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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear John:

The first factory full chrome wheels were available for 1938-1939's. My source is the 1941 Buick parts book page 157. By the way, for my 1939 Roadmaster which would need 6, the price was $25/wheel. New car cost was $1543, so that would be 10% of the price of a new Roadmaster!

Regards, Dave Corbin

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Hi Rick , You need to remember that once you start collecting Social Security you can put anything on anything . You have a way to go yet BUT - My advice to you is , if you want the Road Wheels on your car - put them on ! you may loose a few points in Judging but SO WHAT ! Enjoy your car . My 61 LeSabre got a Bronze at the last National and I was surprised - I made the car the way I wanted and gladly accept the deduction for my improvments . We need to remember that this is a FUN HOBBY for most = some strive for perfection and that is good to . ENJOY

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June 1998 Collectible Automobile had a 19 page write-up by Micheal Lamm on the 1961 to 1964 Buick. In reading this article, the writer quotes statements made by Buick designers. There are numerous references to the 1963 change over from Invicta to Wildcat.

On page 46 of the magazine there are three pictures of what is referred to as the "four-place 1963 Wildcat 445 show car". I assume the words four-place referred to the four bucket seats with front and rear console. These pictures show there were minor differences between the show car and the production 63 Wildcat - different interior door paneling and two headlights instead of four final.

The larger of the three show car photos show the 1963 Wildcat with the Buick rally wheels in chrome with the wheel center area painted the matte silver color. The caption - "Its five-spoke sports wheels became a Wildcat trademark".

For the 1964 Wildcat write-up, it states that the optional five-spoke sports wheels were an attractive addition to the Wildcat line.In the mid to late sixties magazine ads show the sports wheels became popular on all Buick models.

In 1963 Buick also had wire wheel covers with spinners available as an option. Somewhere in my travels I picked up a magazine advertisement in the May 1963 R&T (Road and Track?) for a Wildcat showing these covers. They are also referred to in the Collectible Automobile article as a 1964 option.

It is possible Buick sports wheels may have been available as a special order in 1963 and as an option starting in 1964.

Lawrence Gluckie

Ardrossan, Alberta

BCA #44046

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I have seen some pictures of Tommy Ivo's 1963 Riviera that shows it with chrome wheels. I have seen a picture of the same car (the first one) with wire wheelcovers so the chrome wheels were probably not original. I'm wondering what kind of center caps it has, these pics are too small to tell. The wheels look like those of the '64 Wildcats.




The 1963 "Wildcat 445 " show car had these wheels too with plain chrome center caps


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In 64 the Road Wheel was available on the Wildcat and it came with the Wildcat Emblem in the center - black background with a silver cat head . I have talked to a few 64 Riv owners that said tht they had the wheels put on at the dealership when they bought the car new . I bought one of the cars , only for the wheels . I replaced the wheels with standard wheels and caps and then resold the car .

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Guest wildcat65401

In the first photo of the Riviera with the Road wheels they look quite large to me . maybe its the tires .BTW how do I attach a picture of my 63' Riviera with its road wheels?Love the website also .

Paul .Atl,Ga [with Road Wheels on it via some spacers so they seat properly.]

63' Riviera 445 [with Road Wheels on it via some spacers so they seat properly.]

68' Skylark 69' 430-4

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