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  1. I mistakenly said the cap that Keiser pictured was correct for your Imperial. It is the right style dustcap, but the Imperials were larger. Nothing from any other Chrysler or Dodge will fit your Imperial axle. The drums, brake shoes, etc. were all larger. I believe a cap would work from a '32 CL or CH Imperial also. I have not had a chance to see if I have any yet to sell. I will try to see in the next couple of weeks. My spare axle is a CH.
  2. I will be bringing Chrysler parts to Hershey, mostly 30's stuff. No Dodge or Plymouth, just Chrysler. Our spot is GCH-24-26. Greg
  3. Try to find the book, "The 70 Years of Chrysler." They show up on ebay once in awhile. Very informative and lots of pictures and data. Greg
  4. Odyssey Restorations in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota fixed my 24 Chrysler, same problem as you have. The original bushing swelled and they replaced it with a brass one and the steering is great. Greg
  5. A lot of the parts people list parts for Chrysler and Dodge, etc. but the Imperials used larger parts and nothing interchanges with the standard lines of cars. Your easiest way is to take your original cylinders and have them sleeved by a reputable company that does this. If your original cylinders are broken or otherwise unusable, some of us may have replacement cores to rebuild, but yours should be salvageable. Your 31 imperial is going to be challenging to find parts for, but they are out there and the car is a masterpiece of an automobile and is worth all the hard work. Greg Biskey
  6. The cap shown by Keiser is correct for your Imperial. They used these on the Imperials from 31 to 33. I may have one or two, I will have to look high and low. Greg
  7. I would be very interested if it was closer to home, Minnesota, but the shipping to get it here prohibits my reality. Darn it!!! Destined to go broke due to Oldchrysleritis
  8. Did everyone see the 47 Town & Country conv. sell on Ebay this morning for $20,700? It looked like a very nice car, and I was tempted to bid, but the description was quite vague and the location only said U.S.A. If it was a for-real-deal, someone got a helluva deal on a car. Are the Town & Countrys softening on price? It seems a lot are for sale but none are selling and recent auctions have been lower on sale prices. Beautiful cars.
  9. I had to get rid of everything. It is all gone. I did save a few small parts off the 35 engine.
  10. I need a bumper bolt that goes down through the three chrome bars on the front bumper for a 34 CU. It is the one with a teardrop shaped head. Greg at Impconsent@aol.com
  11. Thanks for checking for me. He had a photo copy of the build sheet showing all the options on the car, dealer destination, paint and trim codes, etc. He may have gotten this a while ago. I will have to find out. Greg
  12. A participant at our WPC region show last weekend had a 40 Chrysler conv. coupe. He had received a build sheet from the historical people at FCA which showed his factory color was Federal Grey, code 525. I found that information for him but I don't know how to find his trim code, which was 739. Do you have that information? Thanks, Greg Biskey
  13. I am in the Minneapolis area in Minnesota. Greg