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  1. I would have said Overland, but I see you have a 17. 1911 or 12 Buick has similar shape but the car appears larger than a Buick.
  2. Most models had a Parts list, and a set of mechanical drawings, and an owners manual. Originals are rare and generally very well used.
  3. This was posted on the Facebook Forward Look Page (not by me) on 20th December." Just a heads up for the community my great mate George Laurie from Queensland has had a bad stroke - was found on his kitchen floor after 2 days laying there, as he lives by himself out of town. This was 4 weeks ago, he has been recovering well but has no use of his legs? and his memory is coming back. I know some people have had bad experiences with him. But a heap have had good dealings with him. He is honest, just snowed under with orders for things that are obtainable any where. My prayers are with him for a good recovery there is a Facebook page friends of George Laurie if any one wants to send some good wishes....take care old mate bex. "
  4. In country you should be ringing 07 5485 3697.
  5. Don't use loops in the fuel line. This is one of the main areas where air gets trapped or fuel vapour gets trapped.
  6. What is the purpose of a battery disconnect switch? Primarily to prevent theft. Disconnecting power to the fuses. Second to reduce the drain of the battery whilst standing for long periods. More modern cars have circuits which need to be kept active. Central locking for example. So a bypass circuit for the disconnect switch is used to keep power to these circuits. That's not possible if the switch is on the earth side. In the USA for diesel engines the disconnect switch is required to be on the earth side. In Europe the disconnect switch is required on the positive side. The reason for both is to prevent fires if the ignition or battery switch fails. In race cars and drag cars I believe it is mandated that the disconnect switch be on the positive side and must be negative earth. In an early car with very simple wiring, there is no advantage or disadvantage to having the disconnect switch on negative or positive side.
  7. As stated, when disconnecting a battery, always disconnect the earth cable first. (irrespective of negative earth or positive earth) If you are asking about inserting a cut off switch into the circuit, then a cut out switch should always be in the hot side.
  8. George is a very poor business man. But on the bright side he produces excellent quality reproductions. ASAP for George is quite often 12 months. He rarely answers emails. I've known people to wait years to get what they ordered. Most are unhappy with his business ethics but are very happy with the end product.
  9. Lower the hood half way and stabilise it with a piece of timber. Insert spacers in between the spring coils. Depending on the type of spring you can use washers or heavy wire. As you raise the hood the spring will be unable to compress and will remain in a stretched position. You should be able to slide the spring off its posts easily and safely. Do not under any circumstances try to lever it off or use spring pliers. Hood springs can kill!!
  10. A great way to present the restoration of your car. And a great looking car as well! Ragtime just goes with the era of the car so very fitting.
  11. From the information I have put together, I understand that two Locke bodied cars came to Australia. Is the car you now have the cream coloured coupe which was restored in the 70's or a different car? I should have looked at the other topic first.
  12. I've seen a few 72's painted with that scheme. Being a AACA Senior National First Prize-winning car I'd be fairly confident it's an original colour scheme.
  13. I had to google it. Never knew they were called Robertson head before.
  14. Does the truck master cylinder need to sit horizontal? I'm not an expert on brakes. But, if you split the system you won't need the same size bore master cylinder. Bear in mind that there are essentially two pistons inside the split MC. I'd be dropping down to 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 bore for the MC.
  15. Interesting point. I know with my 75 to take the engine and gearbox out together, you have to drop it down under the car because of clearance issues with the steering box. I would have thought the 65 would be the same.
  16. Set up is totally different. Plus I think the 62 has external brakes doesn't it? So the slave cylinders actually travel a bit further. The 75 master cylinder sits at about 20 degrees to the horizontal with internally expanding brakes. Yours appears to be about 45 degrees.
  17. Pre internet days I replaced my master cylinder (Chrysler 75) with a dual circuit unit from a HQ Holden. It's working a treat. Bore is only 1 inch but she will lock up all 4 wheels without too much problem. Hardest part will be setting it up to get the master cylinder level.
  18. Silicone. Hands down the best finish. You should be able to pick up a silicone mold kit from an art supply store. Plenty of youtube clips to show you how. 2 part silicone is easier to use.
  19. Having zero balance in your account does not stop PayPal taking money out. Under PayPal's conditions you are responsible to ensure the funds are always available. PayPal will take the money and give you a negative balance. (I even know of a person who closed his account. PayPal still took the money.) Your bank will hit you with an over drawn fee. This has been tested in the courts in the USA. I can't find the link, but there is also a dollar value above which it becomes a serious offence.
  20. Do not use a resistor. Jump on to eBay and buy yourself a 12 volt to 6 volt step down converter with a regulated output. Should cost about $5 from China. The resistor solution will not give you accurate fuel gauge readings and the resistor may get hot with the potential for fire. This one gives you 5 amp output. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Voltage-Converter-Regulator-Buck-Adapter-DC-DC-12V-24V-to-6V-5A-24V-to-12V-5A-/112529261954?var=&hash=item1a33444582:m:mgM4xaayBhp5r1wziCBb-NA There are others available that will give you higher amperage if you need it.
  21. Personally, I'd be going through the brake adjustment procedure. You've already said that the car stops well and doesn't pull. To me that says the hydraulic side of things is working properly. Easy check is to back the brakes off just a little. If they are clear of the drums when you start driving they shoes should be clear when you stop. If they aren't then start looking at hydraulics.
  22. I get the same response Patrick. No reply to an email. And a woman answered the phone with a very rude attitude. I'd have to assume the add is a scam. Sorry about that.
  23. https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/chrysler-75-roadster-427483 http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/chrysler/107886-1929-chrysler-model-75.html
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