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  1. 1922 Buick 6/45 a few extra parts motor needs 1 cylinder bored/sleeved Has a top, all gauges wheel caps. Great project car, i have over 6k into it, it’s a steal at$4,200. located in south central eastern Wisconsin.
  2. I just don’t have the time to put into this.
  3. 1922 Buick 6/45 a few extra parts motor needs 1 cylinder bored/sleeved Has a top, all gauges wheel caps. Great project car, i have over 6k into it, it’s a steal at $4,200. located in south central eastern Wisconsin.
  4. Can I buy new ones or is there a suggested fix? The same cylinder has a small wear grove down the side. Some of the rings nearly disintegrated upon removing from cylinder. Also a lot of carbon build up on top of the pistons. After soaking the pistons in parts cleaner, they really shined up. I will order new rings after I take care of the grove issue on the # 4 cylinder.
  5. This is the worse one, the only one in fact that looks bad.
  6. I read in other posts about spacers on the pistons. Is this something I need to worry about or is it part of the assembly that fit back into place. I am pulling pistons this morning so I will find out first hand in about ten minutes anyway.
  7. 1922 Buick 6/45 Touring. I plan on celebrating its 100th birth anniversary by driving it around the country. See you next year on the road!
  8. What happened with the rods? Most of mine are bowed as well. Every things to move smooth so I don’t think I will try to straighten them. Did you have to repair/replace them?
  9. I don’t know the history and I figured if I replaced all the gaskets I might find out why the last person quit working at restoring/repairing it. Thank you! I found it. This is what I was seeking.
  10. How do I find a thread? I try searching but it takes me to all but what I am seeking
  11. I do have two reference books. I pulled a spark plug and it really looks good. The main reason for replacing the gaskets is to make sure the motor hasn’t a hole in it. Your right, I believe someone has done work to it which makes me wonder why it was never completed. Even some metal work was started but never completed. Everything moves really well on the engine, but, fan belt looks old as Moses. Just draining the oil, so much sludge that it clogged. Distributor clips are rotted in half. This thing is a total conundrum, some things look immaculate while others look old and deteriorated.
  12. OK I am getting ready to rebuild the engine on my 1922 Buick 6/45 touring. Is there already a link for the complete rebuild process? I bought a gasket kit from Olsens, I want to use them all. I do have the Reference books but I believe these are mainly for maintenance. Thank you in advance.
  13. Greacore


    I’m sure it was the same one. I probably passed his house on my way down to get it. For me the worst part is that I work 14 hour shift then drive 14 hours more. It’s great to be young enough to still do this!!
  14. Thank you Frank, it was a pleasure meeting you.
  15. Greacore


    I made the 14 hour round trip and I must say, it was totally worth it. Was able to see a couple of really nice vehicles including an old tow truck. I am now the proud owner of the top of a 6/45 with side curtains. Next step for this is to re-canvas.
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