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  1. From wood to reality. Yes the wood model was built into a full size prototype 1932 Packard 900 sedan. The production car has dood doors instead of the louvers.
  2. People collect for what ever reason and that is what makes the hobby interesting. Sometimes people just like variety and what peaks their interest. The hobby is big enough and spans the years 1896-2021 so there is a lot of variety to choose from now and that should be respected. I know it’s off subject but a good movie regarding collecting is “The Art of the Steal” the Barnes collection. Google it, interesting watch. Barnes collected what was considered crap at the time..... There is a Packard connection by the way. I am most interested in British sports cars and pre war
  3. Prototype 1932 Packard 900 wood model being carved. Front suicide doors and louvered hood sides instead of doors.
  4. Please email me pictures. Tph479@yahoo.com
  5. 1934 Packard. Rare in that it has the steel disc wheels
  6. Wanted for a 1932 Packard 900 light eight 1) cylinder head 2) 17 inch wire wheels. 5 of them. 3) optional middle bumper for rear spare mount car 4) aluminum sill plates for a sedan 5) frame end bumper covers i would be interested in other 900 parts. Tim tph479@yahoo.com
  7. Looking for the following parts for a 1932 Packard 900, light eight. 1) cylinder head. 2) optional middle rear bumper for rear spare car. 3) 17 inch wire wheels. Five of them. 4) bumper frame end covers. 5) aluminum door sills for a sedan. 6) rear fender support braces. I would also be interested in hearing about what other parts you have for a 900 that may be for sale. Tim tph479@yahoo.com
  8. 1932 Packard Light Eight. Picture taken today during a 72 mile lunch run.
  9. There appears to be a handle about 2 inches behind the drivers side fender support arm on the frame . I’m working on a Packard that was a barn find.
  10. Someone had fun bending the tube on top of the air pump!
  11. What is the level for on the frame behind the drivers side front fender support? Radiator drain handle? I find the non skid tires comical. I bet there is not 6 square inches of actual rubber touching the road between the four tires combined, so not much traction at all. I’ll run a non skid tire over some oil tomorrow in the garage and report back on what I find. Keep up the good work on bringing this nickel era car to the masses. I’m in the process of restoring a 1920 nickel era car right now and have run into most of the challenges that you have so I feel your pain. At
  12. Is it possible to turn the water pump shaft down on a lathe and put a sleeve on it? Just a thought.
  13. Think there is a White in this line up of road locomotives? Who can identity what’s in the row of cars?
  14. I would be interested to see what the torque numbers on this engine would be with the 4 valves per cylinder. The cars cubic inches is a little on the light side for a chassis of that size compared to the other cars in its class. The Winton with that same wheel base and tire size is 525ci, the Packard comes in at 424ci and the Locomobile and Pierce come in around 525ci also With the White having a lot less cubes it would be a neat comparison to it see as well as the other big machines on a dyno. To put in perspective how big this car is for the era you have to park it next to
  15. I don’t think I have seen any talk about the cubic inches of the engine yet? Looking forward to see pictures of the car from underneath to see how large the frame and rear end is. I assume the weight of car is in the 5,500 range?
  16. Try using “Napa Aluminum Brightener cleaner” on any non polished aluminum. Works great, easy to use and cheap.
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