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  1. We witnessed cows being robotically milked (which the cows seemed to thoroughly enjoy) And we learned that happy cows produce more milk. Check out these fine specimens. From the farm, we were invited to a gentleman's monster garage filled with everything from Packards to Fire Engines. Sweet.
  2. We stopped at the Eisenhower Estate just across from the Battlefields. I like Ike! And by the way, check out the Park Ranger standing at the doorway of Ike's house. Is it my imagination, or does he look like the ghost of FDR?? You need to click on the picture a couple of times to really zoom in.
  3. There were lots of Classics running around the Battlefields. It was fun to run into (not literally) some of them, e.g. this beautiful Packard. Also a couple of shots at the Hotel the Dodge Brothers stayed at.
  4. Now for the Battlefield. Here see some civil war bullets, cannons, some battle-axes (just joking) , memorials, views from the infamous Little Round Top, and perhaps the original "pull my finger" statue.
  5. Ok I noticed hardly any pictures posted from Getty... I KNOW I saw you guys with cameras. Here's a few from my pile. Sorry if it seems like home movies: first few are some from the very cool Route 66 as we blazed a trail from San Diego to Getty! My Dad (79 yrs old) drove the majority of the nearly 6500 mile round trip! If you just want to see the cars, skip down to the end. (This thing lets you do only 10 pix per reply).
  6. It's always a good time here on the forum and I have missed connecting with the "brotherhood" for the past year. I didn't get this doggone DA finished for the Keiser, Oregon meet, so I had to get-a-gettin' to Gettysburg. You're right Doug, hard to believe its done and dusted already... Alan, its hard to tell from the pictures, but the color has a lot of orange in it. Given that, I am not sure if it is what you are looking for. I don't have a number for it as it was a concoction I messed around with using some water colors. I then had the color matching specialist at my local PPG dealer work on it to develop a 2K urethane (base coat/clear coat) match. It took several tries, but finally he did it. I paid extra for his time and formula, but when it came time to buy more paint, I returned to the dealer and asked for the formula, but alas, no record of it in the computer and the label on the can was unreadable. If you want a sample of it, PM me with your address and I can shoot a piece of metal painted with it for you to match. This will be much easier than trying to match water colors on cardboard. Mr. President: Great to see you, sir, at Getty! Good times! Are you sure that next year's meet isn't in Iowa? And JOHN--hurry hurry- get down here to San Diego while summer's still on! I had a blast with you on your last adventure down here. You look good ridin' shotgun in them old cars. The Phaeton's awaitin!!
  7. Sorry to bore you with the family album, but just for fun, check out the before shots of that *&!%$# trunk. Problem was, just when I thought I had the body work all smoothed out, I would prime it, then block-sand it, and VOILA... all the old hills were now valleys and vice-versa. Nearly driving myself crazy, I finally discovered that there was a layer of crumbly rust particles sandwiched between the outer sheet metal and the inner wooden box. Every time the trunk was repositioned, the rusty crumbs would find new homes thus creating "new" hills and valleys. I finally got religion...went out and got a sheet metal brake and SKINNED the thing alive!!
  8. Here's a few more...SMELL THE RUST...BODY and CHASSIS REUNITED...APPROACHING THE END...last but not least...THE TRUNK (a nightmare in itself!)
  9. At long last our 1929 Dodge DA Phaeton project is complete. Many, many thanks go out to all of you on this forum for all your help and advice. Without your support I would probably be still chasing my tail. You guys are the best! Last but not least, I'd like to pay my respects to all the members of the Dodge Brothers Club who helped with technical advice and moral support. Special thanks to DA Technical Adviser Harry Reding, DB Club News editor John Bittence, Doug Walters, John Keiser, Amil Gerhke and my Guru for old engines Charlie Nichols. If anyone is attempting a Dodge restoration, I urge you to join the Club and get together with the experts. Didn't Hillary say, "It takes a village to get an old car back on the road" ?? So here are a few pics showing what we started from on thru finishing that bloody trunk! Thanks a billion, Joe
  10. Rusty just for clarification.... I think you meant "When filling a cold radiator you must leave 50MM to 75MM empty at the top." .... Hopefully no one would leave 50cm (20 inches) or they would have more problems than water on the ground!!
