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GM Engine ID

Mark Shaw

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Some other things to check out: Look for possible existance of an engine serial number on a boss or pad near the distributor. For instance, "HAM" was the prefix in the serial number for '50 chevys. I'm presuming that it would be the same # as on the firewall plate.

The contact lug on the starter is another clue. Indicates to me that it was floor-button activated through a mechanical linkage, rather than by a dash push button and solenoid, which I believe came into being in '49. Looks like some of the linkage is still there. Can anyone verify?

Maybe it's just the pictures, but the valve cover looks too smooth for it to be a 216. With what appears to be a Carter W1 downdraft, very early 6's are ruled out, but that still leaves a wide range of years.

Try posting on the Chevy forum.

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I'll take my best guess at it being a '34 Chevrolet Standard Series, 181 cubic inch. If it were the Master Series with the knee action suspension, it would be a 206 cubic inch engine. This shows a straight axle frame in the pictures. Also, 1932 was the first year to use the downdraft carb.

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