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  1. Not to change the subject, the bumper should fit 1978-87 Chevrolet El Camino, but should also fit GM mid-sized station wagons from those years.
  2. small block Chevrolet V8
  3. On second thought, it could also be an bumper accessory for the '55 Chevrolet.
  4. Parts of a continental kit for 1955 Chevrolet?
  5. I thought that's what I said, in so many words, I guess some people just like to argue, oh never mind.
  6. It's called the propane enrichment test, which involves removing the burner off the valve that goes on the tank and installing a hose (a tight leak-proof connection) with the engine running AND CHECKING FOR NO SPARKS, crack open the valve and run the hose around carb base or anywhere a leak could be when the idle increases that's the area of the leak. It could be dangerous though.
  7. Yes, I agree. The second car from the near left is the 1939 Chevrolet, behind the one you can only see the rear of.
  8. The 327/300 HP engine should have a Carter AFB, instead of the Rochester 4GC. Of course, the intake is different but it also has larger runners? The intake valves are bigger, 1.94?
  9. I bought a '68 Chevrolet C-10 (1/2 ton) LWB w/ standard transmission in the late '70's, the first problem I encountered was the gear shift becoming jammed and not being able to get the transmission in gear. I remember took the truck to the local Chevrolet dealership, and they rebuilt the column. The shift levers @ the transmission have plastic bushings that can wear out. These trucks have a coil spring instead of a rear leaf spring suspension, may have to replace the springs and/or add air shocks.
  10. Nice Vette, but not a '70, mid '70's '74-'76, I doubt one from these years would have 350 hp with a small block 350 w/automatic from the factory. If this car is original.
  11. rhb1999


    The 265 blocks did not have oil filters. Dealerships would install a remote filter borrowed from the 235 6 and mounted it on the intake.
  12. The block been bored .60 over, the maximum. .30 over = 355 cu. in. .40 over = 357. I would ask why such an overbore? Were the cylinder(s) that bad to necessitate it? I would not bore a 350 more than .40 over. IMO.
  13. The car pictured is from the '90's, a 1994-96 Impala SS, that came with the Chevrolet 350 cu.in. LT1, only with cast iron heads instead of aluminum, and I think a different cam profile. 300?hp/330?torque 10 bolt posi. etc.
  14. An intake valve stuck open when the plug fires, causing it to backfire though the carb?
  15. Are you sure it has a V6??? The Chevrolet V6 didn't go into production until 1978, 200 cu.in. 95 HP. Should be 250 straight 6. No a/c.
  16. Yep, A '68, I don't see the "SS427" emblem on the center of the grille, just the Impala emblem. Does it say"Impala Super Sport"?
  17. 250 bore and stroke 3.875x3.53, 292 bore and stroke 3.875x4.125.
  18. It sounds like you have a 250, I don't think the 292 came with the integrated head. I believe the 250 and the 292 are same, but 292 has more stroke hence the higher deck, The 292's side covers are about 6" tall, the 250's 4. If you buy that head check it for cracks in combustion chambers. Clifford intake might be the best for a 4bbl, but don't go above 550 cfm
  19. 1) Not a '69, (the white one) but looks like a mock up for the '67 model or what the agency thought a '69 might look like? 3) Red and yellow/gold Camaros and the gold Chevelle are '68 models 4)The green Camaro and red Chevelle are '68 from what I can see. A strictly Chevrolet/Chevrolet SS forum, may have some information on these. Take a look at Chevrolet forum at this site.
  20. Is it the original engine? Are you sure it's not a 230? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the 250 started production in '66-'67. The integrated head didn't start until the '70's (1974)?
  21. A bad coolant sensor will cause an engine to run bad, you will have to do an ohm check (you will have to get ohms specs for this sensor) and see that's it's getting the proper voltage. Blue or white smoke? I second on pulling codes.
  22. A 396 COPO Nova would have the chrome hood inserts, and possibly "396" above the front marker lights, BUT this is a 2-door and of the most popular years, 1968-72.
  23. I'm assuming it has the original engine: 235 6 or 265 V8.
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