  11. Thanks, Bob for the compliments! Doug is absolutely correct: the DA was trailered. Just for fun, at strategic points along the way, we we pulled it off the trailer and just cruised the countryside. If I had driven the DA all the way, I would have needed 2 months off work rather than just one. Indeed, what a great trip for me and my Dad. He is a total Civil War geek. He will turn 80 in a few months, yet did most of the driving. Once he gets his hands on the wheel, you can't pry it away!
  12. Thanks John for the kind words about the Phaeton! We were very fortunate to have a great place to break it in. We put on over 500 miles on the car while we were back east on the country roads in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina. With so many last minute things to be done and so few last minutes to do them, there wasn't much chance for a "test-crash" back here in San Diego, so on the trailer she went, pretty much untested. It absolutely performed flawlessly despite some of the hottest weather I have seen in a long time. Had it up to 65mph for a steady 3-4 miles no problem. Wish you and Cherry could have been with us. There were so many beautiful cars! We drove nearly the entire Route 66 going out there (very cool) and returned via D.C. and on thru the deep South back to SoCal-- 6500 miles round trip!
  13. Here's pg 34 of Miller tool catalog with the part #
  14. Whew, this economy is hurting everyone. And with the prices of car stuff these days, you need a second job or a rich uncle if you ever want to get one of these things off the ground. Well, John, I am certainly glad you are going to get there and I am really looking forward to meeting you and Cherrie. See you soon! Joe
  15. John, not to ride you too hard, but how's that clutch coming??!! I just got the Phaeton back home from the upholsterer about 10 mins ago. The convertible top came out 10x better than I was expecting. The man who did it has been teaching auto upholstery for 23 years at a San Diego Community College and does meticulous work. In fact, after the meet, I will bring the car back to him so he can re-do the interior. The last guy that did the doors and the seats just did not have the skill that this gentleman has. So now its a short break out at the lake until it cools down here a bit, then back to the garage.
  16. John, looks like you had better put down the mouse and pick up the wrench. Go on now-off to the garage! You can have the the clutch and trans in by 9:00 pm tonite! Doug--DB or not DB?
  17. Wow! The National DB Meet in Keizer, Oregon is only 10 days away! So what's up guys? Who's gonna be there? My Dad and I will leave San Diego with an upgraded tow vehicle and an enclosed trailer with a Dodge-in-the-box. If all goes according to plan, the newly minted 1929 DA Phaeton will be at Keizer, but if not Plan B will be the 1929 DA Deluxe Sedan. Look forward to seeing everyone! Joe
  18. Has anyone seen some rests like this? If so I could use a pair. They're from a 1929 DA.
  19. Timothy, you might want to check the website you listed above. When you click the small pictures on the bottom half of the page, (specifically pictures #9-12), a black hot-rodded pick-up truck with body damage appears! Hopefully the pickup isn't lurking beneath the facade of a 1927 Touring!
  20. Jason, you must have an extra set of these hiding somewhere in your collection....!!
  21. Rob-you could put the video on YouTube- I've watched many "training" videos there-seems to work great. Joe
  22. Awesome job Rob! Maybe you can tutor us in your process with some photos and text of the steps and materials involved. I know -easier said than done! Thx, Joe
  23. Interesting! Like Doug says-no two Dodges alike! John, I agree, looks like the double-wire was early Detroit cost-cutting. Only thing is Jason's is a late DA with the more expensive shock thingy. (Jason likes to throw monkey wrenches in the mix). And yes, both of my early DA's are side-mounted. The later one is a Standard Sedan with artillery wheels and rear spare. I can imagine back in the day, someone in the engineering dept holding up a simple elegant little shock absorber vent closer-opener and asking how can we cut costs by making a cheaper, even simpler design. First one to think of something gets a week off with pay! Now for the $64 question: Any one have an extra set of the shock absorber style for sale or trade before I go to the trouble of machining a set?
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