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  1. S & M Electro - Tech Inc, Blaine MN repair classic radios, a good reliable company. Will have correct speakers as well.
  2. Emblem looks like a '63 LeSabre door panel emblem.
  3. I sent a PM reply to your enquiry. I can email you a Buick bulletin that shows lower ball joints for 57 thru to 60 have 0.150 inch allowable play, 61,62 and 63 40-41-4300 series have 0.070 inch allowable play, and 61, 62 and 63 44-46-4800 series have 0.10 inch allowable play. It is bulletin 63-104 issued July 31, 1963 Subject Lower Ball Joint Service Program and J-21240 Ball Joint End Play Checking Gauge.It also talks about checking upper ball joints and indicates any perceptible movement in the upper ball joint is reason for replacement. It shows how you can check upper ball joint play. Lawrence
  4. Radials I have two 1960 Buicks, an Electra and an Electra 225. I would guess that the rims for a LeSabre are the same as the Electras. The original hubcap does not even come close to the tire sidewall to cause contact between tire and hubcap. Both my cars have radials. Both cars are driven on pavement in city and highway traffic. Both cars are driven on Alberta gravel roads but to an absolute minimum. Our roads are no where near the condition that roads in Georgia probably are due to our temperature extremes. Unless your hubcaps are lose already, radial tires should not make a difference (in my opinion). The tires on my cars are Diamond Back (Michelin) for the simple reason that Diamond Back will put on a whitewall that is in the correct width and location for 1960. This was important to me and I found that other suppliers have standard widths that are not necessarily correct for that year. Diamond Back recommended 235 75R15 tires as an equivalent size. The Electra had no problem with the tires. In the 225 though, I had a problem at the rear wheel area. When I went over a road bump, the tires would rub on the exhaust pipe. To overcome this I had to readjust the exhaust pipe brackets. If I had to do it all over again, I would probably go one size smaller which I belive is the 225 series. When I bought the car it did have the 225 series radial but with the wrong whitewall width. With the 225 series there was no rubbing. I have had the radials for four or five years. Hope this helps you somewhat. Lawrence BCA 44046
  5. I was going through my 63 dealer service bulletins and came across this July 31, 1963 bulletin. Since there were some discussions about this subject a while back, I thought some members would be interested . This is my first try at attachments so I may have to re-do it. I tried to post this as a PDF but some of the page files are too large to upload. If anyone would like a copy in PDF, by email, I would be glad to send it. Lawrence Gluckie Ardrossan, Alberta BCA 44046
  6. I will be replacing tires and am trying to keep car as original as possible. Spare in trunk looks original or close to original. Whitewall is 2.25 inches wide and starts right at the rim. Can someone confirm that this is the correct whitewall width and location for 1960. Thanks in advance. Lawrence Gluckie BCA 44046 Edmonton, Alberta
  7. I can provide you with the contact information for GM Canada Vintage Vehicle Services if you require. You can fax them your information, phone them or fax your credit card number and they may be able to provide you with some of the information you are seeking. They will need the serial number for the car. From that number they generally provide the trim number and color, body paint code and color, production plant location, production date, shipping date, model number and body style, engine type, original engine serial number and sometimes the dealer or dealer zone that the car was shipped to. On some vehicles they are also able to provide the options that the car came with. The cost for this service in March 2008 was $36.75 CDN Lawrence Gluckie Edmonton, Alberta BCA 44046
  8. June 1998 Collectible Automobile had a 19 page write-up by Micheal Lamm on the 1961 to 1964 Buick. In reading this article, the writer quotes statements made by Buick designers. There are numerous references to the 1963 change over from Invicta to Wildcat. On page 46 of the magazine there are three pictures of what is referred to as the "four-place 1963 Wildcat 445 show car". I assume the words four-place referred to the four bucket seats with front and rear console. These pictures show there were minor differences between the show car and the production 63 Wildcat - different interior door paneling and two headlights instead of four final. The larger of the three show car photos show the 1963 Wildcat with the Buick rally wheels in chrome with the wheel center area painted the matte silver color. The caption - "Its five-spoke sports wheels became a Wildcat trademark". For the 1964 Wildcat write-up, it states that the optional five-spoke sports wheels were an attractive addition to the Wildcat line.In the mid to late sixties magazine ads show the sports wheels became popular on all Buick models. In 1963 Buick also had wire wheel covers with spinners available as an option. Somewhere in my travels I picked up a magazine advertisement in the May 1963 R&T (Road and Track?) for a Wildcat showing these covers. They are also referred to in the Collectible Automobile article as a 1964 option. It is possible Buick sports wheels may have been available as a special order in 1963 and as an option starting in 1964. Lawrence Gluckie Ardrossan, Alberta BCA #44046
  9. I am new to the site but have been following it for somewhat more than a year. I am in the process of restoring a 63 Wildcat convertible including a complete engine rebuild. In trying to find a correct paint color I purchased paint from Bill Hirsch Auto. On their website at -Hirsch Automotive Products they have a list of Buick paint colors and in my opinion provided some reasonable information on application of their product. I spoke to the people at the order desk and they were very familiar with the product. The person doing the engine work is involved in both the racing industry and classic engine rebuilds. His comment was that the paint is a very good product. Derek - As for shipping the product, there wasn't anyone who was willing to ship paint across the border into Canada. The Hirsch people put me in contact with a company from B.C. who order Hirsch paint once per week into a warehouse states side and then they bring the product across the border into the Vancouver area in their own truck. If you would like I would be able to get you the contact info. There might be someone closer to Manitoba doing the same thing. My engine is not ready yet so I have no data to provide as to quality of finished product, appearance, etc. or how well it will stand the heat. Engine will be ready sometime in September for the initial un. Lawrence Gluckie BCA 44046 Ardrossan, Alberta
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