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    octane boosters

    I worry about having all of that stuff in the gas tank as the car sits around. A different story if it is a weekly running car throughout the year. <P>Additionally, the post-leaded fuel model has been to pay big $$ for hardened valves that may wear down anyway; or use octane boost when necessary and lead additives, but don't exceed 75% power on the engine.<P>I think the wear is accelerated by a lot of this but I wouldn't try mixing my own booster- I'd probably blow up the garage.<P>------------------<BR>
  2. jaxops


    Does anyone have some sources to obtain dessicant?<P>------------------<BR>
  3. SUCCESS! <P>Yes, thank you all for the information. Now I know what that silver box on the wheelwell is, with wires going back into the firewall. It is only in the "proximity" of the fan. <BR>I will get a replacement part since the low settings still won't come on, but the fan kicks in in high and medium now!<BR>Thanks everyone!<P>------------------<BR>
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    I used dessicant bags (small ones) to put my car in storage for the winter. It worked very well, but those bags were not re-useable. The company has since gone out of business. Does anyone know of a source for small bags of dessicant? I used 3-4 for the inside, one very small one in the glovebox, and one large one in the trunk.<P>My dehumidifier workds well enough, but I prefer the extra moisture protection.<P>------------------<BR>
  5. Hey hey!<P>Thank you gentlemen for the tips. I will take a look in there tonight and see what I can do. I replaced the fan, but didn't do any work on the connections.<P><P>------------------<BR>
  6. Help!<BR>Would someone assist me with troubleshooting my fan blower cutting out on my 1970 Electra? I replaced the fan blower with a replacement part, and replaced the blower switch on the dash since the fan cut out on low or high. It works fine on the 2 medium blower settings. There must be another part in there or a bad wire.<P>Suggestions?<P>------------------<BR>
  7. IF this is an AACA-wide issue, it affects more than just the Hershey meet, but becomes the model for all AACA sponsored car meets. Please be sure that all-regions are considered, and not just the Hershey meet.<P>Personally I think that it's a good idea. I have 2 Fords from the 80s that I restore just like my AACA show car. Soon they too will be in the classic ranks, but in the meantime, this is an example of the people with more modern cars that will eventually become antiques/classics that we could be drawing in.<P>------------------<BR>
  8. Nobody asked me but...as an alternative:<BR>I use my regular garage with a concrete floor, and found that in the summer (in Virginia Beach) the humidity in the garage was overwhelming, besides eliminating the reason for putting an antique car in there. I bought a dehumidifier from LOWES and it has made a significant difference. I know that I have a lot of air leaks, etc in the doors, but this really works. I ran the drain hose out of the front and into the bushes.<P>------------------<BR>
  9. A high school friend convinced me that Buicks were the hottest, as well as the most solid cars. My Dad recommended GM because of parts availability and inter-changeability. I found a 1969 LeSabre convertible in New Jersey. My Dad checked it out and we bought it for $600.00. Even in 1977, one didn't get much of a car for $600.00. Well, we repaired the engine rockers, the transmission, the mufflers; and then when parked up on a friend's driveway, I saw carpet showing. Yes, no floors. It had been parked on the grass in NJ, and rotted out the bottom.<BR>I had to repair the rust, and put sheet metal down over the gaping spaces next to the transmission hump; and then traded up for my present car, a 1970 Electra convertible.<BR>The '69 LeSabre ended up in the Poconos at the Pocono Manor Inn.<P>------------------<BR>
  10. Thanks for the reply. I ran it a few times this weekend, and it seemed to run very well until the top, where it skipped. I'll bet the teeth are skipping in the gear there, so I may well need a new motor or window "worm gear."<P>------------------<BR>
  11. 1) 1969-1970 Buick LeSabre Wheel Covers: Four outstanding wheel covers in shiny chrome with Buick 3-shield medallion in center. $25.00 ea or all 4 for $85.00.<BR>2)1970 Buick (all models) Electric Clock, used and mechanics require repair: $10.00.<BR>3) 1967-1970 Rear Ashtray Assemblies (both Left & right). Part numbers: 9715421 & 9715420. Complete ashtray-window control- lighter chrome set. Light surface rust, smooth lids. $25.00 ea or $45.00 for both.<P>Some pictures at:http://members.bellatlantic.net/~jaxops/carparts.htm <P>------------------<BR>
