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  1. H looking for a good passenger side headlight shipped to 32097. cost please. dongtam69@hotmail/com
  2. I've replaced 2 windshields. I used a company called Safelight. I live in Florida. The hardtop has to be removed.
  3. Thanks Hemi. I have a new accumulator as well. I'll add it to my post
  4. Complete Teves braking system pulled from a recent insurance auction web site sale. Car reported to have been a theft recovery. Car runs and drives but to much body damage to repair. Asking $800 (OBO) plus shipping (Unit is very heavy). I also have a new accumulator for an additional cost plus shipping. Both item are in NE Florida email: dongtam69@hotmail.com
  5. I've noticed that the bulbs on the passenger side tail light are different sizes One requires a 2057 bulb, the head of other bulb is smaller. The 2057 bulb is head is to big. Any suggestions on the correct smaller bulb size Thanks Jerry
  6. For Sale https://www.facebook.com/groups/1589452471291474/permalink/2760436770859699/?sale_post_id=2760436770859699
  7. I just spent $3500 to have the entire brake system professionally redone on my 89 TC. Anything you can name has be replaced with new parts
  8. Thanks for comment. The car in NE Florida just East of I-95 . It's still for sale
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1072745009471544/permalink/3054898161256209/?sale_post_id=3054898161256209 VIN ZC2FP1100KB201165
  10. I need a passenger rear caliper for a 1989 TC. dongtam69@hotmail.com
  11. Help! I need a working passenger side real caliper.
  12. "You da man" Its the "pickup' I was referring to. I saw them on eBay, just now. I'll need to get a closer look at my car this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing you expertise with me. Jerry.
  13. I could be dreaming but, I think I read about a part that fits inside the distributor that has an effect on the speedometer/tachometer. Anyone have any info on such a thing. 1989 4 cyl turbo Thanks.
  14. https://expeditionportal.com/how-to-convert-to-led-turn-signals-and-brake-lights/ Just got this info. Hope this will help someone.
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