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  1. I mailed Roger today a TC umbrella. I have for sale more Maserati TC parts plus 1989 & 1990 brochures, 1990 owners manual, service manual & Mopar parts catalog. I do have another TC umbrella for sale too. Mopargary mopargary@aol.com
  2. Lee Iacocca started a friendship with the late Alejandro de Tomaso while at Ford, which led to the De Tomaso Pantera. During the 1980s, Iacocca headed Chrysler while De Tomaso was owner of the historic Maserati brand. In 1984, both companies signed a memorandum of understanding to create a sport coupe, which ultimately became the TC. Chrysler also became an investor in Maserati during that period. In 1985, Lee Iacocca stated that the planned "Q-coupe" would be the prettiest Italian to arrive stateside since his mother immigrated. If You Can Find a Better Car, Buy It.
  3. the wiper bushings are available at your local Chrysler FCA LLC dealer. The part number is 3799089.
  4. Try All Chrysler and Dodge Auto Wrecking USA-CA(Rancho-Cordova) E-mail at 916-635-2277. They show to have 89-91 used rear bumper asm for a TC.
  5. I have TC service manual for 1990, brochure(aka shows all the colors of the car and a owners manual. Possibly speakers too.
  6. The part number 5235069 that you posted also interchanges with Chrysler LeBaron 1989 4 Cyl 2.2L, 4 Cyl 2.5L Dodge Daytona 1989 4 Cyl 2.2L, 4 Cyl 2.5L Dodge Lancer 1989 4 Cyl 2.2L, 4 Cyl 2.5L The ECM part number for a 1989 TC 2.2 Turbo (non California model) is 5234124. Be sure the wiring & connections are all the same & it all matches up before you try it. Its almost a crapshoot on used ECMS. Some work but a lot don't. FYI: Most salvage yards, dealers, jobber stores do not take back electrical items. Good Luck, Mopargary
  7. I have the 1989 TC by Maserati brochure & the 1990 TC by Maserati brochure. E-Mail Gary at Mopargary@aol.com
  8. I am getting you fixed up. Sending you my contact info & were to send the US postal money order to.
  9. Hi Jim, 1990 parts manual is available. I will e-mail you. Mopargary
  10. Hi Josh, I will sell you 1 wheel center hubcap. Will send you an e-mail. Good to hear you have your car back on the road. Cheers,Gary
  11. The Mopar part number for the ATF+4 is 5013457AA. List price is $7.40 per quart. Get Real.Get Mopar.
  12. Chrysler TC by Maserati parts: Center Console Armrest (black) Left & Right Sun Visors (black) (2) rear trunk shocks (4) wheel center caps Ash tray Rear view mirror Woodgrain radio bezel Left door speaker Black Console trim panel Console glove box Black L&R door speaker cover Black top dash pad insert cover Black dash pad corner left top panel TC by Maserati umbrella. 1989 TC by Maserati brochure. 1990 TC by Maserati brochure. 1990 TC by Maserati owners manual. 1990-1991 TC by Maserati Service Manual. 1989 Mopar parts manual including TC by Maserati. 1991 Mopar parts manual including TC by Maserati. E-Mail Gary at Mopargary@aol.com, pm or post.
  13. Lowell, The wiper bushings on the wiper arms are available at your local Chrysler dealer. The Mopar part number is 3799089.You need 3 of them. The center bushing for the motor is 5211015. If you cant find them, do what Reaper1 said. Good luck. BTW I have the TC factory shop manual for sale if you cant find yours. Mopargary
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