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  1. The best Corvette forum by far is www.corvetteforum.com. I bought my 2012 velocity yellow GS on the forum. Awesome forum and even more awesome car.
  2. I count 16. If you count the two large gentlemen double that makes 18 total.
  3. The old game: "How many college kids can you fit in a phone booth, I mean Buick?"
  4. I was thinking exactly what you said. I'm not well versed on the C-7s but I'm thinking #10 could be any C-7. Good quiz.
  5. I just replaced the Sears Allstate tires on my '32 Chevrolet in February with a set of B.F. Goodrich from Coker. The Sears tires were on the car when I bought it in 2008. Other than the white walls turning a little yellow they looked virtually new with only very slight cosmetic cracking. Between 2008 and 2020 I put well over 1,000 miles on these tires with no issue at all. I still have the old tires and will check the date code but I very seriously doubt they are 50 years old. Here's the tire I pulled off.
  6. Don't ask me how this happened because I have no idea. I HAVE TWO AACA FORUM ACCOUNTS. I have one under my name and I have one under my username I use on multiple forums. Here's the question. How do i merge these accounts under my username? Thanks
  7. I don't see a date on the brochure but the Operation and Care Manual for a 1931 Chevrolet gives detailed instructions for mounting a tire in the shop, roadside on the car or on the spare while mounted on the rear of the car. How many of us would attempt such a task?
  8. I sent you a message. Thank you.
  9. I'm in need of an OEM 1966 Mustang 14" wheel for the wire hubcap. The wheel is different from the standard steel wheel as it has slot in it. I'm attaching a photo of what I need. Condition is not important as long as it's not rusty or bent. Thank you.
  10. Good luck with your barn find. Unfortunately, from my experience it will cost at least twice as much to restore that car as it will ever be worth.
  11. James Wright

    Field points

    Mark, nice meeting you and Marion at the Winter National. (Don't feel bad if you don't remember me. We spoke Saturday for about 5 minutes on the judging field.) She is a very good instructor. Thanks for the explanation above. I read VIII, A, 3, "Master judges or above" and did not notice paragraph 5 that states, "at least 10 field judging credit." I am considering attending the Grand National in Allentown and possibly judging. Guess I have a little more work to do.
  12. Well guys. We gave it the old college try. Unfortunately we got our noses bloodied. Something like 1,100 to 100. Well I'm so bummed out about it I went out and bought this to cheer myself up. 327 4-speed. I pick it up Monday.
  13. Well, guys we tried. I appreciate those who voted. As of now I'm in 6th place more than 130 votes behind the leader with only 2 days left to vote. Of the hundreds of members of the Forum 8 voted. Win or lose it's been fun.
  14. Well, Woodie, that was cute but no - I am the jack.
  15. I need your help guys. Thanks to those who already voted. But, as of 12/3 I'm in 5th place. I haven't seen any other threads on this topic so I'm assuming I'm the only AACA member in the running. If everyone on the forum votes I should win by a landslide. I think if you go to the link provided you'll agree my photo is the most creative. Even the Danchuk staff thinks so as they chose it for the cover of their Christmas Catalog. Please go to https://danchukusa.com/xmas-photo-contest-2019 and cast your vote. Voting ends 12/8. Thank you
  16. What my kids will inherit. What my kids would inherit if I played golf.
  17. Boy, this thread turned from How Old Is Too Old to What Happens When I'm Dead or incompetent. I guess I'm blessed. My grandkids have already decided which car(s) they want. Five grandkids (one great-granddaughter) and as of today 8 classic cars/trucks. I'm more concerned with how much enjoyment I can get in the remainder of my (and my wife's) life. BTW 4 of the 8 are registered to her. My mechanic is one of my best friends. He'll be sure to keep them well maintained. I hope the cars stay in the family for generations but I can't worry about that. I'm 70. I'd like to enjoy them for at least 15-20 years. Yes I'm an optimist. BTW I'm still looking for a '64 Malibu SS 4-speed like I learned to drive on if anybody knows of one for sale.
  18. Personally I wouldn't try. I drive my old cars but I also baby my old cars. My 32 Chevy runs like a sewing machine. It shifts like new. I want to keep it like that. I don't know what I would do if I broke something in the tranny. I will sometimes slip it into neutral without using the clutch as I approach a traffic light. I always use the clutch when shifting into any gear. I also have two Apache pickups l do the same way. I just don't see taking the risk of breaking something.
  19. I don't know that age is the real factor. There are several members in my AACA region well into their 80s and still buying old cars. I see it more a health and financial issue. The 60 year old secretary of our club was just diagnosed with brain cancer (the same one John McCain had). He sold his prized '86 Rolls which his aunt bought new. He now spends every minute just trying to live. I say buy 'em as long as you can enjoy 'em. I'm 70 with 8 classic cars and looking for a '64 Malibu SS like my brother taught me to drive a 4-speed on. Anybody know where I can find one?