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  1. Just got a phone call...AND...the chrome bead around the windshield is missing.
  2. Chevrolet introduced the 1934 Standard series (DC) sedan in October 1934. This was very late in the model year. They advertised this car heavily. The postcard I have shown here was part of that advertising blitz. Look closely and you’ll see that this photo is actually a 1934 Master series (DA) sedan, that was retouched to show Standard features: (1) the headlights are shown as black (not chrome), but are Master in shape, (2) the rear quarter windows are shown as one piece (no wing windows), (3) not sure about the hubcaps, they are Master size but appear as painted, (4) the back is essentially flat. That means the spare tire was removed and also the integral trunk, if this was indeed a “sport sedan”. There may be other “tells”, but that’s what I see. Special note to Bob Swanson: The term “Mercury” was used to describe the 1933 Standard series, but there is no record of Chevrolet themselves ever actually using it. True…you will find use of the term in many, many books and articles… but never in Chevrolet literature. I’ve seen it on boxes of aftermarket parts. Bill Martin
  3. Can you identify this Chevrolet? Take your time with this one guys. Not as obvious as it might seem. Let’s go for year, series and model.
  4. 30,000 posts and a milion dollars worth of information. Thank you Keiser.
  5. I thought we were talking an MG-TC also. I'm gettin' old.
  6. Mr. need to click on "completed items" on the left of the screen.
  7. Look at completed eBay item 303021284944 for a general idea of price for a lock of this type.
  8. Pray tell...what does all this have to do with antique cars ???
  9. What year did Dodge drop the word "Brothers" from their car and truck names?
  10. Years ago, I bought a load of "finely sifted loam" to start a new section of our front lawn. Had it all spread out, flat as a pool table. Over the next several days, a circle began to appear in the "finely sifted loam" just outside our front door. Turned out to be a VW Beetle rim.
  11. I see a band shell at upper left where many of the top rock groups performed back in the day. At night, right there on the ocean, it was pure magic. I lived in Daytona from late 1975 until early 1979. Happy daze indeed.
  12. I agree with Mr. Harwood in post #26 above. Let’s not forget James Stewart’s ride in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “Vertigo”.
  13. Excellent. !928 Chevrolet it is. I’ve attached a view of the radiator ornament. Beautiful design. The “winged wheel” somehow acquired a life of its own that lasted well into the thirties. (Copyright law must have been in its infancy). I have a Boyce Moto Meter that has the “winged wheel” design on it, and have also seen an ignition key with it. To be sure, these could have been sold by Chevrolet dealers in 1928, but quantities of these items still extant today seems too high. Bet I’ve seen a half dozen samples of the Moto Meter. I once had a paint chip album (not limited to Chevrolet) with thin cardboard covers that had the “winged wheel” embossed on them. I’ve also seen the “winged wheel” on trophies. In 1929, Chevrolet adopted a Peacock design for its advertising, but I can’t recall seeing it in another application. Gawd, I do love this hobby!!
  14. We must never forget what these people did for us. Photo was taken February 28, 1943.