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  1. They are trying to make the TC look special. In the VIN Table I have 111 DOHC listed but that is not a guarantee that they are all still running. Actually there are 115 but I eliminated the 4 that I have tagged as being parts cars. There are 7 DOHC for sale in the TCA Owners Club newsletter and they are not parts cars.
  2. AK, Where and when was this terrific picture taken? Bob
  3. I have installed 2 of these, the only difference I bought them from O'Reilly but that should not be any difference. I did blow 2 fuses on the first one as the wiring was not correct. Here is the wiring I found that worked for me. Antenna connections – gray – goes to car ground (black wire) dark green – goes to red power supply white – goes to green (maybe blue on some new antennas)
  4. Reaper, Which aftermarket brand did you use? Model number, store? Bob
  5. Do a Google search on SG414003 and you will find many prices and locations to purchase a new strut.
  6. Check out NAPA "door rod clip".
  7. Can you run the ignition on-off-on-off-on and record the fault codes?
  8. Do be careful as the radiator for that engine is expensive and hard to locate.
  9. What does the replacement unit look like?
  10. Marty, Your jumping the gun, it's not APRIL 1st yet.
  11. I have been using Wawa for my mowers and TC's. They have a blue pump that contains no corn and it runs about $.25 per gallon higher than the regular. Wawa may only be in the south east US.
  12. The TC America, Inc. can be accessed via: Chrysler TC by Maserati - Home (chryslertcbymaseraticlub.com) or by clicking near the top of this AACA site. Once on the site click on the Membership tab and complete the information. Payment is cash or check made out to TC America, Inc. for $39.50 and you can mail it to me at TC America, 4522 W. Village Dr. #148, Tampa, FL 33624. We were not able to work out an agreement with PayPal and Visa and the like are to expensive.
  13. A.K., You have two cuties there. My grand daughter in Madison is 4 years old also. Enjoy last 4th of July as the ground is all that white stuff currently. My daughters puppy loves jumping around in it. Bob
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