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  1. I never made it to the Long Island Automotive Museum. Could someone post a picture of how those three buildings looked in their heyday? Thanks in advance.
  2. Enough. If you see something you want make him an offer. Note that these are from the Art Twohy collection. Provenance (and probably condition) don't get any better than that.
  3. I met Richard Petty at his home in Level Cross, North Carolina, way back in the mid-70's. A nicer and more humble guy you will never meet.
  4. I must be the original dunce. It has taken me all day to realize that today's date October 4 (10-4) also refers to the radio jargon (10-4) for "understood" as used by Mr. Crawford over and over again. If I wasn't so damn good looking I'd have nothing at all.
  5. If memory serves, the 55 Buicks were manual three-speeds on the column. RARE, RARE, RARE. Thanks for an interesting post.
  6. Great advice. Thank you. "Mice eating his food" should do the trick.
  7. Our family cat is a stone killer, but isn't showing any interest at all this year. Suggestions?
  8. Thank You Mr. Kiernan for starting an excellent thread. Very interesting reading for Chevy guys like myself.
  9. Thank you auburnseeker for your ongoing efforts in helping the rest of us understand all these eBay changes.
  10. I’m a Chevy guy, so I’ll apologize in advance for a dumb question: How does one rule out the possibility that this is a 1933 model Ford? I’m familiar with the hood handle differences between 33 and 34, but the angle of this photo doesn’t clearly show that detail. Great car though, I would gladly break my Chevy-only policy to put that baby in my garage!!!
  11. Now that we are headed for a one-year gap in the sequence of fall meets, it is time to recognize the characters that made Hershey so special year in and year out. My top three list follows. Let me quickly add that I attended Hershey 1970-1990 and haven’t been since. So you guys can probably add many more to the list. Number 3: Big-hearted Nat. By his own description, he would pay you more your for sales literature than anyone else at the meet. Right. Nat was also the great hater of reprints. He would have an otherwise empty card table in his stall with a mannequin’s head on it, w
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