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  1. Here is a picture of the heater hoses going thru the fire wall.
  2. Matthew, One of my TC's has a luggage rack identical to yours and it does look fancy, but Hemi is correct in that it is time consuming when you wash and wax the trunk lid. Our trunks are large enough that we don't need that additional space for luggage. Bob
  3. P.S. A 1991 triple black sold for $8,500 with just over 12k miles.
  4. The hot pink cars were popular in the late 50's with a second color of black or gray. The 56 Ford was popular and then there was the 1957 Desoto Fireflite convertible which sold today at Mecum for $100,000.
  5. And then there is the story 4 years ago when you borrowed my triple black TC and drove to visit an old friend up the rode and the head light switch burnt out and you could not drive back to my house.
  6. pesd, The date the table was last published to the AACA was 12/20/2019 and as of that date you had not informed me of your VIN number. I can assure you that it is in the table currently. If you look back you provided your VIN on May 30 2019. Bob
  7. I will be out of town but get any updates in to the VIN table and I will send out a revision the first of the year.
  8. WOW!!! We will soon see who got the parts when they start showing up on eBay. Reminds me of the story Buddy Hackett told on the Johnny Carson show where he was golfing and drove the ball into the woods. He striped down and came running out of the woods yelling, LOCUST, LOCUST LOCUST.
  9. JFrank has done an excellent job in describing his vehicle. I would like to add/clarify a couple items. The A/C has been converted to R 134. The small trim pieces missing are the end caps that go on the stainless steel, there are 2 missing from each side. Third brake light does not work. Both port holes have the typical air intrusion between the 2 pieces of glass. The antenna is not the factory power antenna. I have added more good also. The driver seat does not have the typical hole in the leather where your left butt cheek rides. The cover over the instrument cluster has been replac
  10. Sometimes I think sellers are out there reading the AACA and like magic the item shows up on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Storage-Box-Lid-Lift-Support-Sachs-SG414003-fits-89-91-Chrysler-TC-Maserati/154144646756?fits=Make%3AChrysler&epid=79369439&hash=item23e3bca664:g:SUwAAOSwHWJbmnJJ
  11. Nile, I was researching where to buy Goo Gone and it appears they have multiple products ranging from grill and grate, latex paint, pro power, etc.. Which product did you use? Thanks, Bob
  12. You will need a metal coat hanger at least 12 inches long. Put a hook on one end and reach into the grill about 1 - 2 inches to the right and above the logo on the grill. You will probably need a flashlight so that you can see what you are doing. Reach the coat hanger into the grill and hook the lever in the picture pointed to by the arrow and pull toward the grill. It does not need a hard pull and it will release the secondary latch.
  13. Ken, Your Royal Cabernet and Bordeaux interior are beautiful. I have only seen one other that looks this nice in the color combinations and that was at a National TCA Meet in Reno. From 10 feet the opera window looks like it is the third version and I don't see any cloudiness. The etching around the edge looks uniform which is the signature of the third version. Your application has been received and I know that Karleen has already responded to you. Take Wild Bill's advice on the Leatherique products and it will keep your interior soft and beautiful for a long time. This vehicle is
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