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  1. I’ve met both Jean Davidson and Willy G.
  2. What part of the serial number indicates the vehicle production number?
  3. Do you have to remove the block to clean it sufficiently? I don’t have a garage do I am repairing my 1922 Buick 6/45 in a storage unit. I can trailer it to a car wash but removing the block would require a larger unit and a hoist.
  4. Hello all. I have a 1922 Buick 45. My questions are concerning the radiator cap. Is this year specific? Could I modify a new one to work? Was the “dog bone” style standard equipment or was that after-market? Thank you all in advance for your time.
  5. Hello, great tips and excellent details during your rebuilds. I, as well, have a 22/45. Most of my wood is either rotted or entirely missing altogether. I searched to no avail. What type of wood was used by Buick and also were the floor trim pieces original with the car or did you have to manufacture them?
  6. Hello all, if I may ask a related question? Where would one go about finding that circuit breaker? What other options are out there for a 1922 45 that will probably not get fully restored but kept as original as possible?
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