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  1. I do have another bulb number for the tail lights #1156 but I have also found that the #2057 is a very tight fit and if the plastic tail light socket might have melted slightly causing the bulb to be scary to get out. Not sure about the size of #1156 or if I have ever used it just have that number written in my service manual.
  2. The other 2 are from the bottom side of the cluster cover. You will also have to remove the head light switch knob.
  3. After about an hour searching thru the service manual I finally found this on page 14-24 of the red manual (same page for blue manual). If the problem is repaired or ceases to exist, the SMEC cancels the Fault Code after 50 to 100 ignition key on/off cycles. I wanted to make this its own thread as it applies to multiple cases.
  4. I would be reluctant to buy the one as you can read on the unit that it is 1000 PSI. I would bet that if you could read the marking on the other you would see that it also is 1000 PSI.. I you look at your factory accumulator you will see it read 2000 PSI.
  5. The door switch was my first suggestion but I ask the owner and the door is not causing the dinging as he is driving down the street and turns on the lights while driving and the dinging starts. That's why I want to think it is something in the head light switch.
  6. This is a 1989 VIN 203279 SOHC. When the car is being driven and the head lights are turned on the chime starts and continues until the head lights are turned off. Any body have any ideas. It makes it sound like something is connected into the head light switch but the car has not had any special wiring done on it like an alarm or radio swap.
  7. Reaper1, To the best of my recollection when I saw the car, the steering wheel did not have an air bag. Being the Bordeaux interior they did not have that interior after 1989. This TC is in your part of the country. It has 26K miles on it. Pretty ride. G&G
  8. Here is one more version of the table that I created. D.L. I looked thru our table on VIN's and did not find any red/black/tan. Build Stats Engine/Transmission 1989 1990 1991
  9. Made in Switzerland by a company named Wenger.
  10. Here you go, brand new never used tool kit. Bob
  11. Plimbinguy, If you go down the list of thread in this forum and find Chrysler TC by Maserati VIN Update 12/20/2019 and then add your TC to the thread I will add your car to the next update if it does not already appear. Thanks
  12. If you look down about 10 - 15 threads you will see an article " Passenger Door Will Not Open " that will help you with your problem. I had 3 cases of this problem. If the door latch has the puffed up plastic on the actual latch the problem will require a steady pressure to force or even rip the plastic coating on the latch.
  13. Here is a URL for a TC being auctioned off. There are 3 days left and based on the pictures it looks like a clean car that has been garage all its life. https://www.legacyhomeestate.com/item/64866754/1989-red-chrysler-convertible-tc-by-maserati-with-69927-miles-and-clean-carfax-report Previous owner had been a member of TC America.
  14. OOOOPS https://www.chryslertcbymaseraticlub.com/membership
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