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  1. I replaced muffler on my 27 Buick standard from Waldrens for $100, was too loud, I bought one Advance Auto for around $35-40 sounded just like the old one. If your muffler is like a 27 Buick I'll' get part number from Advance Aauto.



    QUOTE=bigvic;1114345]I have the original muffler from my car. the outside metal was shot so I cut it off and was surprised how good the internal baffles looked. Has any tried to save these by ceramic coating or hot dip galvanizing? If this worked I would recover with a new outer skin. Looking for that original sound....

  2. I used real dry pine boards for my running boards. I bought mat material from Bob's for both my 26 sedan and 27 Woodie. It is very poor quality, I had to junk half of it. I would like to find some good material myself for the 27 Woodie.


    If you want to see what the 1925 model 24 roadster looked like before it was cut up. Go to Google and search 1925 Buick images. It shows as light green body parts assembled to approxamate positions. Other pictures shown. Was for sale as a RAT ROD around $1,800 at the time. I checked the buick specs. And for your car it looks like you should have 23" rims. You did not respond to my PM so I guess the rest of the wheels are gone.


  3. To Barney,

    I have a 1927 Buick woodie wagon which was made in 1927 out of a Model 27-27 Standrard four door sedan. Can you get a custom made cover by measurements?? Thanks for any help. Steve

    I sell the Covercraft line of covers. We have the flannel covers, but I am not a fan. The assumption is the nice soft flannel will protect the paint, however very few owners ever wash their cover and the flannel side is ideal for collecting dirt (and grit) a unwashed flannel cover is probably the last thing you want on your car. Newer materials that have a slick back are less likely to collect dirt and in almost all cases, they let less dust and dirt thru the material to get on the paint.

    When I started selling covers 30 years back, we had two fabrics......today there are 14. it is much harder to make a choice today.

    For comparison, I can sell you a 2 year warranty Multibond cover that is a custom fit for your car for $144.95 including shipping within the US.

    This is the least expensive custom fit material on the market. If anyone has question on materials, fits and prices, please contact me.


    What do you have for a exhaust deflector and what car?? I'm looking for something for my 27 Buick Woodie. LeBaron Bonney had a few. Thanks for ant Help


    UOTE=Ron Green;1083838]There probably were as many aftermarket exhaust tips manufactured as there are factory correct accessory exhaust tips. Many shapes and sizes. For factory correct you need to look in the correct model year factory ligature as they are well documented.

    My exhaust deflector (factory typically called them deflectors not tips) which is an odd shape has been checked for originally many times by AACA judges without issues as I had the correct factory documentation.

  5. 50jetback.

    That sounds like what's is going on. In fact today I called Fort Wayne Clutch who relined the plates and they said the same thing. Tonight I tried one of the metal discs on the hub and it was hanging up just a little, so if they all held up thats the problem. Thanks for your Help


  6. MARK

    I'm shifting in about 20 feet of movement in 1 st gear and still grinds. Have tried all kinds of adjustment on clutch. I'm using 600wt gear oil that I use in all my old car trans and rear axles. I always double clutch which I learned back in the 50'S. I just took the clutch out again. I did notice that the metal discs where rusted quite badly and I did glass-bead them before I put it in with the relined discs from Fort Wasyne Clutch. Do you think the metal disks could be the problem as my shop manual says the metal discs should be very smooth. It likes something is keeping the clutch from disegaging. Usually I can figure thinks out but this has me stumped. Thanks for any help.


  7. I'm having trouble with the clutch in my 27 Buick standard. Can't shift without grinding badly. I have had the plates relined, new large coil spring made, new throwout and pilot bearings. When pushing down on the clutch peddle the clutch seems to throw in but can't shift only at very very low speed. Can't shift on the road. With the transmission out, how far should the clutch hub move in and out?? Mine moves about 1/4", is this too much. I have had it together and apart 3 times. NEED HELP.


  8. I need to replace the large coil spring in the clutch on my 27 Buick Standard. According to my shop manual it should be about 4 1/2" high. Mine is only 4 1/8" high.. Do I need to replace it. I have two used ones and they both measure the same. I can get a new one made for about $100-150. I really hate to take it about again. Thanks for any help.