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  1. 1946 Ford Woody Wagon Parts Car. Car has the Ford Flathead, but unsure of condition. There is no title. Sold with Bill of Sale only. Came out of long term storage. It is a parts car, and what you see is what is there. If restoring one these cars, these are hard to find parts. Car is located in Palm Desert, CA . $1,300 OBO. Call me with questions. 201-264-8969 Norm
  2. 1966 Austin Healey Sprite - Convertible 1966 Austin Healey Sprite Convertible. Rotisserie restoration of nice original car in 2015. The car was originally British Racing Green, but was restored in configuration shown. The bumpers were also removed when the car was restored by previous owner, and unfortunately lost. They are not available with the car. A roll bar was installed by the previous owner, and it fits and looks nice. Seas and top are nice, and rips or tears. Runs strong, and just rebalanced carbs using the Mercury gage to get ready for Summer use if not sold. Car is located in Syracuse, NY. Asking $7,500 OBO. Advertised over the winter, but now that Summer is coming, isn't it time for a convertible. "When the top goes down, the fun begins!" 201-264-8969. Call Norm with questions. More pictures available on request.
  3. 1978 Corvette Pace Car For Sale. 42,000 original miles. L82 Pace Car. All original condition. Like New. I purchased the car from the original owner in 2013. He was a regional Manager for GM in Upstate New York. The car has an automatic transmission, A/C, power windows, and T-Tops. Everything works. There are no tears in the seats. He told me the tires were even original on it when I purchased it. They are not dry rotted but I can't verify they are original, but car handles well so I do have my doubts on tire originality. The car runs and drives very well. I have driven it about 500 miles since I have owned it. The only blemish on the car is the Left T-Top that was cracked when I purchased the car in 2013. The original owner told me that his Grandson had broken it when he borrowed to use the car for his Senior Prom in the 1980's. From my research GM made 6502 of the 1978 Indy 500 Pace Car Replicas. Car is located in Reading, PA. $22,500 OBO. Call me with questions. Other pictures are available on request. 201-264-8969 Norm Hutton
  4. 1966 Healey Sprite. A nice total restoration of a fun car. It was originally British racing Green, but restored to red with a racing stripe. The bumpers were removed from the car by the previous owner. I have them and will include in the sale of the car. Car also has a roll bar that was added during its restoration. Runs, good, and no rust. A fun car for summer at a low price. Remember that when the top goes down, the fun begins. Car is offered at $7,500 OBO. Located in Reading, PA. Call Norm with questions at 201-264-8969
  5. 1931 Auburn 8-98 Brougham. Sold! - A older restoration of a nice original car. I am currently the 4th owner of the car. Carb was just rebuilt, new gas tank fabricated from stainless steel and inserted into original as a bladder so that is looks correct, functions as original. Powered by a Lycoming straight 8, that just had a valve job, new head gasket, new plugs, plug wires, and points. Car starts and runs strong. A truck is included with the sale of the car but not mounted on the car. It is suppose to be NOS, but I can't verify that is true. Trunk is in nice condition. Upholstery is original and in beautiful condition. Car was originally black and silver and was repainted by one of the pervious owners. The car is recognized as a full classic by CCCA, and by AACA. Price reduced to $24,500 OBO. Car is located in Reading, PA. Call me questions. 201-264-8969. Norm Hutton
  6. Transport Service Available Contact me for a quote on moving your collector car in a an 2017 Eenclosed 30ft trailer. 1 car at time. Fully insured with over 300,000 miles of towing experience. We also can move firetrucks on a 36 ft open trailer (10,000 lb limit). Call Norm at 201-264-8969 or email us at normhuttonracing
  7. 1966 Austin Healey Sprite. Restored, and runs good. No rust. Car was given a frame complete restoration by the previous owner. It was originally Green, but now Red with a white racing stripe. Roll bar added (not original). needs nothing to have fun. The only thin missing are the bumpers. The previous owner did not the loo of them, and removed them during the restoration process. Good title, and ready for summer. Remember that when the top goes down, the fun begins. A few pictures are with the ad, but more available by request to prospective buyers. Asking $8,900, and located in Reading, PA Call 201-264-8969 with questions.
