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  1. I used to fill it with ethanol free gas - a pain to find it. Now I don't care....
  2. They are spacers, only. I forgot them and regret not doing it, because the dash "hums" until I press it back in....
  3. I bought one of the first 1987 LeBaron convertibles - so I can comment on this: It rattled a lot.
  4. I just got the ABS fixed and the mechanic told me that it needed a new right-front cv axle. I'm too old to be doing this myself anymore. Can he change it or repair it?
  5. I've got the same problem - going to change the alternator.... John
  6. I changed mine a couple of years ago... It no longer opens without picking it up.
  7. OK, I finally took it to a real mechanic, and he reconnected to wiring... Everything now works - Yes, the LED Festoon light bulb is brighter than the older one in the passenger door! John
  8. Garnet And Gold solved the issue, the photo says it all... I had to pull on the passenger side to finally get the latch to clear.... The battery is now charged, and it should be ready to go. Thanks to all who helped in this issue. A special thanks to the TC America Community! John
  9. The battery died (again) and I tried to open the hood. The Safety Catch seems to be broken. The Service Manual has a schematic of the hood items, but is short on instructions. Any suggestions on how to open it?
  10. I have been in e-mail contact with several guys who have good ideas - I will probably try one, once I actually find the wire.
  11. I found the pages in the blue manual at 8W74 and 8W75. That will be good for my troubleshooting. But, for now, I need to find the actual lead to plug the courtesy light back into.... John
  12. Judging by the diagram on 8W-31, the power cord comes off of a splice (M2), and passes through an opening in the metal part of the door (that contains the power door lock) and is just above the courtesy light. It shown also on page 8W-17. The fuse description also shows it as a pink wire. The yellow wire must go to the other door, perhaps? Or the yellow wire is perhaps the ground? After this, I sill have to address the brake lights.
  13. OK, I'm having trouble finding the courtesy light connector inside the door - I've even used an Endoscope to find it. Where would it be? If any of you have pulled the door panel, tell me what you saw.... John, PS: I think that the mouse I could smell in the vents, was the culprit that chewed through the wiring behind the instrument panel - The chime still works, the rear view mirrors still adjust, and the vanity lights still work, but most of the lights aft do not, - such as the trunk (bin) light, brake lights, and courtesy lights.
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