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  1. Chevrolet offered a roadster in the Standard series in 1935. That was the last one.
  2. Hate to be a nit-picker, but I'm pretty sure Pontiac did not offer a roadster in 1934. Cabriolet yes, roadster no.
  3. If you have the book "Sixty Years of Chevrolet", look at the shape of the 1942 Ingersoll ambulance rear quarter window on page 149. Do the same for the 1948 Reeves ambulance on page 165. Hmmm. Sorry I did not provide pictures, but this book weighs a ton, and I cannot manage it into my printer.
  4. Great call Mr. Padavano!! I've had the 34 Master Engineering Features Manual in my collection for 50 years and never spotted that info! Bill Martin, Germantown, Tennessee.
  5. This picture is from the 1934 Chevrolet sedan delivery sales folder. Note the glass rear side panels. I’ve never seen one of these cars.
  6. Chevrolet sedan deliveries with glass side panels were built for the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) for many years.
  7. I enjoyed Mr. Walling's reference to the metal "Unobtanium". True, so true.
  8. Can anyone tell me what the search term "Best Match" means on eBay?
  9. I miss being able to search eBay without being plastered by commercials.
  10. I dare any one of you to post Bunnie Lebowski's poolside offer to the Dude. Right at tne beginning of the movie.
  11. We should all meet at the "In and Out Burger" to discuss this.
  12. $3500, based on the "what you see, is what you get" rule of thumb. Please, consider this an estimate not an offer. Sorry for your loss.
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