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  1. the nylon cable broke on my antenna and unfortunantly I cannot get the old mast out of the antenna itself,so I ordered a replacement from the antenna source but am deeply worried I might screw up the antenna itself..need help asap as I do not want to break this antenna
  2. i have found the parts after desperately searching.thank you guys for the support
  3. Guys,I’m absolutely panicking right now,I came home to find my drivers side taillight and reflector bashed there anyone close in Indiana that can donate these parts or sell these really cheap for me....thank you so much
  4. Mine is like the reverse of yours,everything else works except for the tape deck...
  5. Dear Members, I seen on pinterest today a TC with a continental kit and honestly, I'm hooked to it....the only problem is what car it came off of to put on the tc. any ideas?
  6. TCGuy90

    How to Sell.......

    honestly i would trade you my White/Black TC Auto but you would take cash more than car.....would really like a 5 speed though
  7. TCGuy90

    Temperture gauge failure

    alrighty then,thanks to both of you guys!
  8. TCGuy90

    Temperture gauge failure

    I have no idea as i haven't tried looking under the hood yet, but i will check later, but earlier today the gauge had moved up to the bottom line in Hemi's first picture after running for at least 15 minutes
  9. TCGuy90

    Temperture gauge failure

    well im getting heat,but the needle doesnt move even after running for 10 minutes,maybe its a sensor or a wire?
  10. My temp gauge is currently inoperable and since i have no mechanical experience i would like to ask if there is any way to fix this...Thank you very much TCguy90
  11. TCGuy90

    4 radios and visors

    I would buy those radios but im slightly broke....
  12. TCGuy90


    Im so sorry this car isn't sure it will be fixed....just give it time.
  13. TCGuy90

    Porthole window

    Success! my windows are rid of the sealant! im just waiting for it to dry! i would show pictures but i took them on a flip
  14. TCGuy90

    Radiator Fan does not work

    Did temperture gauges tend to fail on these? because the one in my TC isnt functioning and my chilton book does not show the location..any possibilities?
  15. mine is 205897 1990 V6 arctic white and black interior and it was built in October of 1989 10/89