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  1. I wish this were true nationwide. Neither one within 5 miles of me does.
  2. Having lots of time and little else to do (thanks covid) I've read that Seafoam is not the best antidote to water in the line because it contains ethanol. If you can't get pure gas Stabil 360 is recommended as the best bet, although I've also found some comment not to do that, either.
  3. I have one of those big, heavy covers with elastic gathers, and it's HUGE. The size of a futon. I don't need all that for my own garage, just a spandex sheet or something to keep the dust off. Recommendations for a more compact cover?
  4. Speculation, but if I have a network which could potentially generate a lot of revenue by being seen on a popular show, I'd want my cut. After all, media networks are all about getting eyes and ears and keeping them. That's worth $$$.
  5. Sounds like the kind of train wreck guilty pleasure I crave occasionally. More details? I also liked Orange County Choppers (or whatever it was called) but as they started shifting to charity show bikes and the family drama it got a little sappy for me.
  6. So what's your fave car-based "reality" show? Counting Cars Fast N Loud Top Gear (original British cast) Top Gear (American version) Top Gear (new British cast) World Tour ___________ Not ranking or posting an opinion, that's just all I can think of.
  7. "I don't need to watch it, Dottie, I live it."
  8. Bullitt The Seven-Ups (second best car chase of all time, after Bullitt, IMO) and also because there's a suicide door lincoln in that one Ronin has some good chases in it also I also get sucked into Nash Bridges when it is on. That 'Cuda
  9. What is that (the vehicle, not the barn)?
  10. Look good. Keep us posted on how they drive.
  11. I'm half vaccinated (Moderna) and had no side effects. However, my 5G reception has NOT increased as QAnon and all the rest promised would happen. Hopefully, it will pick up after the 2nd injection. So disappointed.
  12. NE Illinois was nice last week but I didn't get it out as the tires are a little shaky and we're now seeing low 40s and rain all week. Maybe another 10 days.
  13. I saw a documentary on the distribution of polio vaccines and there were a lot of the same issues as today. You can thank the 1950's equivalent of Qanon, the John Birch Society for that. It took a push from religious leaders getting vaccinated to get the public behind it. The more things change ...
  14. In the meantime, there are still some local shows, meets, cruise nights. Here's my sharable google calendar for Illinois. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=dmgwZWc3NjRmdnNsajNyMXZhZTQxcjdvdTRAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ
  15. Actually, the latest is that the vaccines are doing very well against all the known strains. Hopefully we can keep ahead of it and keep away from each other until it's eradicated.
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