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Is that a 1940 special or a 40 series special ?

1940 - 1955 (?) are changeable up to a point. Torgue tube lenght does vary.

1937 - 1938 - 1339 are different. Need to cut , weld & machine to fit the 1940-52 diff's.

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I have a 3.41 ratio ring gear and pinion, NOS still in the box, comes with crush washer etc. and rear end grease. It has a very small bit of surface rust on the edges, but, not on the wear surfaces. The pinion number is 1168974 and the ring gear number is 1168311, and according to the book, it's for a '54 or '55 50-60-70 series with automatic transmission. $150.00 plus shipping. It's heavy. Paul 314-574-9853 in St. Louis, Mo.

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The 1940-55 pumpkins will all interchange into the rear axle housing. I have a complete pumpkin with a 3.42 ratio, used but all set up to run by a rear end specialist. This will fit into any 1940-55 housing. In most applications you re-use the original toque tube and drive shaft, this will assure the proper length. This whole thing is very heavy. Send me a PM if interested.

Joe, BCA 33493

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I have a 1940 super four-door that i just brought for $400 just so the guy wouldn't crush it you can have it for 500 I still did not take it off my trailer but it is a complete car and the man said he ran it around his yard with his son up to two years ago it did pull easily onto the trailer but the clutch was stuck to the floor and has a big dent in the roof it is a car that sat in the field for two years like I said it is complete even with a radio the extra hundred I'm asking for a had to go 75 miles to get it but I just couldn't see get let it be crushed if you like pictures please feel free to e-mail me-buke143@charter.net or phone me at 508-864-6316 I am located in Spencer Massachusetts

have a great Buick day


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