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  1. Update: A couple of emails to HIG and problem was solved in less than an hour from my first email. They provided very quick responses. Mark DeFloria Western PA Region
  2. Thanks Bob for the info. I just put in a "help" ticket. I must have missed HIG's advance notice of the change. Mark DeFloria Western PA Region
  3. After working with the folks at Higher Info Group, I am once again able to update our Region's pages. Many thanks to Bob Stein for his work and posts. I'm currently using FileZilla and Front Page on the side as suggested by Bob. Some additional coding but most pages are working fine. Thanks again Bob.
  4. Bob your not alone. I've been unable to log into the site as well (Western PA Region). I am Using Front Page as well. Our site looks ok, only thing I have noticed is that the hit counters are not there. I was just about to reinstall Front Page when I read this thread. Thanks for posting.
  5. Could not help to make a comment. I believe in having fun, and that the way you see things is often dependent on what angle you’re looking at them. And, you just got to smile. I'm very thankful that I can walk, and bless the folks that show up that cannot, as most of us are getting older. Late Friday afternoon, my friend Tom and I must have looked like we were “deer in the headlights” as two fellows riding three wheel rascals approached us moving very rapidly. We were caught in the middle of the road beside the Giant Center just coming up to the Food Vendor Area. Hastily we decided to sta
  6. There are also a couple of videos on you tube. This is a video of the entire auction of the 1884 de dion bouton et trepardoux. You can feel the excitement. There is a short introduction then the video moves on to the auction. I like it the best: If you are having trouble opening the video that I previously posted (www.aaca.org/westernpa/video/1884_De_Dion.mp4) I have placed a link on the Western PA Region's web page at www.aaca.org/westernpa that may open easier.
  7. I too had the pleasure of being at the R.M. Auction in Hershey. What a site it was to both see the car drive up on stage, and to be seated directly behind the winning bidder. WOW! What excitement. I have a cell phone video posted of the car coming on stage. The winning bidder can be seen on the right hand side of the screen when the video opens. Got to love it! Click here to view video: www.aaca.org/westernpa/video/1884_De_Dion.mp4
  8. Asbestos containing items can be found just about anywhere. From brake linings, clutch facings, undercoating, sound proofing, exhaust and other gaskets, cloth tubing covers, body putty (I hear that angel hair was not really angel's hair) and cloth-like wiring insulation. The key is not to make dust. Do not use compressed air to “blow” out brake drums. Try to wet the material prior to disturbing it. Clean up with wet towels (then throw them away). Do not use a regular "shop vacuum." Purchase a good quality respirator with HEPA filters. Make sure your healthy enough to wear one. Do not
  9. The following is Earl's obituary as printed in the Greensburg Tribune Review: Earl L. Muir Ligonier Earl L. Muir, 79, of Ligonier, died Tuesday evening, Dec. 26, 2006, in Excela Health Latrobe Area Hospital. He was born Sunday, Dec. 18, 1927, in Fairfield Township, a son of the late Ray and Ella Ray Muir. Prior to his retirement, he had owned and operated Muir's Service for more than 45 years. He was known for his love and restoration of antique cars. He had a wonderful collection which he offered for the public to view through his own museum. He was a member, former elder and trustee of the F
  10. Charlie ? It was real nice to see your 1980 Rabbit. Congratulations! I am the fellow that admired your car and talked to you about building them in New Stanton, PA. It was my job to install the main wiring harness under the hood. Looking under your radiator, I think I may have had a hand in building it. I always placed the wires to the lights & horns in the clips with the thickest wire on the bottom to the thinnest (VW did not care how neat they were). I worked on 1 of 4 during the 1980 model year. It?s hard to believe that the cars we built are now considered antiques. Seems like o
  11. Hi Ron:<BR>I can go shut down the computer now. I have learned something new. Here I was going through life thinking the "print screen" key was obsolete. (more info)<BR> <BR>To copy the window or screen contents <BR>? To copy an image of the window that is currently active, press ALT+PRINT SCREEN. <BR>? To copy an image of the entire screen, press PRINT SCREEN. <BR>Note <BR>? To paste the image into a document, on the Edit menu in the document window, click Paste<P>Have Fun...
  12. Hi Peter:<BR>Wanted to log on to say Hi, and ?See you in Philli?!<P>Tom Milligan, Charles Schifano & I from the Western PA Region plan on arriving Friday morning.<p>[ 01-31-2002: Message edited by: Mark DeFloria ]
  13. Hi Ron:<P>I use digital photos on our web pages (relatively low resolution to speed up load time). The web seems to be very forgiving. However, for our Western PA Region, Round-Up I like to use scanned 35 mm photos. I like to work with jpg files of maximum resolution. Unfortunately, I sometime end up with 2 meg files. I have been using a Kodak DC-4800 digital camera for work purposes with good first generation results. I think it will produce ok re-printable results, though I have not used it for our newsletter yet. It is a 3.1 megapixel camera. It can be found "on-sale" for arou
  14. A friend is in the process of constructing a garage to store antique vehicles. He had heard wood floors are preferable to concrete due to humidity. Is there a preference between a wood floors or concrete floors? The building will be well ventilated and not heated.
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