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  1. Gary, I don’t have my parts book handy to look up which type our cars use. If it’s the inline type try Restoration Supply If it uses the recessed type, then you just need to measure the diameter and compare to a modern Stant that you can get anywhere.
  2. Who needs a hemi when you can have a real Fast Four.
  3. Per the parts manual you need Rear-Fender-Left-Sedan 336321 Rear-Fender-Right-Sedan 336322 Those part numbers are unique to the CK and to the Sedan, if someone has a Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge parts manual they can look to see they are used on any other models.
  4. The fabric roof was used only in the first part of the production run. I bought one in WV on eBay ~5 years ago. The seller stated that he had a valid title but it somehow disappeared after the auction ended. They eventually produced a title but it had the engine casting number as the vin. I got my money back and it sold again to who knows where. No way I’m taking on the DMV to get a vin correction, I couldn’t get them to do a mileage correction even with their own paperwork showing it was their mistake. Do you have one of these? I’d like to see a picture if you do.
  5. The golf carts are the problem, not the mobility scooters. The scooters are small and slow, the golf carts on the the other hand are not. I witnessed several close calls, the worst being at the pedestrian bridge. To add a little perspective to the size of the swap meet, I walked about 1/3 of it in 22,000 steps covering 10.8 miles. So I have no doubt that there are a lot of members who would need some assistance to cover that distance.
  6. Looks like you have a real project there. It will take a lot of work to bring it back to stock. Best place to start is with a parts manual. There are reprints available from a few vendors or on eBay. Look in the Plymouth forum for parts, you may want to look for a parts car because of the amount of parts missing and the the frame has probably been modified. Good luck.
  7. Hmmm three presenters and three first time posters, I wonder if there’s a connection... Also love the comments to Matt asking if he’s ever been his own boss or started a business.
  8. Half of the thread on the Peerless is about the aborted purchase of a Packard limo. But let’s not derail this thread, let’s keep this thread on track and talk about the wonderful blending of a rolled 90’s mustang and rotted Plymouth.
  9. I don’t think they slapped on a front and back bumper. I think the bottom half is all mustang, note the wheels, bumpers and rockers. Instead of discussing this mashup how about we discuss the 1929 Peerless that’s for for sale @22k. That is a car worthy of a multi page thread.
  10. In addition to the points, how old is the coil? Have you checked it’s resistance? A weak coil can cause high speed issues too.
  11. He has an electric fuel pump. I believe he also doesn’t think that the intake stroke is creating enough vacuum to pull fuel up from the carb into the cylinders. If the compression numbers are good then it’s either ignition/timing related or carb/fuel.
  12. After reading the last few pages, it seems like pre-war interest has died here too.
  13. If it hasn't been fedaralized and sold here new you will have to import several and pay to have them crash tested. Or you can wait 25 years and then import with the chance of still having trouble with customs. For a cautionary tale, look up the saga of the Land Rovers that were seized after they were legally imported. The simplest answer is to just buy the school bus that most drivers seem to prefer.
  14. If I can find it, I'll pm you a pic of me sitting in the Bantam at the aaca museum. If I recall correctly, windshield height was a little short but I could still get in and out and work the pedals.
  15. Fellow gen x checking in, kfle gets it. I was lucky? to be born into this hobby. Sept 11th and the great recession put a decade long pause on my career so I havent been able to do anything with my car. Fortunately, the last six months have been fantastic for me and I am now in the job that I will retire from. This spring my car will start to get the attention and exercise that is so badly deserves. As for the younger generations not knowing how to work on cars, not true. They(myself included) do work on our cars. We just don't use a wrench on our daily drivers. We use a bluetooth dongle and an app on a cell phone. It all comes down to what you have been exposed to. How many other forum members know how to check canbus voltage? How many here know how to check generator cutout voltage? Both are important and both being incorrect will leave you stranded. I think this is a great time to get into the hobby, it all depends on what you like and what suites your needs. I've said it before, practical usable classics are where the real action is going to be right now. I think the market is starting to reflect that now, I have noticed that prewar prices are starting to come down. While not great for current owners, a softening in the market will bring in new owners.