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  1. This is probably the poster that some of you have seen. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/338007-1950s-saturday-evening-post-poster-list-of-all-2530-car-makes-sold-in-the-usa/
  2. If you going to get him the floor jack, go for the Daytona branded one. Those have a 3 year warranty.
  3. Here is the one that I have. The slot for the strap was filled in for use as a pattern.
  4. You can just make them out in John’s picture. I can post a close up picture of one next week. The only way to determine which style goes with which years is to dig into the parts manual. The two piece style is original to my DeSoto which shares many parts with the Model 65. That’s as much as I know. The change over could be from 28-29 or the step up from the 60 series to the 70.
  5. I witnessed an older lady get knocked down by a mobility scooter this afternoon. There were a lot of people who rushed to help and fortunately she wasn’t seriously hurt. I bet she will be very sore tomorrow. I still can’t believe that her head didn’t hit the pavement. I had more close calls with almost being hit walking the fields than I did in the entire drive up from Virginia.
  6. The red head has a different profile in the combustion chamber. The volume is also smaller to increase the combustion ratio. There is a period ad that shows the difference.
  7. This chart should give you a better idea when you car was built.
  8. Take a look at this thread for more information. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/178663-parts-interchange-help-needed/#comment-884948
  9. The throw out bearing is stuck on the bearing retainer. If you remove the access panel from the bell housing you should be able to see it. Some gentle prying with a pry bar should get it to snap back. You will likely continue to have problems with it. The front bearing retainer is made from white metal and is swelling due to crystallization.
  10. I think the original was from the Saturday Evening Post. They do turn up on eBay occasionally. See the link below to compare. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/338007-1950s-saturday-evening-post-poster-list-of-all-2530-car-makes-sold-in-the-usa/
  11. Spot on! Government agencies have many procedures to ensure policy compliance. No one that you deal with at your DMV has anything to do with drafting policy. Can you imagine having to deal with x number of people per day who can’t or won’t fill out the basic info on a form that you are required to ensure is correct? And then you have to input that into a computer program that is only as good as the software engineers that wrote it. It’s like making a difficult repair while someone is watching you and they are thinking it would be easier if this guy knew what he was doing.
  12. It’s definitely a DJ3. The CJ2A and 3A will have a lot of interchangeable parts. There should be a serial number stamped on your engine on the left front of the block just below the cylinder head. The pre-fix will tell you exactly what it originally came in. It could be the original engine, it is an L134. Check the block around the base of the distributor for cracking. That ruins more of these blocks than anything. Parts are available and you can bore them out to .060 if needed before you have to sleeve it. As far as the 4wd swap, that would have been very easy and it would look factory. The transmission will have a cast model number on the left side, most likely it’s a T-90. The column shifter was originally used in the early post war production run and then later in the non-cj jeeps and the special built surreys and DJ series. Yours has been swapped out for one with a floor shifter and I do see the twin shifters for the transfer case laying on the passenger floor. The transfer case is probably a Dana T-18, there are a few different versions the main difference being the input shaft size. The only thing that I don’t see is the air cleaner which are available used or reproduction. Some pictures from underneath would help to identify what has been installed.
  13. Great find! There are a lot of resources out there for early Jeeps. I’ll attach a couple of links. Good luck with your project, it looks really solid! Cj3b Page with some great info. Cj2a forum with lots of info and parts
  14. I would agree with the others here. I think if the mechanicals are in good shape, $8k would be a fair number for both sides of the sale. I’m sure a paint correction for the exterior and a new interior would yield a really nice car for the new owner.
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