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  1. Need a Chrysler dealership sign moved from Louisville to either Minnesota or the WPC meet in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Sign is the 9 foot winged plastic sign from the 90's. Would fit on a car trailer.
  2. I have a Chrysler dealer sign I bought in Louisville that needs to get to Minnesota, north of Minneapolis. It's a 9 foot winged sign from the nineties, not terribly heavy. One person can carry it, but it's awkward. Anyone coming north with a car trailer or truck? Message me for details if you can help. Thanks, Greg Biskey Destined to go broke from Oldchrysleritis.
  3. I don't want to overstep Rick, the previous poster, but I also have one from a 29 Chrysler dash. If Rick can't find his, let me know. Thanks, Greg Biskey
  4. Google "Auto Color Library." Type in 1949, Chrysler, and all the paint chips pop up. Your Ensign Blue is a quite dark blue, Ditzler # DQE-10026-DAL, which is enamel.
  5. Almost all of what viv-w has told you is spot on information. The only item incorrect is the dashes on 24 and 25 were the same, and your dash started on the 26's. Viv-W, you are very accurate at this information. That is hard to find.
  6. Congratulations on getting the engine running. It's been a long hard journey, but I know the feeling when it runs for the first time. I don't know how much you were quoted for the front fenders in Germany, but I would consider them if I was you. Greg
  7. Send me an email to Impconsent@aol.com. I may have a lead on some parts you need. Greg Biskey
  8. Steve's has done all my cars. First class jobs. Greg
  9. Your exhaust manifold is three pieces, the center throat and one piece that fastens to each side. I have the two outer pieces, from a 38 Imperial. The center piece I had was broken. If you are interested in the two pieces I have, let me know. Thanks, Greg
  10. I just saw your post. I have the bearing and the collar, if you need an extra.
  11. I have never seen one like that on any early Chryslers. It is probably one that was made by someone. They did a good job.
  12. I also recommend Doorsills. He has made sills for many of my cars. Greg
  13. The 36 C-8 is one of Chrysler's finest. You have a rare beauty. Take extra good care of it. Parts are relatively hard to find for these cars so don't throw any old parts away that you don't re-use. Also, my main reason for writing this is to tell you to take EXTRA care of the running board rubber. Nobody reproduces that pattern anymore. I have searched for over ten years to no avail. The only options I have found is paying for new molds to be made at great expense. That is the hardest item to replace on your car, so again, take care of those rubbers. Greg Biskey "The Old Chrysler Garage," a museum in Isanti, MN
  14. Bumping this ad. My friend would like to sell the car. Make an offer.
  15. Black wheels would be proper on a black car. They look nice in my opinion. Greg
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