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  1. I havea 26 Buick Standard and am going to put a 27 Standard crankshaft in the 26 engine. The 27 has counter weights where the 26 doesn't. Any tricks in putting one in. I have seen a few done up here in Maine but can't seem to find the older gentleman that did it. They run a lot smoother. Also where can I find alum. pistons and rings for the 26 Standard? Also gasket sets. Does any one in New England states do babbiting? Thanks
  2. Any engine rebuilting shop should have the valve stem seals. I know the local NAPA store rebuilds heads and have all sizes of them.
  3. I am trying to find the door hinge pin diam. for 26 Buick Standed, Model 26-27. I have been looking at mirrors from Labaron-Bonney for Model A's and early Fords that look like they will fit my Buick, first I need to find the door pin diam. Has anyone used these mirrors on their Buick? Thanks
  4. Old26Buick


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  5. 36-37 Chev radio control head NOS $100,36 center grille moulding $50 NOS, Chev heater mid 30's $75.
  6. I'm looking for a Dist. for 26 Buick, Thanks
  7. I need to time my 26 Buick and the book says to advance timing on steering wheel lever, but doesn't say if up or down is advanced. thanks for the help.
  8. I'm looking for dist. gear for 26 Buick, also gear in end of gen. Thansk Steve
  9. I'm looking for dist. gear for 26 Buick, also gear in end of gen. thanks Steve
  10. Mark, I couldn't seem to get on the Brass Buick Group. Do you have an e-mail address for Harold Sharon? Seems like this would solve my problem. Thanks for info Steve
  11. I'm looking for needle and seat or carb kit for 26 Buick. thanks
  12. I'm looking for needle ands seat or carb kit for 26 Buick, Thanks
  13. Looking for wheel nuts for 26 Buick, need 4 or 5. Thanks
  14. Looking for wheel nuts for 26 Buick, need 4 or 5. Thanks
  15. I'm looking for 4 or 5 wheel nuts for 26 Buick, I already found the bolts. thanks
  16. Try N.B.Pease and Co. Palmer,MA 1-413-282-7620. Nice fellow to deal with.
  17. I purchases several items from Bob's and they weren't of the best quality. You might try N.B.Pease and Co. Palmer,MA 1-413-283-7620. Very nice gentleman to deal with. Might me hard to get him on phone as he runs the business all alone. Good Luck Steve
  18. If you find holes in inner pipe,I have found a method of elimating the pipe use.I blocked my off and still left all the pipes. Rund super now. Thats on a 26 Standard. Good Luck
  19. I forgot to mention on my 26 Standard the door handle is held on with a nut while the window opener has a screw. Steve
  20. Where might I find a repair kit? Thanks Steve
  21. I have several 26 manifolds, are they the same as 27/ Steve
  22. The inside door handle stud is broken on my 26 Buick. It looks like it screws into the opener. Fine thread inside and coarse thread on outside. Any help would be welcome. Thanks
  23. I have found some retainer rings for parking light lense on my 26 Buick. I found them at Lowe's, called reducer washer in electrical dept. 1 1/2"- 1", Neer brand at a cost of 62 cents for 2. Home Depot also has them under another brand name. I kind of found them while working on installing my lawn sprinkler system. The control box had a large opening for conduit which I needed to reduce. While looking at them I matched them with the old retainer ring and were exact size. You will need two per lamp. Good Luck
  24. I am looking for some wheel bolts and nuts for my 26 Buick Model 26-27. A couple of mine are pretty well worn out. Thanks
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