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  1. I've been told the ignition needs in the ON position to activate teves system. The brakes can be bled
  2. Thanks Hemi. put your info in my address book.
  3. Did not realize ignition needed to be in the ON position.
  4. Thank you so much. I'll give this info a try. I've just about pulled my hair out. BTW there is nothing in any of my research that includes this info.
  5. I'm so lost and confused. I replaced my teves brake system with one that was reported to be in good working order. I followed every piece of information I have gathered. When starting the car, there are no lights on showing a brake problem. So here is my situation. I can not bleed the rear brakes. The brake fluid resouvior is full. So what have I missed? Thanks
  6. I need to repair/replace the wiper linkage bushings on my 89 TC Thanks for your help
  7. Located in Jacksonville, FL
  8. Thanks Hemi, My next weekend project.
  9. What is the preferred method for changing the ATF in my 1989 TC turbo, and the recommended ATF. Thanks
  10. Please tell me how your brake conversion was done. I'd like to change mine over to a vacuum system Thanks,
  12. Once again you've come to my rescue. Thank you very much
  13. Unable to bleed brakes after replacing brake booster. No lights on dash. Booster was removed as described in blue service manual