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  1. I agree. Fake denotes (to me) deception. Someone saying a product is a clone or tribute or replica or whatever removes the deception.
  2. I skim (as a lot of us probably do) cars for sale, and occasionally see cars listed as "clones." Usually it's 1965 - 1975 GM products, especially the Cutlass 442. What is the basic definition of a "clone" in this context?
  3. So after all your input I decided to just have the mechanic test the coolant levels/quality and see where it is. Naturally, it's sitting at the shop until the window motor gets delivered, which isn't going to be quick, unfortunately. What a shitty year.
  4. They didn't say it. I'm just assuming it hadn't been done ever, since the car sat for most of its life, with only 28K miles that's only 500+/- a year and I'm trying to catch up on maintenance. Also assuming it could be something else. I left it open for the repair shop, which is why I'm asking here, trying to get several opinions so I don't spend money on needless stuff. As for the actual temp, could be the temp gauge is installed incorrectly (I didn't do it) and giving me a false reading. I read somewhere that the normal operating temp of that motor is about 180, so 210 - 220 is indeed high (
  5. So my pc won't connect to the internet (I promise this is Buick related) and the tech guy at the store said take it away from home (I'm serious) and try to connect somewhere else. Now I'm at the Starbucks parking lot and I notice that the temperature controls for the middle seats on the back of the center console are hot. Not too hot to burn, but hot enough to notice after only a second or two. I've only been in the car like 10 minutes so what the heck is that about? Fortunately I have the extended warranty.
  6. My Riv runs about 210+ after an hour on the expressway. Scheduled radiator flush this week (never been done in the year I've had the car), but what else might be a remedy if that's unsuccessful? May be the thermostat, which they will also check, so let's move past that. A guy I know (not a mechanic) said it may be possible to add another core to the radiator. The mechanic said he'd never heard of doing that. Also heard of adding another blade to the fan or two fans, larger fan, etc. Don't know if any of those are possible.
  7. Any idea how the Stage 1 impacts the value vs. GS or base models? I'm thinking 15 - 20% over the GS?
  8. So if you were going to sell all your stuff and buy a car to just wander the continent, what would it be? I just can't get behind motor homes, trailers, etc. I couldn't imagine driving one through Boston or Philly, etc. For me, it would be a convertible. Comfortable to drive for hours. Not too small. Decent mileage. And dependable. I'm thinking American made so that finding a dealer would not be too difficult. Probably a Camaro, just because I like GM products and the Corvette is too small for my taste. What's your choice?
  9. Posted this in a more general forum and haven't seen an answer yet. I reached out to a person who advertised in the Riv magazine about getting reproduction Monroney labels but he hasn't answered me. My guess is that it went to his spam folder. If you have a way to reach him, please ask him to contact me.
  10. I guess this has become academic (at least for me). The two gas stations that it makes sense to drive to have stopped carrying E0 gas. The chain's media person said they were having a hard time getting it due to the Covid and low oil prices so they just discontinued it. The only place left to try is the airport, and I don't relish the thought of that. Car is running fine on 91 - 93 octane E10 so I guess that's the way I'm going for the time being.
  11. Rebuilding or installing a new carb is not in my skill set, sadly. Fortunately, I found a good mechanic that really likes working on my car for some reason so he treats me well.
  12. There are a couple marinas nearby. I used to go to Sandwich, IL but they stopped carrying because of limited availability. Lake Holiday you can't drive to the pump. The Joliet airport (according to Puregas) sells it but I've never been and the whole thing seems rather complicated. You have to bring a 5gal can and have someone else run to the pump. My car does run well on 93 octane but the whole issue is (I'm told) that ethanol damages the carburator over time.
  13. I meant 91+ octane, not 99. The mechanics I talked to (speed shops, restorers, etc.), all said that ethanol free is best for the carbs, and highest octane is second choice. You're mostly saying the opposite - ethanol doesn't matter. And yes, I do drive it. 50 - 100 miles a week in the summer, and sta-bil on a full tank when it gets stored for the winter.
  14. Recently my go-to for ethanol free gas stopped carrying it. Choice 2 is the airport 15 miles away, where I'm required to bring a 5 gallon can that they fill up. Not ideal. Drive 27 miles for the next closest station (according to puregas.org), which seems even more pointless. High octane (99 and 101) unleaded E10 is readily available near me. Is it better to run a higher octane unleaded with no additives? Use a lead additive? Stabilizer? How often? 1973 Riviera
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