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  1. Headroom is not an issue. Leg room is adequate. I am 6ft tall and can drive a center door easily.
  2. Car has been sold. Thank you for your interest.
  3. 1936 Ford Phaeton For Sale. Barn Find. Car is complete except for dash gages and door handles. It comes with a nice grill insert to replace the one as seen in the pictures. Doors open and shut, and only rust out are the floor boards. The frame is solid with surface rust only. All top irons are in tact, and not broken. All the hard to find items are there. Engine is free. The Ford needs a complete restoration, but would be nice when done. It is located in Reading, PA, and asking price is $8,500 OBO. Call Norm Hutton with questions or for additional pictures at 201-264-8969.
  4. 1921 Model T Center Door. Great condition. Older restoration of a nice original car. Original upholstery. Needs headliner. Tires are in good condition, runs on battery as well as magneto. All wood good, and doors open and shut nicely. Glass in great condition, and the windows go up and down and lock into place. Engine was rebuilt in late 1990's. Runs good. Car was set up as a tour car, and has signal lights. Comes with a good title, and ready to go when you get it. Needs nothing but a driver. The Model T is located at my shop in Reading, Pa. Asking $9500, OBO. Call Norm at 201-264-8969 for more information or additional pictures.
  5. 1914 Model T Ford Pie Wagon. Nice Oak body that is finished inside and out. Running gear has a 1914 rear end, and 1915 front spring, and is done and ready to go. The splash aprons need to be painted. The graphics on the Pie Wagon are vinyl and can be removed easily for your application and be painted on to be period correct. Pie Wagon has not run since last fall and will need to gone through before running. Radiator tank has a dent but holds water and flow seems to be good. Car is located in Reading, PA and can be delivered for $1.25 per loaded mile. Call Norm Hutton with any questions. 201-264-8969 Priced at $10,800 OBO. Sold with Bill of Sale only.
  6. 1921 Model T Ford Center Door. Older restoration of nice original car. Glass is nice condition, all wood in car is good, runs great. The car has original upholstery that is still in serviceable condition. Ready to go. Car has a current MO title. Comes with a spare tire not shown in pictures. Price reduced to $10,500 OBO. The car is located in Reading, PA, and can be delivered for $1.25 per loaded mile. Call Norm Hutton with questions at 201-264-8969.
  7. 1921 Ford Model T Center Door For Sale. Older restoration, original upholstery. Wood is rock solid, glass is perfect, and ready to show or tour. Runs great, engine was rebuilt during restoration. Price reduced. Has to go before winter. Need space for new inventory You could not restore a Model T for this price. $10,900 OBO. Car is located in Reading, PA. Call 201-264-8969 for details.
  8. 1914 Model T Ford Pie Wagon. Beautiful Oak Body, nice running gear. Car runs nice, crank start, and needs to be gone through before driving. 30 x 3 tires on the front, 30 x30 1/2 in rear, correct 1914 rear spring, and 1915 front spring (non- tapered). Currently has a later windshield but the correct 1914 windshield frame is included in the sale. Great for advertising your business, or a fun car to drive. The business name on the side was done in vinyl letters and will come off with a hair dryer. Price reduced for quick sale to $10,500. Need space for new inventory. Car is located in Reading, PA. Call 201-264-8969 for details and any questions. $10,500. OBO
  9. Mike, Please email me a cell number I can discuss this car with you. I am looking for an Auburn, and this looks like a nice one. My email is:
  10. 1935 Chevy Modified Stock Car For Sale. Car can be certified for AACA Class Judging as racing history is known and will be given to buyer at time of purchase. Car raced in Afton, NY in mid 1960's. Small block Chevy powered with mild cam, 2 barrel carb, new radiator, 1936 Plymouth front end, 1957 Ford truck rear end. Hydraulic brakes on all wheels, recently rebuilt. New Kirkey seat, new fuel cell, and battery. Needs restoration, but the real deal. $3,300 OBO. Car is located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Call or text Norm at 201-264-8969
  11. 1921 Model T Center Door. Restored in 1980's, and in great running condition. Upholstery is original and in great shape. Car has turn signals for touring. Looks great and needs nothing to enjoy. Runs great. All glass and wood are good in the car. Engine also runs on magneto. Good transferable title. Car is located in Reading, PA at my race shop. Price $12,500, OBO. Call or text Norm at 201-264-8969.
  12. I am selling off 3 cars from my collection. Just don't have time to get them all restored and running, so time for someone else to enjoy them. 1907 Cosmopolitan Highwheel car- Under restoration. Engine restoration is complete, new wheels, all metal pieces powder coated, and the car the body is in prime. This car needs to be finished. It is in pieces at the restoration shop. Serial #1 of 1. The following year Cosmopolitan started making pneumatic tire cars. $12,500. OBO Pictures on request 1915 Model T Ford Center Door- Unrestored original condition. Upholstery is in tact and useable, aluminum bodied car. Needs top, and engine is stuck. This car was made in Oct of 1914, and has all the early features of an early center door. Gas tank under rear seat, rear fenders mounted directly to body no fender brackets, 1914 clutch, brake, and reverse pedals. This car was featured in the book From Here to Obscurity. A perfect candidate for the HPOF class. $25,000 OBO. Pictures on request 1933 Ford Tudor- Unrestored original condition. Car runs and drives great. Upholstery is in horrible condition, and unfortunately needs to be replaced. Engine has been overhauled, new brakes, exhaust, and wiring harness. Please don't call if you want to street rod the car. This should be preserved. $29,500 OBO Pictures on request. All cars are located in Reading, PA. Norm Hutton 201-264-8969 between 8am-7pm EST
  13. 1907 Cosmopolitan High Wheel Car being offered for sale. Price is $14,500 OBO. The car is under restoration, and in pieces, so I am not going to post a picture of pieces as it would not help. Car is 1 cylinder, water cooled, 2 seat runabout. The engine has been rebuilt, and been all restored and reassembled, and the frame and chassis parts are powder coated. The wheels have been remade, properly down to the metal band around them. The car needs to be painted and assembled. All the lights are with car. Missing is the radiator or any semblance of what it looks like. I have checked with AACA library, HCCA Foundation, and other sources, and nothing found. We were going to try and adapt the Curved Dash Olds design, but have stopped the restoration. Car is located in Franklin Lakes, NJ, and I can be reached at 201-264-8969. Thanks, Norm Hutton