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  1. Sorry to hear you had trouble getting information about the meet. It shouldn't be difficult. I can't make it this year but next year is a certain. I had some Town & Country scripts reproduced for the tailgates on my 55 New Yorker wagon and I think they go on 56 wagons as well. If you are interested in purchasing one, I have only two left. Let me know and have a great time at the meet. Greg
  2. I hate to see you do this after all the hard work you've done, but I fully understand your predicament. It has gotten nearly impossible to restore one of these cars unless you start with a fairly complete car with all the right parts. In 1992 when I did my roadster, I found one of the last complete parts cars left and it was invaluable in getting the roadster finished. It takes extremely deep pockets to finish an incomplete car. I thought when you started it was a big chew. Greg
  3. The 38 imperial is a stunning car. I have few parts if you need. Greg
  4. Those are the ones I have on all my cars and the only size I have ever seen. Greg
  5. I have the whole three piece manifold from a 38 Imperial. I will try to find it. We just moved this last year and everything is no longer where it used to be.
  6. I obtained a 48 T & C conv. Thanks anyway.
  7. Exactly right. The underside of the head had a tighter fit area for combustion. The first aluminum heads I believe were available for the 34 Airflows.
  8. I have a whole bunch of new head gaskets for 31s. I will look at them and see if I have the one you need. Greg
  9. I have some 1936 C-8 parts for sale. I have them on ebay right now. Included are an exhaust and intake manifold with carb; clutch disc, pressure plate, throwout fork; spark plug wire loom; flywheel cover; and fuel pump. Not listed on ebay but available is an engine head, and an overdrive transmission with shifter. If anything doesn't sell on ebay, email me and they will be available. Prices are negotiable. I bought all this extra "stuff" years ago and do not need it anymore. The manifolds are very nice. The heat riser is not stuck, nor is the choke assembly on the carburetor. Email is Impconsent@aol.com. Thanks,' Greg
  10. The best and only real detailed guide is the owners manual for a 31 Chrysler. Otherwise, some of us who have helped you out already are the only other sources. Greg
  11. I like to think I am very good at identifying these two cars, but I must admit, if you are looking at only one at a time, it can be difficult to tell the difference, especially depending on the angle you are looking at. From the front, the easiest difference is the bumper medallions, like Dan already mentioned. They are very different and easy to spot. The CH is a much larger car, yet from the rear it is hard to tell from the CP. They use the same taillights and taillight stands. The hubcaps say Chrysler Imperial on the CH, where the CP caps say Chrysler Eight. Unfortunately most photographs are not detailed enough to read the hubcaps. Both are beautiful cars, but I like my CH's better. It is also hard to tell a 31 CD Deluxe sedan from a 32 CP. I won't get into that, except again, the bumpers give it away. Greg
  12. Yes, they are specific to 34 Airflow but there must be one out there somewhere. I won't give up!!!
  13. The museum is in Isanti, MN, a small town about 30 miles north of Minneapolis. It is called "The Old Chrysler Garage." Contains 14 pre-war Chryslers, (one is a 48), a lot of the old dealership signage and a bunch of memorabilia. The building was built in 1918, was a Willys-Overland dealership, which WPC was in charge of the corp. in 1920- 21, so it has a Chrysler history. I am open Thursday-Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. I only collect Chryslers, no Dodges, etc. I like them all but had to stay with one name to keep from going broke over the years. It's a lot of fun to talk to old car enthusiasts every day, and I have met so many nice people, including some with Chrysler corporation history. I'm on Facebook, The Old Chrysler Garage.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I will check it out.
  15. I need to have the very first Chrysler magazine ad for my Chrysler museum in Isanti, MN. According to the biography written on Walter Chrysler, in a book by Cursio, the first ad was in the Saturday Evening Post dated December 8, 1923, and it was a two page ad. Anyone have it and would be willing to sell or donate it? Thanks, Greg Biskey