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buick trunk letters


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Yes, the letters are "stuck" on with die-cut adhesive tape (VHB foam tape or some equivalent product). To put new ones on, use emblem adhesive in a tube (but don't get too sloppy with it!) as you could spend days trying to cut new tape with an x-acto knife.

Fishing line worked in behind the old letters will suffice for removal, although I have had good luck with a dental pick and some gentle prying to pop them off. By now, the 20+ year old adhesive doesn't have much "juice" left, and they usually pop off pretty easy.


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Guest CL_Reatta


Thats quite in insult...maybe a park avenue... but a luxury sports couple reatta? I think not

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Guest Richard D

Let the kid take them off, as long as he gives or sells them to someone who appreciates Buick's hand built sport coupe.

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