintmans'. Only difference I can see is that mine has clincher? tires. It is listed in Ohio Registry as 1910 Ser #50, 60hp. 2nd & 3rd photo's appear to be approx 1913 Austin. Has Ohio 1913 plate visible; which I have not yet looked up in Ohio Registry. Both these Austins belonged to Adolf Heller of Youngstown, Ohio. He was an architect,
  5. Found JY in NE Ohio in mid-70's. Heard about it from my older sisters boyfriend. He was into 'vette's & hot-rods. Seems hard to bellieve; but; I saw it 2-3 times. Yard was in small creek bottom off a country rd. Contained at least 100 cars from the 30's. Yard owner finally agreed to show me his prized collection up near the house. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! My favorite was the 1931 V-16 Cadillac 4-door with the "sweep" panels on the hood. Next to that was a 1932 Auburn V-12 sedan. On my 2nd trip, he trusted me a little more & showed me 3 Cord 810-812's, one with the supercharger; at
  6. Am looking at a local 1931. Would appreciate if you could send some pics to me also @ SlimT5321@hotmail.com Thanks, tim
  7. There is a nicely restored Holmes touring in Mckinley birthplace Museum in Canton, Ohio. Tim
  8. Thinking of buying a fairly complete unrestored antique car. It will need transported from Seattle area to my home in NE Ohio. Can anyone reccommend a good transporter? Car is "rolling" but no brakes. Thanks, Tim
  9. The license plate is not a 1910 Pa, as 1910 was the first year for the metal "keystone" on the left side; which this plate obviously does not have. The "keystone" was stamped with the serial # of the car. However, I suppose it could be a early 1910 Winton pictured in late 1909
  10. I think it may be an earlier Winton as tag appears to be 1908 or '09 Pa.
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