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  1. Question for Bill W. >> Thanks for sharing your amazing wealth of knowledge on these cars; any chance you have production figures for the 1929 Dodge DA Phaeton, both domestic and exports? Thx, Joe
  2. Sorry The eBay link I used doesn't seem to work when pasted into this forum... but you can see the '29 Dodge DA Phaeton using eBay advanced search for Item number: 140288827358 Joe
  3. Big Mark, I don't know if you saw this 1929 Phaeton on eBay, check it out. WARNING: its just loaded with incorrect features! I think his reserve=$25K. You'd probably need another $10k just to straighten it out! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Dodge-Phaeton-TOUR-BEAUTIFUL-1929-DODGE-PHAETON-T OURING-VERY-RARE_W0QQitemZ140288827358QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Cars_Trucks?hash=ite m140288827358&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245&_trkparms=72%3A64%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3 A1318
  4. What you have is a very common problem on I-beam front axles and it's known as caster shimmy. It usually occurs after hitting a hole or bump at relatively slow speeds and can be extremely disconcerting to both the driver and especially the passenger(s). It's probably best to slow to a stop, but if you are brave you can accelerate out of it, too. Obviously it's best to fix the problem and soon. Take your car to a qualified frame and axle shop, preferably one that deals with larger trucks (which still use the I-beam axle) and they will place some caster shims like the ones in the enclosed picture between your axle and the leaf springs. Think of caster like front bicycle wheel with its long fork jutting out ahead of you. This is what allows you to "Look Ma, no hands!" Ask the shop if they have any caster shims in stock and if you get that "deer in the headlights" look, leave that shop ASAP.
  5. Hey Stefano from Italy! Great find! I am restoring one of these cars also. It's definitely a 1929 Dodge DA Sports Phaeton. I've included a few pictures to make it easier for you to find the serial numbers on the car and I have a couple questions for you. On the second picture near the left rear quarter panel you have a small chrome piece sticking out just to the rear and above the fender. I have never seen this before... Do you know what that is? Second question: just above and to the rear at the top rim of the body, there is a 3/4 inch (19mm) hole in the body. This is a mounting hole for the top rests (the top bows rest on these when the top is down)... Do you have the top rests for your vehicle and if so can you post a picture of them? Last question: do you have any side curtains that you could post a picture of? If you have any questions about this car, I can probably help you out. Thanks, Joe
  6. Skogen- Pull back the carpet or rubber mat on the passenger side to expose the VIN plate attached to the wooden toeboard. Here you will probably find the actual VIN which is probably incorrect on your paperwork. These tin ID tags are notoriously hard to read and your "VIN DAS9937" is more than likely DA59937. There is definitely no "S" after the "DA" in the actual VIN on this vehicle. My 1929 DA Sports Phaeton has an actual VIN of DA59129, but some DMV worker somewhere misread the final digit, so my paperwork says DA59128. By the way, if your VIN plate is missing or illegible, you will find the VIN stamped on the passenger side frame rail just to the rear of the rear front spring mount. (i.e., Just to the rear of the "dog-bone"). You might have to scrape some paint to find it. Joe
  7. My cousin, a firefighter in Chicago, sent me these photos of the recent (October 2008) fire at the old Packard Plant in Detroit.
  8. Here's a mystery door handle for you car sleuths. Came on a 1929 Dodge DA Sedan, but it is not correct. The number on the reverse of the escutcheon is 66046. Thx, Joe
  9. I know you guys are good detectives. Any ideas on this bumper? It came with a car I bought, but doesn't belong to it. There are no markings on it but it sure is pretty. Hopefully the pix show up, I've never tried posting pictures.
  10. Thanks guys for your suggestions... I think it's gonna be fine as is... If it ain't broke...
  11. I highly recommend Larry Chegwidden ph# 503-253-8941. He makes custom rear outer axle seals out of aluminum billet with modern nitrile seals. He will ship them to you super-fast for $60-$65 each (includes s/h). Just tell him your needs and they will magically appear on your doorstep within days. I just put a set on my 1929 Dodge Bros DA Phaeton--PERFECT or better! Joe
  12. Has anyone tried sloshing a Lockheed Brake Fluid Reservoir with a fuel tank sloshing compound? My 1929 Dodge DA phaeton has the "tin can" type reservoir attached to the firewall. Since I'm rebuilding the entire brake system, I'd like to minimize introduction of rust into the system from the can. Looking into the can one can see a mild amount of surface corrosion now. My guess is that brake fluid (DOT 3) will eat this sloshing stuff alive, thus contaminating the fluid anyway. Thx, Joe
  13. Can you post some pictures and dimensions? I am looking for a windshield for a 1929 Dodge DA phaeton. Maybe the same animal?? Thanks Joe
  14. Hi Gurney: What you have with the artillery wheels and no sidemounts is the 5-passenger phaeton. You are very lucky , 1929 DB phaetons are pretty rare birds. For a good discussion of touring vs. phaeton look at http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=57&Number=411800 Joe
  15. I have two 1950 Chryslers and a 1949 Desoto all with the same FD trans.... Listen to Rick Brinker...10wtND
  16. I have a 1929 DA Sports Phaeton that was originally RHD from South America. We decided to convert it over to LHD. The bell housing casting is a mirror image between the two with the pedals on opposite sides. As far as the gearbox itself, there are mirror image differences with regard to the mounting of the parking brake handle assembly. They are therefore not interchangeable. I wouldn't be surprised if the 1930 version uses a similar setup. Joe
  17. Hi. I am in the middle of a restoration of the same car you describe: a 1929 DA Sports Phaeton. I am fairly certain the word "touring" is often used when describing this vehicle, but in 1929 the description "Sports Phaeton" is actually correct. With Dodge Brothers, the "Sports" part of the name refers to a vehicle with wire wheels and sidemounts. I am curious to know how complete your 1929 DA Sports Phaeton is and if you would be willing to exchange some info or pictures as I still am missing a few parts such as the side curtain frames/patterns. Thanks, Joe
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