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  1. Hello and a big thank you for the identification. That is the correct number 14029. My thumb got in the way of my eye and couldn't see what i was typing.
  2. Just returned from Swap meet with a Headlight lens, and I can't identify. Its a FLEXIBEAM , PART NUMBER 13029 LEFT. 8 15/32 x 9 3/4 Any help appreciated. Jim Schilf palbuick
  3. I am not positive but all Buick Trans , 3 speed, had a top cover of 5 bolts or 6 bolts, up to 1960 From the straight eights to the V8,. and were torque tube drive trans , enclosed drive shafts. Side cover trans could be chev, or ?????????????????? Jim Schilf palbuick
  4. Sorry, but my book has no listing for this part number on a Tilt Ray lense Jim Schlf palbuick
  5. Cleaning garage again. 3 short blocks for sale NEW ORIGINAL 455 short block, 1973 to 76 , pistons, rods, crank. Never installed , NEW from factory. Price is $ 1100.00 364 c.i. Short block, used. has the 11:1 high compression pistons, casting # 1173201, puts it as a 1959-61 block Has no Engine code # only a production code #.393639. On one piston there is still a partial printed part number, if motor had been run it would have burned off. Has pistons, rods, camshaft and crank, timing chain and gears. Turns over smoothly Price is $ 275.00 401 c.i. short block. used. This bloch has been bored out to .040 over. Casting number 1185484 engine code # 4F114009 (1959) Motor had been run, carbon on pistons. Cylinder walls look clean and smooth, no ridge. Has pistons, rods, crank. Turns over smoothly. Price is $ 275.00 Pictures available. QUESTIONS? Located just outside of Rockford, ILL PICK UP ONLY. I CAN LOAD INTO YOUR TRUCK OR TRAILED JIM SCHILF PALBUICK
  6. Most all these lenses will have a part number on them. Check carefully all around back side of rim of glass, or possibly under the tiltray lettering. palbuick
  7. Please don't ask why block is painted RED. I don't know why.
  8. 1959 Buick Nailhead Short block ( used) +0.40 overbored pistons, rods , crank. cylinder wall look clean and smooth no sign of excessive wear, no top cylinder ridge. This is a 401 motor, 4F114009. From checking wall and pistons this motor seems to have had little use after boring and installing pistons.. Turns over smoothly. Price is $ 275.00. Thats the price the pistons would cost. PICK UP ONLY Located just outside of Rockford Ill. Pictures. Jimn Schilf palbuick
  9. Lense should be Tilt Ray Part number 918414 Check carefully around back edge of glass and try to locate a part number
  10. For sale NEW carburetor mountin studs, replace those broken or stripped studs. These studs will fir most carburetors from the 30's throught the 70's Two lengths available 1 1/2" and 1/3/4" Black studa re 1 3/4" long with a 3/4" x 18 thread, and a 7/8" X 24 thread. Gold anodized studs a re 1 1/2" long and have a 1/2" X 18 thread, and 3/4" X 24 thread. Both have a shoulder seperating the differen threads Package of 4 studs $ 1.25 plus $ 1.25 shipping USA These ar new studs. Jim Schilf pal;buick
  11. For sale NEW carburetor mountin studs. Time to replace those broken studs. Two sizes available. 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" length. Black studa are 1 3/4 long , and have a 3/4" x 18 thread and a 7/8" x 24 thread. Gold anodized staud are 1 1/2 " long, and have 1/2" X 18 and 3/4" x 24 thread. Bothe have a shoulder seperating the threads. Package of any 4 $1.25 plus $ 1.25 shipping These are NEW studs. Will work on most intake manifolds from the 30's to the 70's JIm Schilf palbuick
  12. What type of shocks? Tube type, or lever action. I have some catalogs on lever action shocks, 30' to 50's. Jim Schlf palbick
  13. I am located 3.1 miles east of the clock tower. Turn left on Beaver Valley rd. One mile north is Squaw Paririe rd. Turn right 2/10s of a mile is Paririe rd. I live at Squaw prairie and prairie, 2212 Squaw prairie rd. Drive to garage is in rear of house. No room in garage so parts will be all over drive. Should have a few signs up. palbuick
  14. Have about 1500 original AEA tune up charts. From 1928 to 1965. Cadillac, Buick, chevrolet, Franklin, Lincoln, a coupel Pierce Arrow, Even crosley. palbuick
  15. Packin 31 I hae one jack identified as a Packard, but don't know what year it is. It is a screw type with a long folding handle. Jim SChilf palbuick
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