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  1. Brass is Best...I sent you an email.
  2. 1934 Packard Coupe 1101 for sale inbox me with any questions.
  3. NJ ...30's most parts are for Packard.. crankshaft hubcap tire engine windshield & more
  4. June 17th Sat 8-2 10 Cornwallis CT
  5. I was there also and finally able to show my dad’s beloved Packard after many many years of him working on it. Unfortunately he passed away before he could see it finished. This was my first show and I am so happy I had the car finished in memory of my father to represent his hard work . I know he was there in spirit! It was a great show and congratulations to all the winners!
  6. Looking to sell my 1934 1101 coupe. I also have parts for sale.