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  1. Saw on the news this morning that Lee Iacocca died.
  2. Being an 1989, it's most likely the four cylinder turbo. Get the VIN number, it will tell you everything you need to know.... John
  3. I used to have the same problem - turns out it was the pull-down motor for the top. Use a 3/4" wrench on the manual override (in the trunk) to check that it's fully seated. If you hear a click, you'll know it's the problem. John
  4. It worked out great - thanks! John
  5. I'm taking my 1989 TC to a local car show this weekend, and I figured I should have some kind of sign - to say what it is. Anybody have something I could print up? John
  6. I can definitely smell something dead in my heater vents. Looking at the Service Manual, I have to pull quite a bit of panel off to get to it. Anybody done this before? Any suggestions?
  7. Listen to Digger and Hemi... I've had both problems in the past. It is NOT a master cylinder - it's different. The mechanic needs to see the shop manual, which I'm sure he doesn't have. No matter, if it's not leaking, then you might be able to fix it without major maintenance. The key is the question you were originally asked: can you hear the pump run? As far as the top pull down locks, everybody has problems with them. If the manual method is not doing it, then it must really need cleaning. Get a can of WD-40 and get to work. Good luck, John
  8. Ahhhh... found it. Thanks for the info. John
  9. Does anybody still have the '89 hood liner template floating around? John
  10. I'm trying to peel back the liner on the inside of the tonneau cover to access the center mounted brake light. The little clips that hold the liner just don't want to let go; I'm afraid that I'll tear the fabric because it's so weak with age. I'm assuming that the clips are just the push-in kind, but it's going to take a lot of force to get them out. Suggestions? John
  11. I'll take it. I'll send you a private message. John
  12. My Ash Tray Lid has failed. The top is still good, as well as the unused ashtray. But the open/close mechanism, made of plastic, has literally shattered like old bakelite. Suggestions? John
  13. That's your problem - low battery. A jump is no replacement for a good battery. Low batteries will destroy the armature in the starter. That can be repaired (here in Georgia) for about $65. John
  14. 204404 has the 8v sohc and is automatic. Yes on fuzzy speakers. The tan top was requested at purchase so there is another TC out there with a black top but the list says tan.