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  1. I thank you for your offer. I do have someone working on it. The person who received it is supposed to be a true expert, but very slow. He has had it a long time, and I am worried.
  2. I am interested in the Distributor. I have a 1934 Pierce-Arrow 12 cyl. Sent out the Distributor last year for re-build. Can't seem to get it back. Not desperate, but frustrated. Recuperating from difficult medical situation. Wife not aware of car. Going to rehab. this morning. If it is still available, I could make an offer by PM this afternoon or tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. Do you have any Dealer showroom color and/or upholstery albums for 1950 Ford, 1954 Ford, 1954 and/or 1955 Oldsmobile or Packard (1937 - 1956)? I am in Utica, NY and would be a buyer for any of those makes and years. Thanks. Louis
  4. Mal, Yes that is the one. Jeff, thanks for the historical background. With that information, I surmise some big hitters will be after it, and the value will be determined both by the auction and what the Seller wants for it, but isn't that always the case. Louis
  5. I noticed a 1928 8 cyl. now has been listed for sale on e-Bay. I do not know any thing about the value of such, but am interested in acquiring a Peerless of this vintage. Seller makes a claim that this may be the only one left in that configuration, an assertion I question. Can anyone shed some light on the fair market value of this car and purported rarity? Thanks in advance for your expertise. Louis Abelove
  6. Can you post some photos and price?
  7. Thanks. Please send photos of car & parts to me at abelove@quadlink.net, with prices. Does the car have overdrive? What engine parts are available? I am interested in the stainless, including the trim around the edge of the trunk.
  8. Photos of the car would be helpful to determine what good parts are salvageable. For example, I would be interested in the fender skirts if the trim is intact and in good condition. Same with regard to the front vent windows and overdrive it is so equipped. What is the condition of the exterior chrome and trim?
  9. Is this the upper or the lower lens? What is the condition of the lens? Any chips or cracks?
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