  8. 1935 Ford Open Cab Firetruck. American LaFrance Bodied pumper truck. All nozzles, drafting hoses, and pumper connections are on the truck. Also, ax, and poker. The lights and siren all work, and the truck was just completely rewired with 600ft of black cotton loomed wire. The Flathead runs good. Truck as a rebuilt distributor, new water pumps, a rebuilt carb, and the gas tank has been removed, cleaned, and sealed. 4 speed Ford truck transmission. Tire are old, but no cracks and still very pliable, and the brakes have been fixed. The truck weighs 7,500 lbs, 23ft long, 8ft tall at its highest point, and 83.5inches wide at the rear platform. It will fit on normal trailer and can be pulled with a pick-up truck. In addition, it will fit in a house garage provide you have a 8ft or higher door. Asking $13,500, and it is located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Call 201-264-8969 with questions. I have put a few pics in the ad, but more can be emailed to prospective buyers on request. Sale pending awaiting payment. Thanks, Norm Hutton
  9. 1931 Auburn Model 8-98 Brougham, straight 8. A good running car, that I am the 4th owner of according to information I was told at the Hershey Fall National. Car runs great. We just rebuilt the carburetor, gave it a valve job, put on a new head gasket, and made a brand new gas tank for the car. In addition, fixed the brakes on the car, changes fluids, inspected the bearings, and fixed some wiring issues. It runs and drives well. It has free wheeling, but not a 2 speed rear end. Upholstery is all original with no rips and minimal wear. Glass is good, everything works. Chrome also seems to be in original condition. The trunk I have for the car is NOS according to previous owner, and not mounted. The car was repainted by 2nd owner to the current color, and was originally black and silver. It does not look like any body has been done to the car. The paint in serviceable, but showing age. Top has also been redone. Asking $25,500. OBO Located in Reading, PA. Call me with questions: 201-264-8969. Thanks, Norm Hutton
  10. Please give me a call. I am interested in the car and will be in CA at end of the year. I might have a car you would be interested in or buy outright Norm 201-264-8969
  11. For Sale: 1932 Buick Phaeton Sport, Straight 8, engine that runs great. A really rare car from my research. Nice leather upholstery. Roll up windows. car is being sold with transferable NYS Registration. Ready to run or show. Asking $60,000. Car is located in Reading, PA. It will be in Hershey on flea market spot C4S 32-34 if not sold before. Call or text Norm with questions 201-264-8969
  12. For Sale: 1931 Auburn Model 8-98A 2-Door. Runs strong. Straight 8. Rebuilt carburetor, fuel pump, and new gas tank. Runs great. Original upholstery, and a 1980's era repaint of the body. This is a full CCCA Classic. Drives great. Asking $38,500, OBO. Car is located in Reading , PA. It will be in Hershey on flea market spot C4S 32-34 if not sold before next week. Call or text Norm w questions at 201-264-8969.
  13. For sale: 1908 Buick with Mother-in-Law Seat. Older restoration of a great original car. 4 cylinder. Runs good, but needs clutch work. Sold with transferable registration from NY State. A great brass era car for reasonable price. Asking $30,000. It will be at Hershey on Space C4S 32-34 next week if not sold before next week Car is located in Reading, PA. Call or text Norm for more information. 201-264-8969
  14. Where are you located? Phone number to contact you.
  15. 1935 Ford Open Cab Firetruck Truck just completely rewired with over 600ft of new wire. New distributor, new carb, brakes rebuilt, gas tank cleaned and sealed. Truck is in original condition. Hoses, nozzles, ladder, axe, fire extinguishers, bell, siren, lights, all there and all work. Siren will wake the neighbors. Tires are used but not dry rotted, and useable. A neat old firetruck that is 21feet long, 8foot tall, and weighs 7500lbs so it can be towed with regular truck, and put on a 2 car trailer. Plus will fit in many garages with a 10ft door. You supply the Dalmatian Dog, fire jackets, and helmets. $27,500 OBO. Hershey delivery is available. Truck located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Call Norm at 201-264-8969 with questions.
  16. For Sale- 1931 Auburn 2 Door 1931 Auburn Straight 8, 2 door sedan. Original interior, and a 1980's repaint. Rebuilt carb, brakes over hauled, new gas tank, new spark plugs, new wires, and running good. NOS trunk comes with the car. Coker wide whites, and wire wheels. Car was in long term storage and will be at Hershey if not sold by then. Car is located in Reading, PA. Call Norm with questions at 201-264-8969. $38,500 OBO.
  17. Where are you located in SC? I would like to discuss this with you, but saw no phone number in the ad? Norm Hutton
  18. 1928 Ford Model A Sprint Car. Restored by famed builder Mike Rothman. Runs good. Has a new aluminum radiator; Model A Rear End, Model a Front End. 1929 Plymouth Steering, and 3 speed Ford A transmission. Set up and ready to go for Vintage Exhibition racing. Car was built in 1941, and then sat until 1946 after WW2, and raced once. It was disassembled and put in a barn until 2013. initially just reassembled, it was then restored and made ready for vintage events. Already shown twice and gets a lot of attention. the racing history is unknown, so it cant be certified for AACA events. Not street legal, not tile or registration. Located in Reading, PA. Price is $8500 OBO. Call Norm with questions.
  19. 1927 Ford Model T Roadster Pick-Up. Nice older restoration. Runs on mag and battery, and runs good. Needs a top, irons, bows, and the upholstery is wrong. I have a set of 1927 T wire wheels and hubs that go with the truck when sold. Tires need to be replaced. This T would be a lot of fun and fairly priced. It is located at my Race Shop in Reading, PA. Price is $7500. Not interested in any trades at this time. Call Norm with questions at 201-264-8969.
  20. Headroom is not an issue. Leg room is adequate. I am 6ft tall and can drive a center door easily.
  21. Car has been sold. Thank you for your interest.
  22. 1936 Ford Phaeton For Sale. Barn Find. Car is complete except for dash gages and door handles. It comes with a nice grill insert to replace the one as seen in the pictures. Doors open and shut, and only rust out are the floor boards. The frame is solid with surface rust only. All top irons are in tact, and not broken. All the hard to find items are there. Engine is free. The Ford needs a complete restoration, but would be nice when done. It is located in Reading, PA, and asking price is $8,500 OBO. Call Norm Hutton with questions or for additional pictures at 201-264-8969.
  23. 1921 Model T Center Door. Great condition. Older restoration of a nice original car. Original upholstery. Needs headliner. Tires are in good condition, runs on battery as well as magneto. All wood good, and doors open and shut nicely. Glass in great condition, and the windows go up and down and lock into place. Engine was rebuilt in late 1990's. Runs good. Car was set up as a tour car, and has signal lights. Comes with a good title, and ready to go when you get it. Needs nothing but a driver. The Model T is located at my shop in Reading, Pa. Asking $9500, OBO. Call Norm at 201-264-8969 for more information or additional pictures.