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  1. The 59 Olds hardtop would make a decent driver IF it were at say$4000. The heirs have probably been watching or hearing of B-J Auctions and think they are in jackpot mode. Probably best to let someone else burst their bubble.
  2. The Vauxhall models I can remember by name are Victor, Cresta,and Viva. That was a long time ago for me and they wern't cars I was fond of as a kid growing up in Ontario and Nova Scotia. We had a large number of English cars on the road in Nova Scotia back then. They didn't last long in that salty, moist Atlantic air. European cars did very little rust protection it seemed. Even Mercedes Benz's were victim after a few years. Jaguar, Peugot, Lancia, even Borgward's were everyday common sites. A lot of them came back with Canadian Armed Forces personell stationed overseas when they returned.
  3. If that's what it takes to get kids into old cars I'm all for it. BUT as most reality shows go there is NO REALITY involved. What I hear from a few young people is how they want to "flip cars" to get rich. Nothing wrong with trying to get rich, but you still need to work long and hard for the most part.
  4. Not done to my tastes, but then again I love Avanti's.
  5. Yes Rusty I remember the parade as I guy I went to school with in Nova Scotia tried to get there, but his almost new Firenza broke down at least twice before making it! My mistake for calling them British-Leyland, I knew they were GM of England. Brain freeze on my part.
  6. There were many different models of Canadian Vauxhalls. That one looks like a UK model to me? Rusty, the Envoy was a slightly different model than the Vauxhall Viva. It was the Envoy Epic. The Firenza was possibly the worst car ever built by British-Leyland. There was a class action suit brought against them in Canada if I remember correctly??
  7. I live very close to Steve Plunkett here in London Ont. I've gone to the big show, Fleetwood Country Cruise-In many times. Have met and chatted with him at our local cruise ins and he's a very nice guy with a fantastic collection of cars indeed. I'm not surprised he's down sizing the big show. It must take a lot of time, effort and money with very little return other than the pleasure of hosting such a large event. Which I'm sure must be very tiring and costly. A good friend of mine knows him quite well and told me he is very generous with his money, donating to different charities and causes
  8. Cool car for sure. A Letter car with a 4 speed is very rare indeed! If it needs re-restoring and you got $15k it sounds fair. They are expensive and difficult cars to restore as a lot of the parts needed are not reproduced and getting scarce. I wish I had the money, room and ambition!
  9. Yes to a point. A Canadian friend of mine has moved to Cuba. He did take some smaller parts with him on his many trips there in the past but most of the cars are so heavily modified and beat into the ground over and over again Original parts are of little use. The Cuban mechanic is a very resourceful and adaptable person who knows how to make do with very little!
  10. Maybe you need to reach out to someone local who is familiar with Model A's so they can go over the troubleshooting with you watching and teach you some basic fundamentals of keeping it in running condition. As most have stated they are a very basic car but do require maintenance. Fuel,ignition,compression and timing sound simple enough but can be very frustrating to a novice!!
  11. Why not get a part time job and start making payments to your Dad to show your "deserving"?
  12. What if he's selling an 87 Caprice Classic? Or as noted above a Rambler Classic. LOL The word is shaped, bent,misused and abused daily. No point in getting hot under the collar over it. I've owned several Classic's. All Chev Caprices!!
  13. First of all ask yourself what do you want, a low odometer reading of questionable value on a basic, semi-desirable car? You have heard from many members about the authenticity of odo's on old cars. I would trust them. A 72 Nova with a 250 bolt action 3 speed isn't a $20k car.
  14. Any chance a regular Cadillac 4.9 or 4.5 one would fit? I was able to find a few parts for my 88's and 90.5 that way. theres a few of those old DeVilles kicking around Ontario.
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