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  1. Looking for info if they made a manual for the Auto Cruise Control like they did for the other models. As pictured below.. Thanks...
  2. Hello, This is Hank. Was wondering if the bumper was still available. I live in North Jersey and would like to know the location to pick it up. I talked to Mark and he will pass on it. Even though if he needs it he can have it, we help each other out with parts for our cars. Looking forward to your reply. Hank 201-906-4973
  3. Ok, parts are on there way to new owner. Thanks everyone....
  4. Left and Right T/S Bezel Trims. Rough shape and one has broken end. Good to have restored or if you have none. These are FREE, you just pay shipping to where ever you live. Will calculate shipping when address is known.
  5. Quality is good. Yes it is seven pin. As close to original as I have found so far.
  6. CARS now have the open loop emblems. Bought 2 at the Williamsburg Riviera Meet.
  7. Look closely,the bumper is only partially done. I have a front bumper I'm going to do the same but finish up above the plate to match the rest of the top curve. Confusing to me that it wasn't finished...
  8. Has anyone installed an overdrive trans being a nailhead and if so how is it working out. Thinking of doing this upgrade. Any thoughts welcome...
  9. I'm just saying that I will be there. If you have other plans don't change them. We will get together another time. I'm in Wood-Ridge. The one Riviera I'm driving right now is Riviera Plum/primer and etc...
  10. I am going to be at Whiskey Cafe this Saturday 6/20, around 6pm. Hope to see you there.
  11. Hello, glad to see more NNJ people here with Rivieras. A small band of us try to meet at the Whiskey Cafe on Saturday nights. Where do you guys meet? Maybe we can set up a Riviera meet in New Jersey sometime.
  12. Bling86, do you live near the Meadowlands in Northern New Jersey? I would gladly take a look at the lights for you.
  13. Interested in vehicle. Could you post some under hood pics. Will call you later in the day. My name is Hank from New Jersey.