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  1. Rock Auto is having a closeout on TC parts for 1989 and the following link for 1990 TC's
  2. Your not as unlucky as you think. It's your for shipping. I will send you pictures this afternoon. Only 1 very small tick on the outside where brushes would hit the paint. It may be to small to photograph.
  3. Glen, It was not in the registry but I added it. We have had a lot of updates so I will be sending out a revision soon. Thanks, Bob
  4. Matthew, I like the way the hard top is connected to the straps on the hoist as it keeps the hard top square with the car. As you can see in my picture the 4 point connection causes the top to rotate slightly and is a pain when I have to walk around the car. I think I will be changing mine. Thanks for posting your picture. Bob
  5. I hook a strap over each of the pegs on the back that go into the pull down and I loop a strap over each front corner and I open the "J" hock and put the strap under the handle to act as a safety so the strap does not slip off the front corner
  6. I built my own hoist buying a hoist from Harbor Freight for around$100 and other misc. parts for $25. The hoist is the cheaper model that lifts 440 pounds and the hard top weights 85 pounds. I got a pipe and heavy duty metal straps, bent them and mounted one end thru the ceiling into the ceiling joist above. See picture. Any questions just ask.
  7. You guys are either both right or both wrong. If you look at the red service manual fuse #6 is the cigar lighter and #16 is all the lamps including the illuminated entry (see page 8W-6). If your are looking at the blue service and on page 8W-6 fuse #16 is the cigar lighter and #6 is all the other lamps including the illuminated entry. I don't have my SOHC here to look at. Nile do you have both a DOHC and V6 handy you can check out?
  8. I'm thinking the pull down motor switch would be the easiest to get to and real handy to the trunk.
  9. Certainly sounds like a broken or stuck thermostat to me.
  10. eBay does have a whole grill for sale. Buy it now $91.99 + $24.99 for shipping. There are 2 people watching so you may want to 'make offer'.
  11. Somebody is going to be getting a beautiful TC.
  12. What seems to be the problem with the long reflector? I can't fix cracks.
  13. Hi Bro, This is the TC you drove to Charley's. The door should not be opened if the windows are up as I am afraid that the glass might crack. I have a 1/4 window with nice looking weather stripping. Do you have more information on how to change the stripping without removing the window? Bob
  14. The blue book is for the 2.2 and 16V engines. The red book is for the V6 and 16V engines.