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  1. S & M Electro - Tech Inc, Blaine MN repair classic radios, a good reliable company. Will have correct speakers as well.
  2. Emblem looks like a '63 LeSabre door panel emblem.
  3. I sent a PM reply to your enquiry. I can email you a Buick bulletin that shows lower ball joints for 57 thru to 60 have 0.150 inch allowable play, 61,62 and 63 40-41-4300 series have 0.070 inch allowable play, and 61, 62 and 63 44-46-4800 series have 0.10 inch allowable play. It is bulletin 63-104 issued July 31, 1963 Subject Lower Ball Joint Service Program and J-21240 Ball Joint End Play Checking Gauge.It also talks about checking upper ball joints and indicates any perceptible movement in the upper ball joint is reason for replacement. It shows how you can check upper ball joint play. Lawre
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