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  1. I'm looking for needle ands seat or carb kit for 26 Buick, Thanks
  2. Looking for wheel nuts for 26 Buick, need 4 or 5. Thanks
  3. Looking for wheel nuts for 26 Buick, need 4 or 5. Thanks
  4. I'm looking for 4 or 5 wheel nuts for 26 Buick, I already found the bolts. thanks
  5. Try N.B.Pease and Co. Palmer,MA 1-413-282-7620. Nice fellow to deal with.
  6. I purchases several items from Bob's and they weren't of the best quality. You might try N.B.Pease and Co. Palmer,MA 1-413-283-7620. Very nice gentleman to deal with. Might me hard to get him on phone as he runs the business all alone. Good Luck Steve
  7. If you find holes in inner pipe,I have found a method of elimating the pipe use.I blocked my off and still left all the pipes. Rund super now. Thats on a 26 Standard. Good Luck
  8. I forgot to mention on my 26 Standard the door handle is held on with a nut while the window opener has a screw. Steve
  9. Where might I find a repair kit? Thanks Steve
  10. I have several 26 manifolds, are they the same as 27/ Steve
  11. The inside door handle stud is broken on my 26 Buick. It looks like it screws into the opener. Fine thread inside and coarse thread on outside. Any help would be welcome. Thanks
  12. I have found some retainer rings for parking light lense on my 26 Buick. I found them at Lowe's, called reducer washer in electrical dept. 1 1/2"- 1", Neer brand at a cost of 62 cents for 2. Home Depot also has them under another brand name. I kind of found them while working on installing my lawn sprinkler system. The control box had a large opening for conduit which I needed to reduce. While looking at them I matched them with the old retainer ring and were exact size. You will need two per lamp. Good Luck
  13. I am looking for some wheel bolts and nuts for my 26 Buick Model 26-27. A couple of mine are pretty well worn out. Thanks
  14. I have decided to make my own ring. Got apiece of thin metal and will cut out and then make the ridge with J B weld. Will let you know how it works
  15. I have a 36 Chev. clock. It did work when I bought it a few years ago. Won't start today, probably dirty, have backer with place for lamp to light it up at night. $100.
  16. I'm looking for retainer ring which holds parking light lense in. It is 2 1/2" O.D. Thanks
  17. I just joined the 1927 Buick Group recently under name mybuickme. Very interesting and have got quite a lot of info already. thanks
  18. I am looking for some nice chrome directional lights that I could mount behind bumpers on my 26 Buick. Nobody today knows what hand signals are and I would hate to get hit. thanks
  19. What is good coolant for 26 Buick as I have always used water and drain in fall. Also looking for rear seal on trans. Old one looks like weather striping, can this be used? Thanks
  20. I need to replace rear trans. seal on my 26 Buick. It looks like felt weather striping. Can you buy that at a hardware store or is something better to use/ Thanks
  21. I have always used water in rad. Drain each fall. I have read about Evans, is this good for old cars? Does anyone use it. Thanks
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