  12. In college, i met a "car-nut", Bob Bryant. He helped me repair the "northern rust" on my '70 Electra's lower quarter panels and fender bottoms. After repainting, he suggested that I enter their local AACA car show at Jeckyll Isl which I did. I took 3rd Place, a compliment to his paint & body work. Soon afterwards, I joined the National AACA. Since I moved every 2 years with the U.S. Navy, I held off joining a local club, until my shore duty here in Norfolk, where I joined the Tidewater Region. <P>------------------<BR>
  13. On my '70 Electra, my left window gets stuck about 3" from the top. There seems to be no impedence, and the window motor is functioning properly. One can pull the window up, but it is hard to do. It does go down without help. It seems that either:<BR>1) The window motor is missing a tooth- but then it would skip from time to time.<BR>2) The center riding connection is loose or damaged. Thre are no side tracks, only the center bar with the window attached.<P>Any other ideas or troubleshooting methods that I could try?<P>------------------<BR>
  14. Outstanding! A thread of Buick-lovers patting themselves on the back! I always admired Cadillac until I bought my first car, a '69 LeSabre. I was hooked. Now, my '70 Electra is still going strong. It looks like a powderpuff outside until you pop the hood and see the same engine as the GS inside!<P>
  15. What goes around....GM abandoned the limousine and professional car market to Ford, who subsequently did the same. At least the Crown Vic is still rear wheel drive. There's not much out there if you don't NEED a truck (not just a truck to flaunt), and you don't appreciate Euro-Japan sports car styling. I think that there's a new station wagon in our future since everyone is realizing that SUVs get as good gas mileage as my dad's 1961 Cadillac.
  16. I have a set of 1970 LeSabre and a set of 1970 Electra wheel covers for sale. Email me at jaxops@bellatlantic.net<BR><P>------------------<BR>
  17. I emailed you mr. Schlif, but it was returned. Drop me a note with what your very commendable project-70 Electra front bumper insignia holder costs. I have sought one for 24 years, and ended up making it out of wood.<BR>jaxops@bellatlantic.net<BR><P>------------------<BR>
  18. 1970 Electra Convertible<P>------------------<BR>
  19. What is the best way to re-attach the rear deck edge aluminum strip that goes around the convertible roof? It was glued by a past restorer, but has come loose. It seems like it should be screwed in, as it has an edge that fits under the deck edge, but wouldn't go through it either. <BR>The car is a 1970 Electra Convertible.<BR>Any suggestions from the Floor?<P>------------------<BR>
  20. What is the best way to re-attach the rear deck edge aluminum strip that goes around the convertible roof? It was glued by a past restorer, but has come loose. It seems like it should be screwed in, as it has an edge that fits under the deck edge, but wouldn't go through it either. <BR>Any suggestions from the Floor?<P>------------------<BR>
  21. Pennsylvania: posted below 08 NOV 2000.<P>------------------<BR>
  22. I agree. Additionally, the 70 Buick insignia holder is gray plastic with a metal backing to attach to the bumper front. Usually it is either damaged from being bumped, or the plastic deteriorates from the sun and weather. <P>------------------<BR>
  23. Dynaflash8 has some good comments, but remember that "putting it to committee" is a "Washington" term for not getting anything done. National is already providing the impetus, and it's up to the local clubs to gear up and do something about new membership and youth involvement. Those are the programs that last, not the ones directed from the top that expire with a change in administration or when the "funds" dry up.<P>Besides, you're clubs will take to it if it's their own idea and project.
  24. Yes, the parents of these kids are VERY important.<BR>At TRAACA, by bringing in the kids, we also worked on signing up the parents. BSA/GSA kids come with adult troop leaders. Presentations to these groups involve community folks as well: all free publicity within the community for AACA. ensure to bring your "soft-sell" membership chairperson along to get them applications.
  25. Using the Model "T" Ford was an idea that we got from Mr. Drake. He recommended using an older car because they are so interesting, but more so because their engine and drive trains are very simple and one can readily see the components working. The highlight of our Program at TRAACA had to be the cranking event. The kids were impressed. I used materials from the Henry Ford Museum (online) to make an outline. There I also got some very good *.jpg s, including the Model "T" engine. We kept this one generic, but TRAACA has been invited to participate in a GSA "Automobile" Merit Badge Meeting with Colonial Coast Council where we will go through the major maintenance and care requirements for an automobile and discuss general restoration of any cars present. The program was a good starter. <P>I would be happy to share anything that we have put together. Drop me an email.