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  1. checkmate


  2. checkmate


    1990 TC. Drivers side wiper not working....Pass side works fine. repair suggestions thanks, Jerry
  3. checkmate


    Recently my stock 89 TC developed a "hard brake pedal". What are the usual suspects for me to trouble shoot? Thanks.
  4. checkmate

    Brake Accumulator

    Done. Thanks
  5. checkmate

    Brake Accumulator

    I'm in need of a "how to" service/replace the brake accumulator on my 89 TC....Thanks
  6. checkmate

    part number

    Thanks Marty14
  7. checkmate

    part number

    I need the part number for the brake accumulator for a 1989 TC. Thanks.
  8. checkmate


    I want to do a tune up on my new to me 89 TC turbo with SOHC automatic. What are the preferred parts and vender to purchase from? Has anyone used pertonix products on their TC? Thanks.
  9. checkmate

    fan belt

    Problem solved. I replaced the idler pulley with a NOS part.
  10. checkmate

    fan belt

    I believe I have solved my problem. It appears the idler pulley had been changed and was to small which did not allow the proper adjustment on the belt. Got a NOS pulley to install. Stay tuned.
  11. checkmate

    fan belt

    I have gone to several local parts stores in my area. I've purchased 3 ac belts from 3 stores. Each of them are to big (the belt tensioner adjuster goes to the max, yet the belts are still to loose). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  12. checkmate

    fan belt

    I need an ac belt for an 89 turbo. 4 cylinder sohc. where to buy and part #. Thanks And a belt tensioner for the ac
  13. checkmate

    '90 Wheel Center Cap

    How much for 4...shipped to zip 32277
  14. checkmate

    Parting out my 2 TC's

    also need a complete instrument gauge cluster
  15. checkmate

    Parting out my 2 TC's

    Looking for the center arm rest cover in tan. If available, please send pics. Thanks