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  1. Thanks for comment. The car in NE Florida just East of I-95 . It's still for sale
  2. VIN ZC2FP1100KB201165
  3. I need a passenger rear caliper for a 1989 TC.
  4. Thanks Hemi, sent them an email
  5. Help! I need a working passenger side real caliper.
  6. "You da man" Its the "pickup' I was referring to. I saw them on eBay, just now. I'll need to get a closer look at my car this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing you expertise with me. Jerry.
  7. I could be dreaming but, I think I read about a part that fits inside the distributor that has an effect on the speedometer/tachometer. Anyone have any info on such a thing. 1989 4 cyl turbo Thanks.
  8. Just got this info. Hope this will help someone.
  9. Thanks for the update. I really do appreciate you knowledge.
  10. Thanks Hemi. Anything I can do to make the car more appealing to potential buyers is helpful
  11. Please let me know the process/parts you used to do the upgrade. I'm doing my very best to make the car I have for sale more appealing to potential buyers. Jerry
  12. I was told an attempt was made to clean the cover so it could be repainted. I got the car at an estate sale before new paint was completed
  13. You are welcome to come see the car for yourself. It has been washed and has on a new car cover