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  1. It is the time. 21 years ago my father purchased a yellow car for me as a 16 year old... And I loved it. Two years ago I purchased another 1989 maserati for my teenage boys to drive for an affordable price. Now they are in college, I need to put the $80/month for car insurance towards their college. I love this car, how the world (mainly my cell phone) disappears when the sun shines and wind in my hair feels. How I get complements and inquires everywhere I go. However, I need to list for financial reasons. Today I put my car for sale on EBay. Check it out on https://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Maserati-TC/233528555628?pageci=9be1de56-df7a-4ebb-b5ea-c5f7f3ef982c I put on ebay local pickup only, but if interested, let me know and we may be willing to drive to you and fly home. I may have to drive to denver anyways with the current events. And I am grateful to get another one day because of this club. Thank you!
  2. Update on my TC, she is back on the road and shiner then ever. I took her on a four hour drive and back and it was the funnest ride ever even with the hard top on. Another car saved!
  3. Driving south on 997 in FL on our way to key largo we spotted two Maserati Chyrslers (Yellow and Red) parked off highway. Yellow one inside fence. I share this because that someone is clearly proud of these cars and I thank them for making my day.
  4. This question came up when I got it registered. I would loved to have it as a collectors but with a son just needing a car for nearby school and work, we got the inspection done as a daily use. If we can work something out with insurance, this puppy is staying in the garage and treated better.
  5. Wanted to provide an update. Going price for rear bumper assembly is $600. I have been watching ebay and offered $355 on a $450 price (excludes $130 shipping). I mentioned to the seller that these cars sell for about $700 hoping to let him know it may sit longer. This was his response WE DONT UNLOAD PARTS AS U CALL IT -----------NOW LETS PUT YR MONEY WHERE YR MOUTH IS U SAY 700.00 A CAR COMPLETE CAR ----FIND ME 3 OF THEM FOR 700.00 EACH AND I WILL BUY ALL 3 AND PAY TO SHIP THEM --SO GET TO WORK ----PUT YR MONEY WHERE YR MOUTH IS I am tempted to post the seller company name, but will resist the urge.
  6. I have full insurance coverage...but I fear they will only cover a few hundred based on blue book and give it a salvage title. Anyone with experience working with insurance?
  7. Power to the chrysler dodge wreaking company for selling American car parts....unfortantly they wanted $600 for rear bumper assembly, $250 alone for shipping. Tempting but I can't justify that price. Btw, center console looked good in picture, $125 if anyone looking.
  8. Thanks everyone, I will check oit those leads. Also, I am located in Northern Virginia...willing to travel on east coast for easy pick up.
  9. Sorry fellow members, my TC got hurt. Doesn't seem too bad but can't locate a rear bumper assembly..any suggestions?
  10. Found the part number in old post . 20160587 
  11. Passed inspection and enjoying the open road with top off. 204379 1989 light yellow tan interior 08/89 sohc
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