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  1. I have lost the letter "C" from my taillight. Does anyone have an extra they would be willing to sell to me? Thanks!
  2. I've been trying to fix the dim light that comes on with the parking lights that is also the front directional on the passenger side. The driver side works correctly and have swapped the two bulbs but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Tim
  3. I haven't been on this site for a while. What's your PM? sorry if this is a stupid question. Lol
  4. My ABS light has come on but goes off if I drive in the rain. Is this because of a bad lead? How do I figure out which one? Thanks in advance.
  5. I was thinking of turning my 92 into a GS model. I thought I might black-out all the chrome and add duel exhaust. Similar to the 90's regals. Just wondering if anyones ever seen one done before, if you guys think it would look good, or if you think I'm nuts! Let me know, thanks....
  6. I have a 92 Riv. with no key fom, can I make one work from a 93 regal?
  7. what year camaro muffler fits and can I make the camaro tail pipes work to? thanks in advance
  8. does the glove box open? and can key-less entry be added with remote start? Oh and do you know where I can get a front licence plate braket.... thanks..........
  9. I have a 89 and am buying an 88, could someone tell me whats different between the two???? Thanks...
  10. I'm not sure, but I think it pulls to the right, after using the brakes about three times in normal braking, it clears up..... Only does it when its cold..
  11. If you get it figured out, please post it because my 89 does the exact same thing when its cold, its a wild ride if you have to get on the brakes fast and hard till it warms up, then its fine.....
  12. I checked Buick but not available. Buffalo ny has turned mine into a lump of rust, doesn't even look like a lock. Also how do you get it out? when I had the tail light out, I still couldn't get to it.... thanks....
  13. Thanks for all the feed-back on my exhaust question. The muffler shop wanted 385 to replace from the converter back. I was still recovering from my sub-frame problem, spent about 500 total to get that back togeather, came out great, so I went with the riv. exhaust. spent 118 total and it went togeather great, just had to cut off the end of the tailpipe. it took me about 1 and half hrs. I've had alot of cars in my life and can't explain why I love this car so much, but its the best front wheel drive car I've ever driven... it almost makes me forget about the 69 camaro's and the 72 cuda and the
  14. will the pipes and muffler for a 89 riviera fit my 89 reatta? I just need the tail pipe, muffler, and the pipe before the muffler..... thanks in advance
  15. Thanks for advice from 63vicking, I bought the new bolts and rubber bushings. Everyone that looked at the car didn't want to even try to fix it or even try to get out the old bolts. I looked at some other reatta's but they had more little problems then mine. So I got pissed off and did it my self. A grinder with cut off wheels, PB Blaster penetrating spray, and my torch got out the old bolts. I bolted up the new hardware to the main frame rails and am having a welding shop fix the unibody for the outside mounts, those locations were only two thin layers of sheet metal with a small backing plat
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