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Detroit Lubricator use/application?

Jim Rohn

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I thought so at first but where would the "updraft" go? there is only an air intake (I think), no "goesouta" exit that I can tell ...

all the Detroit Lubricator carbs I have seen say "CARBURETOR" on the plate, this one appears to say "STEWART" whatever that means ...

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Third picture is top of carb. Float bowl cover has all the lettering and round part at 2 o'clock from the bowl is mixture out, the remaining bolt and empty hole location would hold on the elbow/ throttle section. Doesn't look like mixed air goes out there but it does!

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Layden B is correct on the application.

The "out" is the top of the aspirator valve/dashpot; which moves up to allow more airflow as RPM is increased.

The 90 degree throttle body mentioned by Layden attached on top of the "out". As the throttle body changes the direction of the mixture so that it enters the engine horizontally, this carburetor is technically a "sidedraft" rather than an "updraft".

Really one of the better carburetors in its day. (MOO)


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