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    I think I saw an indoor show pic of this car somewhere in the past. It takes me back almost 50 years as I had a '65 Pont Grand Prix, that was the same body as the Catalina which had the 2+2 option. My car was Fontaine Blue optioned with the base 2+2 421 with Carter AFB rather than the GP base 389. With 2.73 gears that car beat up a bit on my dad's '67 Wildcat 3.07 geared 430. Unfortunately my wife tried to take down a telephone pole with that car.
  2. I remember my dad 50 years ago talking about how the two largest areas of consumer expense- the ' home and auto' and with those businesses being 'rife with those who seek advantage' and to be careful. He was also a guy who would say, 'if you want it done right, do it yourself'. I have found truth to both over the years.
  3. Guys-a couple things-First dielectric is an INSULATING term-not meaning to enhance CONDUCTION. So, only use it as per the directions in Bill's post. The other thing is this reminds of a local fella who used this Lectric Limited set many years ago in his '65 Wildcat. As I recall these were added along with other 'tune up' items and after the car would barely run. Some of us were helping him sort this out and the end result was that a certain production of the nailhead 'boots' were more conductive than not and most of the coil output was going to ground thru them! Dan Mpls. Mn.
  4. These Modern Wheel products are fairly common, but those in good shape after all the years maybe not so much. The additional issue is how 'true' are they? One day some years ago I evaluated about 20-25 that I had for radial/axial runout by mounting them up and setting up a dial indicator. Most were off by more than I wanted to see=.020-.050". (When I was a young pup at the tire shop, we trued tires that were more then .030" out.)Of course , as will happen, the truest wheels were generally those with some rust and the pretty ones were not very true. Oh well! Also, I think a fella could maybe
  5. I've run into this just once, and I recall that after using a penetrant, I was able to then rotate it back and forth and out with something like chain or oil filter wrenches-good luck. Dan Mpls. Mn.
  6. Years ago on a road trip I had to replace the water pump on my '66 cat w/AC. I got the other bracket mounting bolts out or somewhat loose and then was able to lever it over just enough with the tire iron to get the pump to clear-good luck!
  7. I also use end intake locations, but with longer washered bolts for the chain and DO NOT remove the intake to do this-in fact I like the intake to back up the mounting locations on the heads-good luck! Dan Mpls. Mn.
  8. I have white and black that to me show dirt the most. Todays market is increasingly gal driven and cosmetics play a larger role-and color being with that. My example is both the wife and her sister only consider bright red. Lots of models aren't available in red and they will not even look at them. I've mentioned that to sales types and they agree that female(especially)sales are lost, but really have no answer as to why a larger spectrum of colors aren't available. 50 some years ago my dad always ordered his cars and with 'special color' orders often being a part of the various option boxes
  9. I go along with Paul K on the Ford Green. For me, it's the best match to the orig paint that has been aging for 45+ years=great for touch up on original. I've used some of the others to match past later paint work. I like the Detroit Allison but don't think it's all that true to factory either-Dan
  10. One day my dad's new '67 Wildcat turned into a Mildcat-
  11. Maybe somebody will come along and 'save the day'-I've seen this before with nonprofits-it may be the guy that has lots of perfect Buicks-likes the stadium named for him-or anonymous-whatever...
  12. I don't feel that strongly one way or the other=a very casual member for a dozen years or so. I was never that enthused to find that the Twin Cities had 2 chapters spliting smallish member numbers-and I like to work on my cars and write few checks-most members are the other way-
  13. Some club leadership have more financial means and may find it harder to fully consider financial issues that others have. Other leaders who don't necessarily have the $ do have the stronger commitment to the Buicks, so they are willing to absorb added costs more than other members. It's always a good idea to picture yourself in the 'shoes' of others-a large number may have a life where Buicks are a much smaller part of of their lives than the desicion makers-
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