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  1. What do you call the bumper irons? The uprights that separate the bumper bars. If so I have some from a 1926 Model 27 Weed bumper. Also on my Model 27-27 Woodie wagon. I had new ones made and used Model A bumper bars which are exactly like the Week bumper bars but 2" shorter. Can e-mail pictures.


    buicks;1425389]I would like to find a pair of front bumper mounting irons for a Master series. Mounts from 1925 thru 1927 will work I think. I have the 2 bumper bars, just need the mounting irons to the frame.

  2. I have a few valve springs for 26 Buick standard, Don't know if they are the same.


    QUOTE=Brian_Heil;1395724]Ray Brown is puting together an order for 1923 6 cylinder Valve Springs. Cost will depend on response. Not sure what other years these will fit.

    Send me an email and I will forward it to Ray and you can communicate with him directly.


  3. I live near LaBaron Bonney so took my old shades down to them and had new ones made. Did a great job, They are listed in their catalog. good Luck

    I have a 1930 Buick 5 passenger sedan model 57. When I purchased the car I found it had no window shades in it. I would like to install shades for the two rear quarter windows and one for the rear window, however I'm not sure of the correct lengths. If anyone knows the length of the shades or has the ability to measure them from their own car, I would appreciate the info. Measurements from bracket to bracket would be helpful as well as the actuall shade width.

    Thanks, Tim

  4. I just restored a 27 Buick model 27-27 that was made into a woodie wagon in 1927. I couldn't find the flat bars so bought 31 Model A stainless steel bumpers. Same as my 26-27 Buick with weed Bumpers. They are stainless steel and about 2" shorter than the weed bumpers. if you want I can e-mail pictures. I was lucky to find weed brackets on E-Bay. I also had a friend make the back flat bar at his welding shop. Good Luck

  5. Tinindian ,

    How did you fit an alternator on your Buick? I only drive maybe 30 miles at night would the gen hold up for that distance with 50/32 Bulbs? Thanks for your help.


    UOTE=Tinindian;1179559]The top line on this link has 50/32 cp bulbs. They should fit perfectly if your present bulbs are 1000. My car originally had 21/21 cp, I changed them to 32/21 cp which I found better and then I found the 50/32 bulbs. They made a fantastic difference for night driving. However since I was driving 60 to 100 miles at night my old three brush generator wouldn't keep the battery charged so I changed to a 6 volt alternator. Automotive HeadLight Bulbs and Bulb Sockets

  6. I'm rewiring the headlights on my 27 Buick woodie. The shop manual calls for 21 c. p. on both filaments. The bulbs in car are Mazda 1000 32 x 32 c.p. 6-8volt.

    There doesn't seem to be any difference on high or low beam. Should I use the 32 C. P. or get some 21 C. P. // Thanks for any help.

  7. I have flipped the intake on both my 26 Standard and my 27 Standard Woodie Wagon and used a one barrel Stromberg Carb. They both run super. never even have to use the choke. I used an electric fuel pump by tank and a pressure reg on the firewall. But not be stock but sure runs nice. Good Luck

    =FLYER15015;1171751]Though I have installed several Jag S.U.'s on old Harly's, I have to go with Mark on this one. When you flip the manifold, there are several GM carbs at your disposal, OR you could try a Stromberg 94 or 97 if you really want to "get out there", but a carter or rochester is probably your best bet, subject to the mounting bolt pattern.

    Mike in Colorado

  8. I'm looking for a private secured parking lot in South Bend for a few days before the Buick Meet. we have two trailers which will be coming from Maine. We are going to a meet in Ohio the weekend before and would like to park two trailers with anitque buicks for time while we sightsee in the area. We don't want to have to haul the trailers around the country. Thanks for any Help.

    Steve Smith

    Falmouth, Me


  9. Leif,

    I had what I figured was the original floor mat which was rubber. I don't know what was under the metal plates around brake-clutch, gas pedal and shift lever. There was a piece of foam rubber type material around gas pedal rod. This is a 27 Buick Standard made into a Woodie Wagon in 1927. Thanks


    he old orginal

    Are you sure that the rubber is right,the Buick 1925-1927 I have seen have had "linolium mat"and rubber just around the pedals as in the pictures.You don`t tell what model it is ,here are both Std.and Master.

    Leif in Sweden.