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  1. I am in a fairly unique position since about 80% of the cars I am representing are other peoples cars versus cars I have bought to resell. Every time I get a call my ultimate goal is to sell the car to the caller. I don’t get paid until I sell the car, and even if its my car that really is still the case. I work hard to research the market for each car I am selling before setting an asking price. I always try to set a reasonable asking price and leave it up to the buyer to make an offer they are comfortable with. sometimes I get guys calling it seems simply to argue with me about how the asking price is unrealistic- often picking the car apart-which begs the question- if you don’t want the car why are you calling me? these calls rarely end in a sale, so my goal is not accomplished and I don’t think the callers goal is either. I often get the what’s your best price? Question Or what’s the least you will take, and no matter what I say it’s never low enough, so I just don’t do that anymore. just cut to the chase and tell me what you want to pay! If we can put a deal together that is as I stated always my goal and I am sure every salesman’s goal when you inquire about a car. we don’t like to have cars languishing in our showrooms or on our websites. It’s my job to bring the 2 parties together so everyone is happy and the car finds a new home. and always remember-this is a hobby it’s supposed to be fun!
  2. I don’t think that’s true anymore, that’s one thing the internet has changed-old cars are a lot more of a liquid asset than they used to be. Same with real estate-at least currently. Could be a function of low interest rates too though. every car has what I call a spot market-what you can get for it today. Of course that’s lower than it’s peak value normally-unless its a real hot car that touches off a bidding war no matter where or when it appears. which is why there are deals to be had if one pays attention and takes the time to go. in a normal year there’s an event or auction just about every weekend. the market has matured The point I was trying to make is one factor of why it’s immaterial what someone paid for a car at x auction is that there may have been other things in play that allowed a lower than expected result to occur- bad timing- bad promotion-bad presentation-wrong venue-bad juju whatever
  3. I’m sorry this is a lot like saying “ hey I know you were really smart buying that Tesla stock in March for 200 and it’s now at 625 but you only paid 200 so I’ll give you 250” what someone paid has little to no bearing on what something is worth. And let’s be honest pretty much everyone in this hobby tries to get full market value when selling a car-this isn’t an “evil dealer” thing. All you have to do is check out the prices in the car corral at Hershey to realize that.
  4. I am looking for a chassis, preferably rolling with wheels. any Auburn 12 parts welcome
  5. I have clients looking for 12 Cylinder Auburns- any body style will do! Also I have a personal need for an Auburn 12 Chassis if anyone has one laying idly about.
  6. I have a client looking for a Kissel Gold Bug Speedster if anyone wants to part with one.
  7. being a Lancia guy I was intrigued by this car, having always wanted a Pre War Lancia. It was a lot smaller in person that i expected it to be. It certainly did well at the sale. cant wait to see it restored and on the show circuit someday.
  8. We are very pleased to offer this exceptional fully restored Auburn Boattail- the most legendary and stunning sports car of the 30's. Finished in a striking color combination the car looks fast sitting still. An ACD certified car with a known history going back many years, the car is out a long term collector ownership and is kept in a climate and humidity controlled environment. An AACA Senior car, while it's been few years since it was restored, it still presents in perfect Show ready condition. http://significantcars.com/cars/1936auburn11/ 800-837-9902 Located in Indianapolis, IN Asking $795,000. OBO
  9. This exceptional 1939 Mercury 8 Convertible is a Dearborn Award Winner in excellent running and driving condition. Priced at less than the cost of restoration, this car exemplifies the theory that one is always best advised to buy the best example you can find. http://significantcars.com/cars/1939mercury/ 800-837-9902 located in Indy
  10. This exceptional 1939 Mercury 8 Convertible is a Dearborn Award Winner in excellent running and driving condition. Priced at less than the cost of restoration, this car exemplifies the theory that one is always best advised to buy the best example you can find. http://significantcars.com/cars/1939mercury/
  11. so sorry for your loss Matt. He sounds like a true renaissance man who lived life to the fullest. The best thing about this hobby is the wonderful people who collect these old riggs, and the lifelong friendships formed as a result of that. They live on in many ways, including the cars they restored or took care of, which will outlive all of us.
  12. I just got a car in that was raided for trim parts but is otherwise pretty good. I need a Mascot, hubcaps and trim rings, rear view mirror, and possibly a steering wheel. thanks!
  13. I just got in a pretty rare piece in really time warp excellent condition. White/Black Leather/White Top, Bucket Seats, AT PS PB PW P Seat P Antenna P top Clock Trunk Release. AM Radio everything works but clock. Will photograph this weekend and post photos but thought I would put it out there for anyone interested or looking for this pretty rare car. Immaculate not a mark on it. pretty special car. Drives perfectly. Call for top consideration. 800-837-9902
  14. 1914 American LaFrance Speedster built with many period accessories and parts. High Speed Sprockets...ready to rumble! PRICE REDUCED TO $79,500 for quick sale. http://significantcars.com/cars/1914american/
  15. This very nice example with many original features is available for the first time since it was purchased new. Priced to Sell! http://significantcars.com/cars/1957mga4/
  16. This very nice example with many original features is available really for the first time practically since it was purchased new. Priced to Sell! http://significantcars.com/cars/1948chrysler/
  17. I am trying to identify this car. the photo was taken here in Indianapolis during the period. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. I have a client looking for an Electric car preferably from the 20's. Prefer a restored car ready to go but open to projects if complete. All responses treated in confidence.
  19. I am not touching it for now although it would be great to see it run the engine turns over and has compression the story of its life is that it has been in a barn for most of it. Given its condition I would assume it was set aside within 5 years of its construction. I bought it from a guy who inherited it from a friend who bought it from a family member who allegedly was at least an early owner if not the original owner. It supposedly was driven around its town square sometime shortly after WWII, but I have a feeling it was prior to WWII. its been in better storage for the last 30 years or so
  20. Just pulled this beauty out of long term storage amazingly complete anyone know anything about them? Info appreciated.
  21. I have a qualified client looking for a NICE westchester. must be a decent car not a massive project. call 800-837-9902
  22. I have 2 of the 20 or so known Supercharged Phaetons for sale currently, so now's the time to pick your color! call 800-837-9902
  23. ruff as a cobb but complete rolls easily in garage for 50 years-in same family since 1947 needs a savior too many projects ahead of it 800-837-9902
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