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  1. I'm trying to figure out the wiring for my ignition switch on my 27 Buick. The wires were all missing when I got the car. It has an ignition switch with light switch and key lock on the front. On the back it says KELLOGG S&S CO. # 1133. It has 7 terminals. The # 7 terminal is wirerd so no problem, but can't figure out the rest. Thanks for any Help.

  2. Barry,

    Thanks for the info. I'll order a couple and see how they work. I'll also find an electronic flasher


    I have them on my '33 Continental. They are much brighter. However, if you have turn signals they won't work unless you have an electronic flasher. The amperage is too low for the bi-metal in a standard flasher to bend.
  3. I have installed a 28 Buick distributor in my 27 Buick. I did this so I could put modern points in it. What should point gap be? Also does the 28 Distributor have a built in advance for the timing? Mine doesn't seem to want to advance very well.. thanks


  4. I'm re-wiring my 27 Buick Woodie Wagon and am going to install a fuse panel up under dash. It is 6 volt. What size fuses should I use for:

    Directional lights

    Stop Light

    Head Lights

    Parking Lights

    Electric Fuel pump


    Thanks for any help Steve

  5. Has any one bought 39-47 Outside Mirrors from cars, in. Part number MKL397. If so could you e-mail a picture of them on a car. I think I can use them on my 27 Buick woodie. i need a mirror that will mount on the wood door with wood scews. thanks

  6. Matt,

    No problem, I sure won't use La Cucaracha. Just looking for some good old songs. I guess I will have to buy a 12 volt horn and use my 12 volt battery-pak that I have wired a 12 volt cig socket under dash out of site and I used

    my GPS on trip to Stowe meet this past week-end.


    Will you at least disable "La Cucaracha?" :)

    I meant no offense. Apologies.

  7. I need mirrors that will screw into the wood doors. Must have screw holes on outside of mirror base. I have used mirrors that go on the door hindges from Labaron bonney on my 26 Buick Sedan. Actually they where Model A mirrors that you use the hinge pin. This car has a custom build mahogany wood body so it uses inside hinges instead of stock Buick hinges. Thanks

  8. Has any purchased their MKL397-1 Mirron Kit. These are left and right outside mirrors that use crews from the outside to anchor to door?? I'm doing a 1927 Buick Woodie and they look like they might fit on my wood doors. Their Websiter doesn't show a clear picture. If someone has used these mirrors or any type that mount with screws, could you e-mail me pictures. THANKS


  9. Has any one purchasd their MKL397-1 These are left and right outside mirrors that use screws from outside to anchor to door. I'm doing a 1927 Buick Woodie and look likt they might work. Car.Inc web site doesn't really show a good picture. If some has used them could you e-mail me a couple of pictures.Thanks


  10. To unimogjohn,

    Thanks for info, I have been down toRhode Island Wiring before and have bought from them a few times. I have their catalog. I guess I will use 12 gauge for headlights and battery to ignition. Then 14 gauge for the rest. I'm going to install a 6 Volt headlight relay so the juice will go directly to headlights instead of through switch. Also going to mount a 6 volt horn relay under dash. Thanks


    Falmouth, ME

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