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keyless entry question


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There are other threads about these cars in the archives. I know from what I have read that not all 92 Riviera's came with keyless entry. If it was originally equipped with keyless entry, then you should be able to find fobs that will work. I have purchased them from a vendor om ebay and they are very good about telling you what will work for your application and what must be done to sync it to your Riviera.



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Regal fob won't work. Finding the correct Buick fob will be difficult and relatively expensive as keyless entry wasn't that common for the Buicks of that model generation. Cadillac used the same system however and those remotes are plentiful and cheap.

Attached are the two versions of GM remotes that'll work your keyless entry system gray one is the rare Buick remote, black one is the Cadillac version.

Programming is easy, there's a wire behind the trunk carpet on the driver's side that gets grounded to put the system into "learn" mode. You can only have two remotes programmed to the system.



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As an addendum to both Rawja & Daves89, Riviera had the same programing protocall as the Reatta (one remote = program twice). The remote w/ the Buick imprint is impossible to buy (unless you're lucky to find one at a boneyard), but the Cadillac imprinted remote can still be bought....they are the same remote. I've experienced this w/ the two '92 Rivs I have.

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