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  1. Hey Nawlins. Y'all have a good one! Memphis.
  2. Very sad news. Knew him for 40 years. What a great guy.
  3. I can spend three days doing a "killer" detail job on my wife's car and she never says a word. 53 years. I guess "it is what it is".
  4. Back in 1989, my then twelve year old son Mike made a sketch of Lee Iacocca. Pretty good likeness. So Mike sent it to Mr. Iacocca. See Mr. Iacocca’s reply attached. Today, Mike is a top Oncologist in the Memphis area. Bill Martin Germantown, Tennessee
  5. My favorite auto industry.person. His books are great.
  6. How about some song lyrics from the old daze? Ford, Ford Henry Ford He is the working man’s friend His car is a treasure Makes walking a pleasure We wish him success to the end Although it’s a flivver It’s good for the liver We’ll pay no more room or no board If it goes on the blink Shove it under the sink It’s a dandy garage for a Ford. No idea where this gem originated. I’m a Chevy guy. My wife thinks I’m nuts.
  7. I was proud to be an American on June 6, 1944. I am proud to be an American today. I will be proud to be an American until the day I die. Bill Martin, Germantown, Tennessee.
  8. Go for it Keiser, and keep us up to date. You da man!!
  9. 1934 Chevrolet Master sedan. Note the knee-action unit at bottom center of the photo. Whatta hit!!
  10. Best auto race I've ever seen!!!
  11. I fully agree with Keiser. I have two sons and a grandson. I'd give any one of them my auto hobby complele, right down to my tools. No interest at all.
  12. Barney Oldfield?? I thought it was Tony Stewart of NASCAR fame.
  13. 1935 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe sedan (no trunk) or sport sedan (integral trunk). Probably the latter as they were much more popular.