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  1. Matt,

    No problem, I sure won't use La Cucaracha. Just looking for some good old songs. I guess I will have to buy a 12 volt horn and use my 12 volt battery-pak that I have wired a 12 volt cig socket under dash out of site and I used

    my GPS on trip to Stowe meet this past week-end.


    Will you at least disable "La Cucaracha?" :)

    I meant no offense. Apologies.

  2. I need mirrors that will screw into the wood doors. Must have screw holes on outside of mirror base. I have used mirrors that go on the door hindges from Labaron bonney on my 26 Buick Sedan. Actually they where Model A mirrors that you use the hinge pin. This car has a custom build mahogany wood body so it uses inside hinges instead of stock Buick hinges. Thanks

  3. Has any purchased their MKL397-1 Mirron Kit. These are left and right outside mirrors that use crews from the outside to anchor to door?? I'm doing a 1927 Buick Woodie and they look like they might fit on my wood doors. Their Websiter doesn't show a clear picture. If someone has used these mirrors or any type that mount with screws, could you e-mail me pictures. THANKS


  4. Has any one purchasd their MKL397-1 These are left and right outside mirrors that use screws from outside to anchor to door. I'm doing a 1927 Buick Woodie and look likt they might work. Car.Inc web site doesn't really show a good picture. If some has used them could you e-mail me a couple of pictures.Thanks


  5. To unimogjohn,

    Thanks for info, I have been down toRhode Island Wiring before and have bought from them a few times. I have their catalog. I guess I will use 12 gauge for headlights and battery to ignition. Then 14 gauge for the rest. I'm going to install a 6 Volt headlight relay so the juice will go directly to headlights instead of through switch. Also going to mount a 6 volt horn relay under dash. Thanks


    Falmouth, ME

  6. I have an intake and an exhaust manifold for a 1927 Buick standard. The exhaust has a bolt hole on the very front and the very back, some had this and some didn't. Like to get $125 for both plus shipping from Falmouth, ME

    I can e-mail pictures.


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  7. I need the rubber wheel liners for both my 26 Buick and 27 Buick. The old ones are a little under 4" wide. Al I can find is 5" wide liners which I think are too wide. I;m using 600 -21 tires on the 26 and 525-550-21 on the 27 Buick. Does anyone know where to get the correct liners?? Thanks

  8. Has anyone worked on a EA power horn Model F made by EA Laborators .

    I have a horn made by them that I'm planning on using on my 27 Buick. The motor end works fine but no sound. Looks like vibrating part needs work. Thanks