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  1. That engine should never knock...I have my 53 263's ignition way advanced over factory and I run 87 octane--never a ping, ever. Premium back then was way lower octane than premium today. My understanding is that octane didn't really get up in the 90-100 range until the '60s. 7.2:1 compression should run on pond water. You need to figure out what's wrong with the car. Check your ignition timing. Make sure the mechanical advance is not frozen up or sticking in your distributor, same with vacuum advance. What type of spark plugs are you running? I run AC 45S in mine. Something is making that thing ping, because it shouldn't. Good luck--let us know what you find.

  2. Wondering what you guys use to easily remove the window crank from your '53ish era Buicks. The standard removal tool isn't the right size, and the shop manual shows a special set of pliers that I obviously don't have...any good ideas? I need to pull them all.

  3. Have you checked to make sure that all the bolts holding the front cover of the converter on are torqued to 25 ft./lbs? I had a few loose ones that caused a massive leak...tightening them turned it into a manageable drip...just right for a Dynaflow. :)

  4. This has been discussed here before, but I joined the Buick Club because I like supporting the hobby, I like the magazine, and I like having a network for parts if I need them. This is from a 32 year old guy, almost the target bracket mentioned in this thread. With the internet, that last one isn't as important, but I'll continue to support as long as I can or I feel benefit from being a member. I'm not affiliated with local chapters, not because they're bad, it's just that the closest is almost an hour away from me and I am always working on my cars, or hanging out with my wife, or riding one of my antique bicycles, or going camping, or whatever...no knock on the club or anything. Not to mention, During the school year (I'm a teacher), I've just got stuff going on. Anyway, the one thing I can recommend is to not be critical because some younger guys don't have show vehicles...I only had a problem once. My '53 has OLD pitted paint (20 footer). I'm not planning on painting it any time soon because it looks kind of cool and well worn the way it is, and I am completely redoing the body on my Mustang and can't afford to do all my cars (I'm a teacher!). Some member of the Buick Club said to me, after I was talking about all the mechanical work I was doing, "Now all it needs is a paint job." Talk about arrogant...really turned me off, but I met some nice members, plus the ones on here, that overpowered the bad. Just a couple of incoherent ramblings from a member who may be considered a bit "nontraditional."

  5. Did you try running it longer than 15 minutes? How bad is the smoke? Is it still making lifter noise? Is it running on all 8? If it is running on all 8, you might need to run it for awhile, maybe with some Marvel in the gas to unstick the rings. Get a working compression gauge and test it. If it's been sitting, it might take awhile to clean everything out, so to speak. Don't give up quite yet.

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