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  1. Gentlemen, Thank you both for your responses. Much appreciated. John
  2. Good day all, Attached is a picture of a 1930 Cadillac 452 V-16. Is the paint scheme on this Cadillac period correct? Does anyone actually know the color codes? Thank you in advance for your help! John
  3. The 8s has a 2 7/8 bore 4 3/4 stroke. The radiator shell is not Jordan. There's a great book on Jordan, by McFarland publishing and also a register/club. The club is a great source for parts and info. Looks like a great project!
  4. Hi Is this car still AVAILABLE? Where is it located John
  5. Hello All, This is just a repost. I'm looking for a Sayers & Scovill Pall Bearers Car 1930 (Black and Green with Solid Disk Wheels) that used to be in the Cleveland, Ohio area around 15 years ago. The owner lived in Twinsburg, Ohio. At the time he was selling multiple cars. To make a long story short, I got some of the S&S parts with my car and whoever bought the S&S got some of the parts that were supposed to go with my car. The main part that I lost was the Windshield Visor. This was a sheet metal part that extended the roof over the windshield to keep the sun out of the car. I'm looking for the car to get the right parts back with the right car. Any help would be appreciated. I am also located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. anything for a 1931 1932 Great Line 90 Jordan? Also has the suicide doors.
  7. Hi Roy The Test gage came today. It looks very cool. My hubby will be sooooo surprised. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving
  8. Good Day, Is this item still available? I am in Cleveland, Ohio and would be interested. Thanks!
  9. FYI I just listed a 1928 1929 Durant Radiator, Shell with Emblem for Sale on ebay. Here is the link. It is in fantastic shape for its age. Honeycomb radiator still holds water. I stumbled on this while I was searching for Jordan parts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1928-1929-28-29-Durant-Honeycomb-Radiator-Shell-Grille-with-Emblem-/253132413095?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  10. For sale on ebay is a 1920s 1930s Essex Bakelite Bakelight Steering Wheel. http://www.ebay.com/itm/252842639967?item=252842639967&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123&vxp=mtr
  11. For sale on ebay is a 1920s 1930s Essex Bakelite Bakelight Steering Wheel. http://www.ebay.com/itm/252842639967?item=252842639967&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123&vxp=mtr
  12. For Sale is a Vintage Macy's Travel Steamer Trunk. $100.00. This has the original tag from R.H. Macy & Co. on Broadway in New York City. These were all also called wardrobe trunks. I believe it to be from the 1920's. There is a patent date on one of the rails that hangers rest on. It still locks and I have the original key. It has all original pieces including the wooden hangers. It is black leather with plated brass hardware. Inside is the original Macy's pattern. The trunk measures 22 1/2 inches by 21 1/2 inches by 40 1/2 inches tall. It still opens and functions wonderfully. It is in great shape considering it is 90 years old. The body hinges in two. The hanger side top opens like a clam shell also. It still has the original fitted suitcase on the hanger side bottom. The interior is a bit discolored due to age. It is very unusual to find a piece with all the original components and the KEY. This trunk is a great decorator piece or a fully functional unit. It would be a fantastic usable piece for your antique collection. This would also be a great closet for a college student. Just imagine driving down the road with this on the trunk rack of your antique vintage or classic car. Condition:The overall condition is good. The exterior has the normal scuffs and scrapes for a piece this old. I'm sure it would be great fun for someone to do a cosmetic restoration on. The bottom wear is documented in one of the pictures. The leather handles have worn off. Email with questions. Located in the Cleveland, Ohio area but I am willing to bring it to the Hershey Swap meet in October.
  13. The machines are located in Middleburgh Heights, Ohio 44130. - Near Cleveland, Ohio.
  14. A buddy with an old engine resto shop asked me to sell his 3 machines. The descriptions and pics are below. Please message me if you are interested. They are located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Van Norman #570 Automatic Rotary Broach Kwikway Sunnen Rottler Peterson $2800 This is a very heavy duty machine that is used for resurfacing blocks and heads. It comes with the original manual. The machine is under power. It has good used cutters and has the regrinding sharpening attachment and fixture. It measures 24" Deep by 27" Wide x 34" High. Overall height is 48 inches. Kansas Instrument Engine Boring Bar Machine Sunnen Kwikway Rottler $3,000.00 The base is Model EBS90 Engine Boring Stand. This is a portable boring bar that is standard single phase. The machine is in excellent working condition. It comes with a box of tooling and original manuals for machine and stand. Size is 25"W x 21"D x 72" High. Peterson TCM-25 Machine Tool Valve Guide Seat Machine Sunnen Kwikway - $5000 This is a very heavy duty machine used for machining valve guides and valve seats. It comes with the original manual. It has the floating air table and foot pedal. It comes with all the gauging and fixtures as shown. Serial Number is 313 stamped on the front. This machine comes with the chuck, reamers and set of miscellaneous setup studs (see the pictures). It is in good overall condition. It is under power and 3-phase. What you see is what you get. The dimensions of the table are 44" x 32". The work surface measures 49 ½" Wide x 96" High. Please email with any questions and to set up an appointment to see the machine. I do have videos on youtube. Message me and I'll send you the links.
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