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  1. John, Your Data plate should look somthing like the one below that is off my 57 Coronet Bo No Model Bt Tr Sp xxx xxx D661 xx xx xxx
  2. Model code D67-1 is a Royal D67-2 is a Custom Royal look on the data plate on the fire wall under the hood for this info
  3. I'm not sure if these are Chrysler or Desoto but I do believe they are in the 52-54 era.. They are not perfect, There is some black and white spotting in the finish.. Would be ok as is on a driver.. $75.00 plus $15.00 Shipping.. NO PAYPAL!
  4. Anyone recognize this horn button? Measures 2,1/2" Thanks in advance. B
  5. This came in here a few years ago, I have yet to figure out what it fits. The back says "Made by Carlton Smith Sept 1968" Does anyone know what it fits or who Carlton Smith was or is? The mounting studs are approx 6.1/4" The price was on it when it got here if anyone can use it, shoot me an offer. Thanks in advance! B

    Door handle tool

    These show up on ebay quite often but usually bring $100-$200 each I have owned and parted 50's and later mopars and have never used such a tool. Many door and window handles I have pulled with tools as simple as a butter knife with the tip bent up . The bigest thing to remeber is to keep the window handle pointing straight down, this position will put the area of the clip that you need slightly push towards the front of the car at the 9 oclock position.. On the door handles the clip release area is on the bottom of the handle.. If you have the factory service manual, there is a blue print of a simple make it yourself tool as is shown on this thread over on the handle tool&highlightmode=1#M139228
  7. There is a topic on these diesel mopars over on the forward look site Viewing a thread - 1959 Plymouth with Perkins Diesel Also more info and pictures can be found on the allpar site..
  8. I have one of these transmissions setting on a skid in the garage if any one has a need for one.
  9. Here are a few. I found on the internet 3574099 RAD YOKE SIDE PANEL CROSSMEMBER 72 Valiant, Dart 3595336 cushion front bumper guard 72 dodge full size except Monaco 3621797 panel radiator grille upper 72 dodge polara special & custom
  10. 3940217 is a 69 Impala heater/blower switch with AC, From what I gather out on the net. I'm thinking headlight switch on the 6volt job.
  11. top two pics are from a 55 or 56 Dodge, is it marked as 6 or 12 volt? as this is what will determine the correct year.. 55 6volt, 56 12volt The rocker toggle switch(PANA0074.JPG) is from a Mopar in the 68-69 era. I believe the bottom left is also mopar but can't for the life of me, place it to an era.
  12. Sometime around the end of Oct- 15th of Nov We have an empty roll back available from York, Harrisburg area to the UnionTown/ Ohio Pyle area of Pa. If you have something needing moved along this route. email Brad at