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  1. This is a Doctors buggy frame and axles and auto wheels and seat.
  2. A few years ago there was a very nice pre-1910 Peerless touring that was dismantled and made into a Green Dragon race car. We wondered what ever happened to the original body, fenders and lamps. Maybe this is it. RHL
  3. Our Cleveland meet is looking good. We have eight Peerless cars registered so far. Another "Gathering of Eagles". The oldest is a 1913. I am re-building my water pump and replacing the hoses on my '16. Getting it ready for the May hill climb, Memorial Day parade and then on to Cleveland for our June show. I don't know how many of the other makes are registered but it should be a good turn out. This should be fun and historical, hope to see you in Cleveland. RHL
  4. Most of the roads mentioned here are beautiful but very busy. Not good touring for my cars with narrow wheels and two wheel brakes. I cruise the back roads of Wisconsin. Traffic is light and they are all paved and in better shape than most state hiways. Several years ago Wisconsin had a law that in order for a farm to have grade A milk they had to be on a paved road. Dust you know. As a result it is difficult to find a gravel road in Wisconsin. You have to be careful of the tractors and Amish on these roads but with the speed I go they are no problem, I try not to hold them up. RHL
  5. When I get 25 miles down the road I stop and check my tie-downs and check the torque on my trailer wheels with a torque wrench. Something I don't leave home without---my cell phone and AAA card. RHL
  6. I hope we will be able to see one the these beautiful Peerless cars in Cleveland in June!! Peerless meet-----June 12-13 &14, 2015
  7. In 1912 Peerless had three models with the six cylinder engine: Model 35-H 38.5 HP 125" wb $4,000 to $5,200 Model 36-K 48.6 HP 137" wb $5,000 to $6,200 Model 37-L 60 HP 140" wb $6,000 to $7,200 touring----roadster----Limousine---landoulet
  8. It would not be fun to do this here today. The wind chill is 20 to 30 below zero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The first Wisconsin license plate was 1905. From 1905 thru 1910 the plates were all the same, black with aluminum numbers and the letter W. There was no year put on these plates. In 1911 they started putting the year on the plate. The number ranges: 1905--1 - 1492 1906--1493-2666 1907--2667-4147 1908--4148-6192 1909--6193-9232 1910--9233-15211 If you can read the number this will give the date of the plate. RHL
  10. Peerless had these door handles in 1924 and 1925. The running board looks Peerless, the fender looks Peerless and Peerless had the flat door panel with no molding in 1925. My guess---1925 Peerless Equiposed 8-- 7 passenger surburban sedan 128WB $4,419
  11. I hope the word gets out to the owners of Cleveland built vehicles about this meet. In 2001 we had the Peerless 100th anniversary meet in Cleveland and talked then about having a meet like this in the future. Like Peerless you seldom see some of these makes at car shows and it will be nice to see them together at one gathering. This should be a show you don't want to miss. See you in Cleveland June 12-14. RHL
  12. Price is a little high. Too bad someone took the emblem off it. I bought one a couple years ago in mint condition with emblem for $5. Winter fronts are not being used very much. RHL
  13. Back in those days I had a '53 Jag roadster and my best friend had a Healy 100, we were going to Bloomington for a wedding. The speed limit in Illinois back then was reasonable and proper. Sunday morning on 66, clear & sunny and no traffic. We were cruising at about 100 mph and passed a state highway patrol car, no problem, we were perfectly legal. Now if it was raining or lots of traffic you could be ticketed for driving too fast for conditions. I got a few of those too. Then there was Chicago, they would give a speeding ticket to a parked Jag because it looked fast. But I learned quickly, I folded up a $5 bill and stapled it to my drivers license. I never got another ticket, although my license was filled with holes. Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RHL
  14. Our Cleveland meet is coming along. We will have a special meeting room in order to have a Peerless board meeting and discuss the future. We will spend one day touring the area visiting the sites of the factories and homes of the prominent auto manufacturers. Another day will be a car show of the Cleveland built cars and trucks. Our banquet will be in the Crawford museum. Plan to spend an extra day to visit the library at the Western Reserve Crawford museum. Back in 1953 I drove my 1916 Peerless to Cleveland for the start of the Glidden Tour. We didn't have Interstate roads then, just state and US highways. My parents followed in their new car just in case my high school restoration didn't make it. We made the trip and tour with no trouble.The car was PEERLESS. I brought my Peerless back to Cleveland in 2001 for the 100 year meet and will again next year. I hope to see a lot of Peerless people there. RHL
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