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  1. Please let me add to my original post. I want to remove all/any parts pertaining to the Teves braking system. And I mean everything. After the complete removal, I'd like some directions as what to purchase to make a completely new system that can be serviced by my mechanic.
  2. I need a parts list and a "how to" showing me how to remove my Teves brake system and upgrade/replace with new parts available from an area parts store. Thanks, Jerry
  3. Those are almost impossible to find. I do have a complete and working Teves brake system for sale. $950.00 + shipping Pics available.
  4. Thanks Got it an estate sale several years.
  5. 1990 TC For sale Please, Shown by appointment only Jacksonville, FL. For more
  6. Thanks After reading the comments and checking the wiring and brake lines for leaks. I"m sure the problem may be bleeding the system. BTW thanks for the info on the reatta. Good to have.
  7. At this point I don't know. I got one from a '90 that had been hit hard in the rear. the engine and tranny been sold. I removed the tevis system from the firewall along with the tubing an electric wiring. I installed it this weekend per the service manual. But there is no brakes. the pedal goes to the floor even after pumping them a lot of times. Plenty of fluid but no fluid when I tried the bleed them. I lost! Jerry
  8. Can the Teves brake system be rebuilt, if so who does it?
  9. Is the tevis brake assembly available and in good working order Thanks...Jerry
  10. interior pics please... are you parting it out? jerry.
  11. Thank you so much...exactly what I was looking for!
  12. I'm looking for a "how to" on replacing the Teves booster with a Vacuum Booster and Master Cylinder for a 4 wheel disc brake 1989 LeBaron. Need all the help I can get Thanks
  13. Looking for the retainer clips that secures the chrome molding for my windshield on the drivers side How many will I need?
  14. Great info Reaper1...I'll check the PCV filter.