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  1. So Sorry For His Passing, May He Rest In Peace.....
  2. I have a rear seat from a 1966 Riviera. It is free for pick up to whoever can use it. Note top of seat is cloth and vinyl, while bottom is all vinyl. Color is black. This is for pickup only. And will be going to the dumps if no response by Friday nite. This seat is located in NNJ. Bergen County.
  3. Go the way Rivnut stated. I upgraded mine in the 66 and it works flawlessly.
  4. Thanks for the info !!! Always forget about NAPA ...
  5. Looking for the best oil filters to use on the nailheads. Any recommendations appreciated. More specific 401 and 425 nailheads.
  6. The 66 vs 67. Each printed circuit is on the opposite year. But you can see where the hole (square) is for the fiber cable.
  7. Ahhh Haa ! There is a difference. You can use a 67 on a 66 but not a 66 on a 67 without modification. The 67 has the hole in it for the fiber lite cable to the wiper switch. That's the only difference.
  8. Anyone have any tips on cleaning the gauges. I don't want to take off the lettering or paint. Just clean them up and brighten the white lines and letters. Any tips appreciated.
  9. Thank You for the info. Repaired the original. Used 4 strands of copper wire and solder. Like new !
  10. Thanks, I took both side by side and see no difference. As for 66-67 differences, there are many. BTW early and late 66's have plenty of differences also. Alternator harness wiring, interior door stampings and roof rail supports for shoulder belts. A lot of changes were made for changing times and laws coming into being. That's just a start of the list of things that are different in 66 alone.
  11. Hey All, Does anyone know if a printed circuit board from a 67 Riv will work in a 66 Riv? Looking at them side by side I see no difference. Any comments welcomed. Hank
  12. Thanks to all for your inputs, really appreciate all of it. Time to test those contacts.
  13. Putting the dash together, just wanted to check the components while I have access. And a manual like that would have been handy instead of the bulky shop manual. If I have issues I will post. Thanks for the info.
  14. Looking for info if they made a manual for the Auto Cruise Control like they did for the other models. As pictured below.. Thanks...
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