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  1. Mike, No update in three days??? Where's that video you promised?? Rich
  2. Ken, If you have been using PPG product to this point stick with it. That extra cash will seem like nothing and you will wish you spent it if the other product wrinkles or peals off the primer/sealer. I have been using the PPG shopline up to this point and have been extremely happy with it. As for single stage matching BS/CC it depends on the color, weather it's metallic, etc. With a straight red if your supplier has the mixing recipe for both you will probably be fine. As mike indicated those areas are low light low visability and nobody will know the difference. My 2cents, Rich
  3. He Gary thanks for the info. I actually did some research on that as well and was seriously considering going that route. My biggest concern was the foam rubber seals between the inner and outter quarter panels. The chemical is unforgiving to anything that isn't metal and I didn't want to mess with those pieces. I still have the information and price list though. I do agree it seemed pretty reasonable. Rich
  4. Bob, Any pics of this setup?? I'm past this phase and will have to take my chances at this point but I'm always collecting info for the next project. Thanks, Rich
  5. Hey if Mike's providing air fare I'm in. I'll even buy the first round when we get there. :D:D:D
  6. Hey Roberta, I spoke with Chris over at the blaster's. He was very nice and remembered you when I mentioned your name. He was very helpful and provided a base estimate over the phone. I think for this project I will stick with the blaster I am currently working with. I have spent weeks prepping the body for the blaster and really don't require their two step process at this point. He did indicate if the body is on the rotisserie that he considers that the prefered situation but does have the jacks you mentioned to get the car 4 feet up to get the underside when necessary. Thanks again for your help and the info. I will be keeping them in mind for future projects. Rich
  7. Thanks for the link. It looks like they have a ton of experience in multiple applications. I have a call in to them to get some info. I have been working with a Blaster in Oxford up to now but never hurts to get a price check. Thanks.
  8. Not sure when in it's life it happened but my 55 had a small bead of weld on both sides right at the ends. I had to grind through it with a cut off wheel and then the dash top came right off. Not to say your 56 has anything like that but something to look for. Good luck, Rich
  9. Thanks Ken, I did a search but couldn't find these pics. I knew I had seen them. I have less than 10 miles to go myself so I'm just planning on taking it easy. I appreciate it, Rich
  10. Thanks Roberta, That's a great idea for a body cart. Never considered conduit. I was hoping to leave it on the rotisserie though so the blaster would have full access. I want to make sure he gets to the rear wheel wells and the floor. I don't want any of that nasty "R" word coming back. Rich
  11. Is it just me or does anyone else think Mike would still be out playing in his garage every day even if he did possess these skills? Don't mind me Mike. I'm just jealous. Rich
  12. Sheeese Mike, You're making me embarrassed by my lack of progress. At this pace you'll be ready for the national next year. Keep up the good work. Rich
  13. Hi Everyone, Finally getting ready to haul the 55 body to the blaster's. This is my first go at loading a rotisserie on a trailer and hauling it anywhere. I remember seeing a couple pics of Ken's(Mudbone) 55 going to the blaster but I can't find them with a search. I seem to recall he placed a couple jack stands on the sides somewhere to keep things stable. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Sure wish I had gotten to this stage a couple months ago when it was 70 degrees here in MI Thanks, Rich
  14. Very Nice Mr Earl!! Looking forward to all the "in progress" pictures. Rich
  15. Oops, May have spoken too soon. I was reading one of Ken's(Mudbone) earlier posts and he indicated he used PPG semi gloss black. So maybe there is a specific product available. If not you can always go the route I described which allows you to control the shine and gives you the ability to use the base paint for multiple applications. Rich
  16. I am not aware of any semi gloss paint from PPG. I used their single stage black with a flattening agent. Your paint store counter person can supply the mix sheet to indicate how much flattener to add for semi gloss, egg shell, flat, etc. It's a pretty easy process really. Just make sure you are mixing percise amounts of each component. If not you will never match the sheen if you have a spot to repaint. Good luck, Rich
  17. Too neat and clean for my taste Welcome aboard. Rich
  18. Might be gremlins You may want to take a look at your large battery cable connection at your starter. If it is similar to the late 80s Rivs there are several fuse links that get their feed at that point. I have seen those links apear fine from the outside but be corroded on the inside. Give them a little tug to make sure they are good and check the connection itself for corrosion and tightness. Just a couple things to look at. Rich
  19. Hey Rich Your car is a bit too new for me. One of the questions someone else with better knowledge might ask is: You say "When I turn the key there is nothing." Does this indicate your dash doesn't light up? In other words no electrical power at all. Or does everything light up as usual but the starter just doesn't turn over? Lets hope someone else here with better knowledge of your vehicle will provide some help. Good luck, Rich
  20. I have had some luck in the past getting these at the marina. Many of the pontoon boats still use the glass fuses. Good luck
  21. Might not be a bad idea if yours look that good. I wanted to take a look under the rust proof because some of the rust on mine had crept up to the edge. I didn't want to go this far just to have the rust come back in a couple years. Rich
  22. Thanks for the info Jim. Mine are still pretty pliable as they were covered in rust proofing since new and that seemed to preserve them some. My experience with these types of rubber parts being blasted is they come out really clean and looking pretty new. That's as long as they aren't too brittle to begin with. It's good to know somone has had some success with reinstalling them with new staples though. And that's not my car with the quarter cut off. That is Koz from Poland. And yes he does have his work cut out fo him. :eek:
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