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  1. Hello Devon, As far as I can see on your pictures, this is the same motor as in our 1927 6-72 Peerless 5 pass. May be you could put on the post pictures of the other side of the motor ? I have still the vacuum pump on our car. I will try to find pictures. Philippe
  2. Hello Scot, Congratulations for your purchase. I was following it from Belgium but without possibility to bid (not allowed to non USA members) The weight is 1.700 kg or 3.675 pounds Length (complete with safety tire) is 178 1/2 inches + 3 inches for bumpers? (pare-choc in French). The wheel base of the 6-72 five passengers is 126 1/2 inches (your car) and the seven passengers is 133 inches. Width is 68 inches Data from the Sales Manual of Peerless 6-72. I have sent to Jefferson Brown copy of this book and of the user manual + documentations on 6-72.
  3. Hello Devon and Jeff, You could may be use the serial number to known if you have a 6-70 or a 6-72 : Car serial number ....... Motor number ............. Model ..... Series For 6-72 : B720,001 to B720,279 .. 62,801 to 68,054 ............ 72 ...... Second 302,501 to 307,788 ...... idem ......................... 72 ...... First (in addition, on the top of each door, you could find a stamp begining with "Six 5S" maybe the pre-number for 6-72) For 6-70 : 299,505 to 302,291 ...... 60,005 to 62,791 ............ 70 (See the post "How to identify your Peerless...from a Spare parts catalog from Peerl
  4. Hello 1926 Peerless, Sorry for this late answer but I was not on the forum from 2 months. I have a beautifull Peerless SIX-80 Instruction and Description Manual of 64 pages for you. I will make a free copy for you and Jeff. Give me some days to do it and send it to you. You will find 30 pictures of internal parts of the car. 6 pictures of the engine with a beautifull Side sectional view of Engine and a front outline view of Engine, Timing Chain and Sprockets. Please, send me or to Jeff your post adress and I will send it to you. I have also a spare parts catalog of 1932 and a interchangable da
  5. Hello Jeff, There is also the Veteran Car Club Grand Ducal (Grand Duché de Luxembourg - small country near Belgium). There is a list of all member's cars with pictures for each (Bugatti, Lagonda, Rolls Royce, ... and our Peerless) The address is http://www.vccgd.lu. I still have to put the new pictures of the Peerless after complete restoration (in Dark Wine/Dark Grey). Philippe
  6. These data come from a catalog of Peerless Spare Parts of The Peerless Motor Service Co, Detroit, Michigan. It is not dated (1930-32 ?). "HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR PEERLESS Car serial number ....... Motor number ............. Model ..... Series 70,001 to 70,555 ........ 13K-3,001 to 13K-3,653 ..... C ...... Custom 40,001 to 41,219 ........ 13K-101 to 13K-1,375 ....... B ...... Master 10,001 to 12,003 ........ 17S-1,001 to 17S-3,033 ..... A ...... Standard C615,451 to C619,507 .. 11E-5,200 to 11E-13,297 .... 61 ..... Second C610,501 to C615,450 .. idem ........................... 61 ..... First C1
  7. In the original folder of the Peerless SIX-72 FIVE-PASSENGER SEDAN (1926-1927), they give these specifications : "Standard Colors : (Closed Cars) - Blue, Drab, Green, and Grey. Two-tone effect on all models except Limousine, which is Blue with Black upper structure. (Phaetons) - Blue and Grey. (Roadsters) - Two-tone effects in Brown, Green, Blue and Maroon." I hope this could help you. Ph. Mordant
  8. Many thanks for your welcome. I'am also intersted in adresses for spares parts and for documentation. For people realy interested (Peerless Owners or Members of the Peerless Club), I have free copy of : - Original Peerless Instruction Book for the Guidance of Operators of Peerless Model 72 Six-Cylinder Motor Cars (68 pages), - Copy Peerless Motor Cars Sales Manual for Six-80 and 6-72 (90 pages), - Original Ad Folder "The powerful Peerless Six-72" with pictures of all the models (equivalent to 8 pages), - Original Ad Folder "The Peerless 6-72 Five passenger Sedan" with all the specifications (e
  9. Hello, I have a 1927 Peerless 6-72 Sedan 5 passagers 4.800cc in Belgium (Ardennes). I would like to know if there are others owners of 6-72 to exchange information about it. I appreciate also contacts with Peerless enthousiats ... Many thanks for the new Peerless Forum. philippe.mordant@tele2.be
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