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I've been meaning to post this sooner, but neglected to do so. Someone please clarify. A couple of weeks ago I tuned into a movie staring Will Smith and another black actor who's name escapes me. I don't know the name of the movie, but it wasn't anything recent. During a night shot, both actors emerged from a car,what appeared to me to be the Blackhawk. Was I seeing things, imagined it, or was the Blackhawk actually used in this particular movie? I'm not an avid movie watcher, and this may well have been discussed in another post long ago. Please bring me up to date. Thank's

Boy, I miss that car! Wouldn't it be cool if someone made a kit of the Blackhawk, which could be used over say a Skylark frame.

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It was "Bad Boys 2" actually. There is a really cool website that you can look up a cars in movies. IMCDb.org: Home page

Here is the link for that sites Bad Boys II cars. IMCDb.org: "Bad Boys II, 2003": cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles

As far as it selling again I couldn't find anything on the web about it in a quick search.

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I think the movie was Bad Boys 2.Yes it was the Blackhawk in the movie.Most of you know Harold Calhoun who is in the Flint Chapter of the Bca.When the Blackhawk was being transported around the country, it was Harold who worked for Reliable Transportation who trucked the Blackhawk and usually other Buicks from Gm's collection to various events.One of the times I spoke to Harold he told me a story of taking the Blackhawk to Miami for the filming of that movie.My recollection was that there was to be a period of a week or two when the car was not needed for production,so he was asked to provide an estimate for the cost of taking the car away or remaining on site 'til the car was needed again.From my understanding the cost was a wash,so he was able to stay on site and enjoy his time with his wife 'til the car was needed again.One of the nicer perks he was able to "endure".Hope I got the gist of this story correct.Hopefully if I'm wrong someone will correct me.

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