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  1. Vet4TC

    Another one bites the dust

    Power to the chrysler dodge wreaking company for selling American car parts....unfortantly they wanted $600 for rear bumper assembly, $250 alone for shipping. Tempting but I can't justify that price. Btw, center console looked good in picture, $125 if anyone looking.
  2. Vet4TC

    Another one bites the dust

    Thanks everyone, I will check oit those leads. Also, I am located in Northern Virginia...willing to travel on wast coast for easy pick up.
  3. Sorry fellow members, my TC got hurt. Doesn't seem too bad but can't locate a rear bumper assembly..any suggestions?
  4. Found the part number in old post . 20160587 
  5. Passed inspection and enjoying the open road with top off. 204379 1989 light yellow tan interior 08/89 sohc
  6. What was the GM part number for the gear?