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  1. I did the same on my 26 Sedan and 27 Woodie, I used a 40's chev carb. had to make an adapter because throat size was different. I put in an electric fuel pump and pressure regulator and runs on about 3 1/2 pounds pressure. Never ran so good. Never did hitch up choke. Didn't need it. Also used a 28 Dist. had to change back of gen. to a 28 back end plate. That why I can buy ignition parts anyplace

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  2. To  19tom40  I checked measurement on center of shaft to front of case and it was 2".  When I bolted pressure plate and disc to flywheel the three pressure plate fingers go quite a distance towards flywheel. When I push clutch pedal down the throw out bearing doesn't hit the fingers. My throw out bearing is new is about 1" thick. I am wondering if I have the wrong one. Too bad throw out my old one. The clutch disc is same thickness as old one. If the fingers didn't go in towards flywheel I think it would work. I have tried 2 old pressure plates and clutch disc and have same problem. I have adjusted clutch leakage as far as it goes. Call Van plett but were closed today. Got an old FORd mechanic coming to look at it Sat. Do you have any ideas. thanks for your help. I have replaced clutch years ago and had no problems.

  3. I have a 26 Buck Model 26-27 and a 27 Buick Model 27-27 which was made into a Woodie wagon in 1927.  I use 28 Buick or later dist. Can buy all the parts from Napa for around $40.

    A lot easier to adjust and did  away with hand timing. Did the 26 15 years ago and the Woodie about 6 years ago. No problems at all.

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