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  1. I have been in e-mail contact with several guys who have good ideas - I will probably try one, once I actually find the wire.
  2. I found the pages in the blue manual at 8W74 and 8W75. That will be good for my troubleshooting. But, for now, I need to find the actual lead to plug the courtesy light back into.... John
  3. Judging by the diagram on 8W-31, the power cord comes off of a splice (M2), and passes through an opening in the metal part of the door (that contains the power door lock) and is just above the courtesy light. It shown also on page 8W-17. The fuse description also shows it as a pink wire. The yellow wire must go to the other door, perhaps? Or the yellow wire is perhaps the ground? After this, I sill have to address the brake lights.
  4. OK, I'm having trouble finding the courtesy light connector inside the door - I've even used an Endoscope to find it. Where would it be? If any of you have pulled the door panel, tell me what you saw.... John, PS: I think that the mouse I could smell in the vents, was the culprit that chewed through the wiring behind the instrument panel - The chime still works, the rear view mirrors still adjust, and the vanity lights still work, but most of the lights aft do not, - such as the trunk (bin) light, brake lights, and courtesy lights.
  5. I know that the bulbs work fine, and are brighter, because I've already done the same thing in my 2003 pickup truck. My problem is that the old bulb is still good, so it's not just the bulbs, I have finally found out that my brake lights don't work, either. So, looking at the schematic in the shop manual, it has to be fuse #6. I pulled it, and it's OK, the chime still works, so it's a downstream problem. The under-the-hood light also doesn't work. So, I must have a bad ground, or hot wire, somewhere. First problem is getting the courtesy light back into the door....
  6. I've gotten one of the lights out of the door - photos attached...
  7. I need to check/replace a few bulbs. Specifically, the one in the trunk, and the two on the inside edge of the doors. I think they are all Festoon bulbs. Any problems with using LED Festoons? How do you pry the housings out.... John
  8. Looks like a good torque wrench with a socket would do it, as well. Just guessing....
  9. Saw on the news this morning that Lee Iacocca died.
  10. Being an 1989, it's most likely the four cylinder turbo. Get the VIN number, it will tell you everything you need to know.... John
  11. I used to have the same problem - turns out it was the pull-down motor for the top. Use a 3/4" wrench on the manual override (in the trunk) to check that it's fully seated. If you hear a click, you'll know it's the problem. John
  12. I'm taking my 1989 TC to a local car show this weekend, and I figured I should have some kind of sign - to say what it is. Anybody have something I could print up? John
  13. I had the same problem and the WD-40 trick worked for me. Also, make sure that the pins fully lock, or the motor will still draw current and kill your battery. In fact, my rag top still is hard to pull down and gives me the current problem, but the hard top doesn't. John
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